10 exclusive private submarine

Among the expensive "toys" eccentric millionaires can now be seen not only luxury cars, huge mansions and villas, first-class private planes and ships amazing imagination, but also personal submarines!

10 exclusive private submarine

equipped with all the facilities that meet the latest technology, exclusive submarine allow their owners to not only perform underwater walks in the deep sea, but also to carry dizzying party or conduct secret negotiations. So, let's find out what the secret of the most modern and expensive submarine in the world:

Private submarine "Nautilus VAS" - $ 2, 7 million

10 exclusive private submarine

This luxury submarine "military-style" seats up to 8 people, is able to dive to a depth of 2 000 meters and can stay under water for 4 days. The submarine is equipped with an airlock, allowing divers to leave the board and inspect deep space. The "Nautilus VAS" also has a latrine, stairs, mini-bar, digital TV and stereo system.

"Triton 3300/3" Submarine - $ 3 million

10 exclusive private submarine

Triple submarine "Triton" measuring 4 meters long and 3 meters wide is able to descend to a depth of 1 000 meters. The submarine-shaped bubble is perfect for boating and scientific work, as a transparent acrylic capsule panoramic views of the underwater world. To illuminate the dark depths of the underwater "Triton" uses high-powered LED lights.

For $ 3 million you will gain not only a comfortable diving boat: the price is also included chetyrohnedelnoe training for its management and maintenance. The famous channel "Discovery" used "Triton" to shoot a documentary about the legendary horror seas - the giant squid.

The boat diving "Marion Hyper-Sub" - $ 3, 5 million

10 exclusive private submarine

This deep-sea vehicle is a cross between a submarine and a boat. In water, it may reach a maximum speed of 40 knots at maximum cruising range of 920 kilometers, and is also equipped with a diesel engine of 440 horsepower. Using the self-charging electric / hydraulic immersion system, the vessel can be lowered to a depth of 76 meters. Volumes of boats allow you to place it in a small crew of 5 people who will get their hands on the leather seats and wood paneling.

The inventor of the boat Marion Reynolds said that he created the prototype is suitable for marine research and walks, as well as for military purposes.

The submarine "Nomad 1000" - $ 6, 5 million

10 exclusive private submarine

"Nomad 1000" - an autonomous submarine, which can keep on the surface (using heavy-duty diesel engines) for one minute and then disappear under water for the next. The submarine can cover up to 1, 000 nautical miles (1850 kilometers) and to stay under water for 10 days.

With half meter acrylic viewing windows offer a spectacular view of the sea. Lying on a double bed, passengers are able to enjoy the "underwater movie", and the 1000-watt quartz halogen underwater lights will disperse the gloom. On the decks of the submarine, designed for 30 passengers, there are cabins with bathroom and spacious living room with dining area.

"Underwater Bus" "Proteus" - $ 8 million

10 exclusive private submarine

Former French marine Herve Jaubert, who heads the UAE company "Eksamos" for the production of private submarines of class "luxury", designed "underwater bus" called "the Proteus", accommodating 14 passengers, which combines the features of a luxury yacht. Such a meter unit 19 looks like "underwater limousine" with large sofas, panoramic windows and whirlpool. On it it is possible to arrange a cool party or to conduct secret negotiations.

bathyscaphe "Deepsea Challenger" - $ 8 million

10 exclusive private submarine

After removing the two blockbuster box office and winning Hollywood director James Cameron on this calms down and decides to conquer the ocean. Famous for his love for all large-scale and expensive in 2012 he single-handedly reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench - the deepest point of the Earth. This trip became a reality thanks to a specially designed single-seat bathyscaphe called "Deepsea Challenger", equipped with special equipment for photo and video underwater. The unit weight of 11 tons and a length of more than 7 meters was designed and built by the order of James Cameron for 8 years in Australia.

It was the second manned dive in the "Challenger Deep" in history, as well as the first single and the longest of all. Descent to Marian chute took 2 hours and 36 minutes; 11-kilometer depth Cameron spent about 3 hours. During the dive director filmed the video in 3D, which is then assembled into a documentary.

The submarine "Yellow Submarine" - $ 12 million

10 exclusive private submarine

This "Yellow Submarine" - the property of one of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen. 12-meter vessel can remain under water for weeks. A great lover of sea and underwater travel, businessman claimed to have discovered the wreckage at the bottom of vessels shipwrecked. He is also the owner of the yacht, called "Octopus" worth $ 200 million, which can accommodate two helicopters, seven boats and a crew of 60 people. And her weekly maintenance costs Allen at $ 384,000.

The submarine "The Seattle 1000" - $ 25 million

10 exclusive private submarine

"Seattle 1000" - a huge vessel of 36 meters in length and with a height of three-storey building, which can remain under water for 20 days. The range of its navigation is 3, 000 nautical miles (5 550 km), which means that the submarine can go to the transatlantic journey. Megaglubinnaya submarine also boasts 5 cabins, 5 bathrooms, 2 gyms, a wine cellar, kitchen, acrylic deck to relax passengers aft compartment for divers. Portholes large living room reaches 2, 5 m in diameter. Perhaps, this submarine can be called one of the most luxurious in the world.

Private submarine "Phoenix 1000" - $ 80 million

10 exclusive private submarine

According to the interior decoration of "Phoenix 1000" is comparable to the superyacht, in technological terms also surpasses it, because it is both a boat and a submarine. 65-meter vessel has 10 bedrooms, several gyms, a wine cellar, a jacuzzi and many other amenities. "Yacht" is able to dive to a depth of 300 meters, and is integrated into the body with a mini-submarine - all 600 meters. Mini-submarine can deliver passengers from the surface of the submarine, located at depth, and vice versa.

Due to the vast inner space area of ​​over 460 square meters of sea-giant called the largest submarine class "lux" in the world.

The yacht-submarine "Migaloo" - $ 2, 3 billion

10 exclusive private submarine

Yes, you read that right. It is a modern private luxury ship is one of the most expensive vehicles and the most expensive boat in the world.

"Migaloo" combines the functions of submarines and boats, although the ship is more like a "floating city". Length white hybrid is a record of 115 meters, and its name was given in honor of the white humpback whale albino. On the aft deck is located three-meter swimming pool and a helicopter landing pad. All this close to the special mechanisms of the hybrid immersion. Other amenities worth mentioning duplex cabins, a cinema, Vip-suites, library, gym, games room, laundry, private rest rooms, elevators, delivering passengers to different levels of decks. Chief of this exclusive floating structure - in its ability to "dive" to a depth of 240 meters, which could not make any superyacht in the world. Unfortunately, shestipalubnaya "Migaloo" has not yet been crisscrossing the seas and oceans, and is under construction.