How to choose the right makeup for blue-green eyes


Not every woman can pick up a makeup that will suit her best. But this can be quickly learned. Girls who have a gray-green eyes, very lucky. They will approach several shades of shadows, and thus it is possible to apply various methods of their application. So, make up for the gray-green eyes will primarily depend on the color of hair. For example, if a girl has blond hair, then it will suit the tender and pearly shades.

How to choose the right makeup for blue-green eyes

They perfectly accentuate your eyes, and decorate their owner. If the girl has a dark hair color, then you can use the deeper shades of shadows. It can be brown with sequins and similar shades to it. Makeup for blue-green eyes is to use pencil and eyeliner.

Selection of Shadows

On this basis, we can assume that it is of particular importance is the right choice of the shadow. With the help of some of their colors can spoil the beauty of the eyes, which are by nature very expressive. These include green tone. They simply merge with the eyes and the shade will not do any good. Therefore it is necessary to think well how to apply makeup on the eyes that will look harmonious and beautiful. To do this, you need to have an idea about the technique of its application, which is easy to learn. Day makeup

How to choose the right makeup for blue-green eyes

tonal basis applied for daytime makeup especially around the eyes. If the skin around the eyelids has bruises or bags, then you can put on these places masking agents. After that you should start to spray shadows. There can be used a light gray or more natural tone. Daytime makeup for gray-green eyes, does not involve the use of eyeliner, so you can a little feather around the upper and lower eyelid is black or brown pencil. A special role should be given to the eyelashes, which necessarily must be emphasized. Type mascara can be used depending on what they have girls. So, for example, is well suited short-lengthening mascara, and for the rare can choose mascara for volume.

Evening makeup

For evening make-up for women with gray-green eyes are perfect bright shade. Such shades can be violet, emerald, as well as the gray tones by means of which it is possible to create a smoky make-up.

How to choose the right makeup for blue-green eyes

In this embodiment, it is already possible to use black eyeliner, but it should be done very carefully. Make-up in the oriental style

A lover of experimenting may try to create makeup for gray-green eyes in oriental style. For this approach both pearl and matte shade. Their color can be gold, silver or purple. In this case, you can use multiple colors. Necessary attribute here is the black eyeliner. With the help of opinion becomes a magical effect. The main thing - to put it correctly and accurately, from one end of both lower and upper eyelid to the other. And, of course, need to emphasize your eyes with ink.

Thus, with the help of a little effort, you can give your eyes a striking beauty.