Sport Men's Grooming: from classics to the latest trends

Until a few years ago it was considered a sport haircut convenient solution exclusively for people involved in sports. This is a short haircut, which does not interfere, no distractions during training and does not require any special care. Now this hairstyle is relevant as a universal solution for every day for a wide range of men: from workers to business. In addition, it is suitable for all ages.

Features hairstyles

Sport men's haircut can be very bright and individual, although at first glance, it would seem much diversity should not expect similar hairstyles. Every season there are new stylish solutions and trends, which offer a choice of different options. The peculiarity of modern sports hairstyles is that they are well in tune with both sportswear and clothing in casual style, and some models - even with a strict suit. The most important thing in such a haircut - flexibility, versatility and applicability to different surroundings.

Sport Men's Grooming: from classics to the latest trends

Sports shearing box (poluboks)

Different from all other models in that short hair stacked with a small amount of overhead, the fringe is slightly greater length than the main. Formed such a haircut in 3 stages. First processed occipital part of the head, the hair is sheared with reference to the control strand (usually the length of 3 cm). In the occipital region of the hair are cut by shading with information "on there." Then processed whiskey. They are cut at right angles. At least processed parietal region of the head.

Sport Men's Grooming: from classics to the latest trends

Classic sports a haircut for men

This option will probably never go out of style. But today, the classic hairstyle allows some variation, with which you can convey and emphasize the nature and status of their "owner". Youth haircut in this style is allowed to increase the length of hair and a small "ruffled".

Modern sports shearing male

Now a lot of new ideas in the world of hairdressing. For example, the original Beat asymmetric bangs can complement classic cut and the result is a completely new hairstyle. In this case, if the bangs straight, it allows you to stick to the image of a serious business man. If the fringe ragged, uneven, it will bring the image of a bold, daring and even a bit of youthful spirits.

Sport Men's Grooming: from classics to the latest trends

Sport men's haircut in the style of Military

It's an option for strong, confident men. Different from the conventional flat-top, almost bare temples and rather short bangs. This is a great option for sparse or thin hair. Caring for a haircut is minimal and simple: stacking can be done by hand with the minimum of fixing means (for example, wax or gel). Mowing sports "Canadian '

This is a modern kind of cuts of this nature. It was worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber and David Beckham. Probably, it also ensured its popularity in the wider circles. But she will not everyone, but only for men with round or oval face. The peculiarity of hairstyles - the volume in the zone near the top of the head and forehead. If desired, you can brighten strands to bang, to create the effect of slightly bleached hair the sun, which is very relevant in this season.