Mummy hair: recipes and tips

Mummy hair has been used since ancient times. What is manifested its miraculous properties? Firstly, mummy helps normalize blood circulation and accelerate the skin of the head, which leads to an improvement in hair growth. Second, it allows you to restore the entire length of hair, makes smooth and elastic. And, thirdly, mummy attaches extraordinary natural shine to hair.

Mummy hair: recipes and tips

Mummies hair: how to apply

This substance is considered a natural bio-stimulator, as numerous studies have repeatedly shown that it contains a variety of active substances that help fight various ailments and diseases. Shilajit is collected in the mountains. This once again confirms the naturalness and value of this product. Application mummy is quite simple: to help your hair, enough to buy the drug in pill form at any pharmacy. They are reasonably priced, but the effect and the result is always stunning. As a rule, the mummy is added to the shampoo. This is the easiest way to restore the entire length of hair. The usual tin of 250 milliliters need 5-6 pills that need to be crushed into a powder. It should be added to

Mummy hair: recipes and tips

shampoo. should wash your hair as usual, just do not forget to shake the jar before use. Add the mummy and a conditioner or balm. Scheme is exactly the same: 5-6 tablets per 250 milliliters. Here we must remember the following: The solution is to keep the color you need at least 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Hair masks

Hair that falls out in large numbers, will suit the most simple: take three tablets miracle cure, grind all the powder is dissolved in three tablespoons of water. The resulting mush rub into the roots and waiting two hours. There is one important feature: Apply the mask to only clean, freshly washed hair. Dissolve in and tablets may be any oil such as castor or burdock. Mummy hair and use a mask with honey. It is known that honey makes them soft and shiny, nourishes and moisturizes. Mask with honey mummy and helps restore dry hair. To do this, we need to grind into powder 5 tablets, which should be mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice and 6 tablespoons of honey. There also add one egg

Mummy hair: recipes and tips

yolk. Mix everything and apply on the entire length of hair, not touching the roots. Wear a hat and roll up a towel for 40 minutes. Wash off with copious amounts of warm water.

Using in cosmetology

Shilajit of acne may be used in pure form: 2 tablets grind, mix with a tablespoon of water and locally applied to the inflammation for twenty minutes. This tool quickly removes redness and eliminates the traces. If you regularly use it, then you can remove the scars and hateful.


Mummy hair will help to get rid of dryness and brittleness, can make them flexible and soft. This natural remedy works wonders. If you regularly make a mask and add the tablets in shampoos and conditioners, you can forget about that hair can be naughty, there's split ends and there is the problem of excessive hair loss.