Clint's rules

• Clint's rules

Clint's rules

UZH BETTER call me "icon" rather than "hey, you".

I rarely bullied in childhood. Firstly, I was above all in the classroom, and secondly, we are constantly moved. Redding, Sacramento, Pacific Palisades, Redding again, Sacramento again, Hayward, Niles, Oakland (cities in California). We were always on the move, and I've always been a brand new school. Any punks, of course, wanted to deal with me, see who I am. I was a pretty shy guy, but most of the time I went out to give all sorts of freaks on the neck.

AS A CHILD I played the flugelhorn, and the neighborhood kids were looking at me and seems to be thinking, "What kind of garbage?"

Today's generation - this generation of loose seals. Faced with the problem, they say, let's look at the behavior of the bully in terms of psychology. And we just gave the bullies in the ass.

I do not know what's wrong with this generation. Maybe people have en masse to think about the meaning of life?

I found the Great Depression. There was no work, no benefits. Once, when I was six years old, the house knocked us skinny people. He said that we all perekolet firewood if his mother would make him a sandwich. People could hardly stand, but they were much more than those who are around me now.

IN ICELAND I WAS AT A WATERFALL. Together with others, I was standing on a small stone platform overlooking the waterfall. Many children were. From the abyss separates us only strained a rope. And I thought, in America they have enclosed all the grid and a very tall fence. In their minds there was one thought: if someone falls, it will immediately appear, his lawyer. But there, in Iceland, people think the same way as previously thought in America in the old days, if you fall, you're an idiot.

It is impossible to foresee all, but we stubbornly try. If in the car we buy, no four hundred airbags, the car, of course, shit. VERY DIFFICULT TO HUMAN INTIMIDATE when it eighty.

WANT it or not, we must admit that death exists. But I'm not afraid of her. I believe: when it comes your time, you should leave. That was a bargain at birth.

My father died suddenly. Just picked up and died when he was 63. After that I have for a long time wondered why it was not taken out to play golf, why not spend more time with him. But when you're chasing the big prize, you stop paying attention to anything else.

Her mother died when she was 97 years old. Shortly before she died, she told me: "I want to go, I'm tired." I said, "No, not yet three years old, three years old, and you mark the centenary." But she did not want to hear me. "Just look into my eyes", - she said. I looked into her eyes and knew.

TAKE YOUR AGE WITH GRATITUDE - a great gift. But I was too late to learn it.

Old age can not be as bad, if you just lie there and enjoy it.

Perhaps I begin to think like an old man, but I think people have become more angry and intolerant than they were before. Previously, we were able to disagree on some important issue, but still remained friends. And today, those who disagree with you - a moron and an idiot. Look at any talk show.

I can be called libertarian. I would like to be left all alone. Back when I was a kid, around there were too many people who pointed out to everyone how to live.

I am always with great respect for the religious people whose lives have been built in accordance with the faith. But if you can live your life without it - live. I have not too keen on religion, but I try not to broadcast his doubts all around.

SAY, marriages are made in heaven. Yeah, there is, where are the thunder and lightning.

The older you get, the more you begin to love their children. MY CHILDREN - WOMEN FROM DIFFERENT. But it was Dean brought us all together. She is completely absent psychology second wife - you know, this mentality of cave women. She gets on well with my first wife, my ex-girlfriend. Family rests on it, and no one has had on my life the same impact as she is.

ME shit who wants to get married - gay or someone else. Do not make that much noise. Let everyone will have an opportunity to lead lives which they themselves have chosen.

"Macho" has been the buzzword in the 1980s. Macho is macho is this - macho one - not macho. But here I did not understand until the end, that is macho. This is someone who swaggers around exuding testosterone? Who opens the door with his foot and can walk the wheel? I remember when he met Rocky Marciano (the famous American boxer, 1923-1969 -. Esquire). It was a soft, quiet man who was trying not to crush your fingers when shaking hands. And he had a high-pitched voice. But he could knock a man for a moment. I think this is macho. Muhammad Ali, by the way, is the same.

It so happened that I killed a bunch of people on the screen. Perhaps it is a catharsis, and perhaps just sadism. Or it does not mean anything.

There was a time in my life when I was approached and asked people to leave the autograph on their pistols.

Offers people to Disarm, citing the fact that he was around and that too much, it's like offering people cut off his balls, because the neighbors are too many children.

To be politically correct - it is very boring.

Political correctness makes people gradually lose their sense of humor. We used to joke freely about people of different races and nationalities, and today, so if you want to make a joke, you're going to cover her mouth so no one will hear. Our friends to us were "Sam-Jew", "Jose meksikashka," but we did not put anything offensive in these nicknames. Today, we spend too much time and energy trying to be politically correct. Instead of "REMOVED" I always cry "enough already this shit."

When the director shouting "MOTOR", even the horses are frightened.

For me, it is better to be behind the camera than in front of it. There you can wear such clothes, what you want.

In the acting school, I once said: "For God's sake, do not do anything, just wait." Well, Gary Cooper, for example, perfectly able to do nothing.

You can not teach a person to be an actor, but you can make it so that people will teach himself.

YOU CAN ROLE rehearsed hundreds of times, but you can just go out and play. I prefer the latter.

The "switch" (. Eastwood's film Life 1920 - Esquire) I tried to show that today can not be found anywhere else: the boy sitting in front of the radio and looking at him. Just looking at the radio and listen to what it says. Everything else makes his imagination.

Angelina Jolie is beautiful. It reminds me of the women of the forties - Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman. No, women today are just as beautiful, but then they still had more personality.

HOLLYWOOD caught up in plagiarism. Not so long ago came to me are people who ask if they can make a copy of my "Unforgiven." And it is absolutely fresh film, 1992!

IF ALL THIS cine manager is so important to the opinion of some store clerk from focus groups, then let him film and relieves.

There is an array great films that do not get the "Oscar".

BUDGETS modern film so great that the money is more than enough for you to grab a small country.

I was against the invasion of Iraq. Democracy can not be built overnight. This is something what people should first believe yourself.

POLICY divided into two categories: I-man and we-people. Barack Obama - it's me, man. He says of bin Laden as if he shot him. Modern politicians obliged to promise everything to everyone. Otherwise, it just did not elect.

You should never forget that we are simply hire the politicians so they served us.

Won the election - this is a bad good news (in 1986, Eastwood won the election for mayor of the Californian town of Carmel -. Esquire). Okay, you say you yourself, the good news is that I'm the mayor. The bad news is that I'm the mayor.

AS says Jerry Fielding (American musician and composer, 1922-1980 -. Esquire), "we have achieved a lot - let's not destroy anything, too much thinking about it."

If I had all was well with self-organization, I'd have found myself in the music.

A time when every day I wanted to catch up on once more than yesterday, passed. Now I only want to do what I think is necessary.

TODAY around me constantly weaves so many photographers that sometimes they surround me like a wall in a cheap motel.

It should be taken seriously in the work and not serious - to himself.

I love working with those who have no need for someone to prove something.

Over a lifetime, I have not met a single genius, because genius, it seems to me - is the one who is good in the fact that hates. Be successful and great in the fact that he likes, and everyone can.

TOMORROW gives no promises.

I never thought of himself as a cowboy.