Feel this summer

• Feel this summer

Feel this summer

The whole year we waited for him, remembering the best moments, hoping to make it back soon, and finally it came - the summer! The most wonderful time when you want to live and work, when all the world seems perfect and when you want to instantly stopped.

We are already looking forward to the best time of the year. After all, only in the summer can be experienced 35 of these amazing experiences.

Wake up early in the morning and remember that it's summer, and you can simply pull the shorts or a free dress.

Change shoes for the summer and experience a magical feeling of lightness. Feel a sudden, a refreshing breath of wind through the open window.

Smell the freshly cut grass.

Feel the heat covers you when you go from a cold building.

Stick his head out the car window and feel like you are flying.

Feel this summer

Remember the time when you were a kid on vacation.

Walking barefoot on the soft grass.

Blowing on a dandelion.

Quickly eat ice cream until it starts to drip and melt between your fingers.

Rip first strawberries.

Go out Friday night from work and remember that on the nose you have a two-week vacation.

Feel this summer

After a long flight to the sea, to go on an airplane gangway and feel the hot wind and the smell of the sea.

Swim for the first time after the winter. Feel the softness of your feet after a walk along the sand.

Listen to the soothing sound of waves lapping against the shore.

See traces disappear in the wet sand at high tide.

Feel this summer

Shake dry sand from his body.

Feel sweet odor on the skin after application of a sunscreen.

Remove the swimsuit and evening to see a trace of sunburn.

Feel the burning of the skin after a day in the sun.

Enjoy the reviving coolness of the cinema with air conditioning on a hot day.

Take off your shoes after a long walk, and lower legs in a cool lake.

Feel this summer

Watch as squinting in the sun your cat to a quiet afternoon.

Walk barefoot on the sun-warmed wooden floor.

Enjoy the pleasant smell of barbecue on the outdoor grill.

Get under a warm storm and run barefoot.

Deep breathe fresh air after the rain.

Read a book in the shade of a large tree.

Lie on your back on a bench, using his friend as a pillow.

Feel this summer

To hear the sound of the rain intensified and suddenly calms down the street.

Enjoy a juicy red watermelon.

Listen to the symphony of the night crickets.

Smell the fire cool night in the woods.

Look at the meteor shower, lying on the grass.

Feel this summer