Face mask of oatmeal - this is what you need to your skin!

There is hardly a woman who does not want to look attractive, well-groomed, to be beautiful and desirable. Very efficient and effective way to care for the skin of the face and neck and hair are all sorts of masks, which can be prepared from a variety of vegetables, fruits and other products available in the kitchen each family.

The use of masks with oatmeal

Face mask of oatmeal - this is what you need to your skin!

One of the essential products in the home of cosmetology are oatmeal. They can prepare not only masks, but also scrubs, and take a bath. Facials oatmeal truly work wonders. After their application, the skin looks soft as a child's. And all because that the grains of oats are rich in protein, starch, fat. They also contain essential oils and oat amino acids similar in composition to the muscle protein. Therefore, in the fight against wrinkles and other age-related changes in the oats - a product of the number one! If you urgently need to make your skin look flawless, and time to spare, you will come to the rescue of a face mask of oatmeal - the result will exceed all expectations!

Face mask of oatmeal

This recipe is suitable for oily, non-ideal skin. Take a small handful of rose petals and a tablespoon of calendula flowers, pour the boiling water. After 15 minutes, we filter the infusion, add crushed oat flakes (to obtain a slurry). The mixture is gently put on the face, not touching the eye area. Twenty minutes later, the mask wash off, wipe the skin with cold boiled water, acidified with apple cider vinegar. Regular use of this mask will make skin fresh and bright. The moisturizing facial mask of oatmeal and tomato

It's very simple, but at the same time very effective mask. For its preparation, take the juice of tomato and milled oat flakes. All the ingredients, mix until a smooth paste. Apply the mask on your face as soon as she starts to dry, rinse with warm water.

A refreshing facial mask oatmeal and pumpkin

Take 30 g of a pumpkin, a blender or fine grater grind it. Add the resulting mass is about the same amount of oat flour. Apply the mask to your face and neck. After 20 minutes, rinse with water or broth herbs. Wipe your face with a piece of ice, you can also use frozen infusion of mint. This mask will help your skin to always look fresh, with a slight blush.

The use of masks with egg and honey

Probably the easiest to prepare and most effective are the egg mask. As a rule, prepare a mask of yolks and whites separately, adding a variety of ingredients. It has a simple explanation. This is because the yolk and white are aimed at addressing various cosmetic problems. Yolk nourishes and smoothes dry, rough skin, and protein is used for oily, problem skin. Protein also narrows the enlarged pores. Egg yolks are fount micro- and macroelements, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, etc., As well as vitamins. Especially yolks much vitamin A, which prevents dryness and skin peeling.

Face mask of oatmeal - this is what you need to your skin!

Rejuvenating face mask with egg and honey

Take two egg yolks, 30 g of honey, add little peach or almond oil and knead until smooth. Now add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Apply the mask on your face, and do not forget about your neck and décolleté (they give the woman's age). After 15 minutes, the mask should be removed first with warm, then cool compress.

Indian face mask

By using this mask, you can smooth out fine wrinkles and make skin lighter. We need to 1 hour. L. natural honey, milk preheated, potato starch and shallow salt (sea salt may be used, its pre-chopped in a coffee grinder). The resulting mixture was put on a flat face with a brush until until use up the entire slurry. After 20-25 minutes wash off mask with warm, and then cold water.

The use of egg white

Now let's talk about the egg white, which is an excellent remedy for oily and combination skin. He dries oily skin and tightens enlarged pores. When drying tube pulls out of the pores and dirt. Masks with protein and lemon juice lighten freckles and age spots.

Brightening Facial Mask with protein and potato

Face mask of oatmeal - this is what you need to your skin!

When used regularly, this mask facial skin looks fresh, and the color - even. You will need to mix one egg and two tablespoons of grated potatoes on a fine grater. Before applying the mask should lubricate the skin of the face and neck with olive oil. Leave the mask to dry. Rinse with warm water. Face mask with protein and carrot

If you do not want to just clean the skin, but to give it a shade of light tan, then this mask - that's what you need. Whisk blender, protein, pour two tablespoons of carrot juice and a teaspoon of powdered oatmeal. Apply the mask on for twenty minutes. Rinse with cold water, wipe the skin tonic.

Face mask with protein and herbal decoction

This mask has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Initially, the need to prepare an herbal decoction, this take St. John's wort, horsetail, yarrow, coltsfoot, sage. Then a tablespoon of broth, mix with beaten egg whites and we put all of this on 20 minutes. For best results, it is desirable to carry out a course of 15-20 procedures.


In this article recipes - just a small part of all possible face masks from eggs and oats. Experiment and be always beautiful!