Dry shampoo - something that should be

Shampoo, which is a popular means to wash your hair, all are accustomed to from childhood. But wash your hair is not always possible, there is an unusual choice - dry shampoo. Special agent is applied to dry hair and combed out using an ordinary comb.

Dry shampoo - something that should be

The powder absorbs oil and dirt from the hair with the powder. Dry shampoo are not always traditionally head wash with plain water. But sometimes it is simply irreplaceable, where access to water is limited. For example, the case of long travel, trips, encounters, a situation where the home is no water - in this case will help dry shampoo.

Composition of dry shampoo

Earlier this product was manufactured pressed tiles, is now mostly sprays. The main active substance - absorbent particles, ie particles of corn, oat or rice... Sometimes as absorbents used artificial substances or cosmetic clay. They not only clean the hair, but also to give them an extra shine and volume. Cosmetic fragrances, flavors and essential oils make the process of updating the hairstyle even more enjoyable. Our ancestors used natural analogues of dry shampoo, because the water was not available. Typically, dry scalp cleaners were a part of the flour, talcum, milled cereal, powdered. The very process of purification was about the same as today. Dry shampoo: "for" and "against"

Completely abandon the water, of course, it is not necessary. The hot water will not replace the most expensive and effective cosmetic.

Dry shampoo - something that should be

Although, if the head excessively oily skin, it is much better to alternate water and dry means than to wash your hair every day. There are different points of view about how effective dry shampoo. Reviews are dependent on the individual characteristics of the user. But clearly we can say that if rarely used it will not harm your hair. If you abuse it too rapid means may appear dandruff, and subsequently begin abundant hair loss.

Using a dry shampoo

Pressed dry shampoo, you must first crush, then spread evenly over the length of the hair. Spray - more convenient means. Enough to shake the can and spray on the hair. After a few minutes you can start removing shampoo. To clean the hair short enough to shake off the powder with a towel, but it is desirable that this was over the bath, or other wide capacity.

Dry shampoo - something that should be

Long hair requires a more thorough cleaning using a comb and towels. Clean hair after such funds are much better fit, they are more obedient than after washing with water.

Dry shampoo "Kloran"

Today the market offers a large number of products from different manufacturers of dry shampoo. Each proposed shampoo has its advantages. In particular, shampoo Klorane discharged as a spray and contains natural extracts of nettle, starches of plant origin and other absorbent particles. This product regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and makes the hair silky.