Post adoration movie "Brother 2"

• Post adoration movie "Brother 2"

Post adoration movie

"Brat-2" - the film-era film life. The new millennium, the turning of the year, becoming the "new" Russia ... all poured into one character. Seasoned, fearless, but very simple and kind. The fight for fairness, friendship, loyalty, Russian rock on a background of the American landscape and the long-awaited return to their homeland under the "Nautilus Pompilius" - all of this, "Brother 2". This film, which quotes from the beginning of the two thousandth sounded in every alley, and the songs - in each player.

August 30, 2000 the world premiere of the legendary film. We are nostalgic, remembering the best quotes from the movie.

- Are you gangsters?

- No, we are Russians.

- Well this were the same people as people, and suddenly all at once began to suck. Paradox.

- The main thing is not make a fuss - we have all the documents are in order!

- What is the purpose of your visit to the United States?

- What?

- Do you speak English?

- BUT! No, I do not understand.

- What is the purpose of your visit to the US?

- It ... conference on new computer technologies and the ... protection of computer programs!

- Welcome to the United States.

- (Smiling from ear to ear) SENC th Veri mac! ... That ur-p-delivery ...

Post adoration movie

- I am a police officer!

- Come on, I did a policeman!

- I like it here. In America, the whole force of the world.

- And what is the force, brother?

- But what - in the whole force of money, brother! Money rules the world, and the stronger one more of them. - Well, that's a lot of money you have. And che you do?

- Buy all!

- And me?

- Hey, where is all this?

- Echoes of War ...

Post adoration movie

Tell me, an American, what power? Is the money? That brother said that money. You have a lot of money, and why? I'm thinking that the power of the truth. Who has the truth - and he is stronger. Here you have deceived someone, money amassed. And then you become stronger? No, he did not. Because the truth is not for you. And the one who cheated him the truth, then he is stronger. Yes? Dmitry Gromov, mani, come on.

Post adoration movie

- What do you want?

- I came for you. Russian in their war not throw.

- Hey, what in English "How are you"?

- "How are you" or "how are you".

- And they che, all wondering how I'm doing?

- Nope, not interested.

- A Th then ask?

- Just. Here, in general, all just so, but money.

- you wait five minutes, I was a friend ...

- Such idiots like you, even the women are not waiting.

Post adoration movie

I learned that I

There ogpomnaya family -

And tpopinka and woods, in the field every spike!

River, blue sky -

It's all mine, podnoe!

This is my native land!

All the love in the world I have!