125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Moscow is not only beautiful. She is also an actress. Movies, where you can admire the city, a lot. Taking once again the capital note here met Shura and Lida, Zhenya Lukashin lived here, and here there was a battle of light and dark in the "Night Watch". And do not forget to take a photo to remember!

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

"Circus", 1936

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Up the escalator (metro "Okhotny Ryad")

In the film, where Lyubov Orlova played American tsirkachka with a black child, there is a funny scene: Skameykina a negro in his arms trying to run up marching down the escalator. The episode was shot on "Okhotny Ryad" station. And, incidentally, it was the first case in the history of film, when the film crew descended into the subway. When you're at the station, try to repeat the trick hero - suddenly you get?

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Such was the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" in 1939

"Volga-Volga", 1938

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The river gates of Moscow (Leningrad highway, 51)

Heroes of film floating in the Moscow contest of amateur. In the capital, they come through the Northern river station. For the filming of director Grigory Alexandrov allowed to decorate its main entrance welcoming banners. By the way, in the scene where Dunia swim to the river station and hears her sing songs and play everything (sheets with notes randomly scattered on the water), there is a small kinolyapy: walking along the shore of the orchestra actually marching on far away from this place Pushkinskaya waterfront. It can be recognized by a bronze figure of a boy with a fish. Previously, these two sculptures were Neskuchnii garden.

"The Foundling", 1939

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

House with beasts (Chistoprudniy Boulevard, 14)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

From this building began the route runaway girl Natasha. The house is easily recognizable by the three-dimensional figures of animals on the facade. Such beauty there was no accident. Previously, it was an apartment house situated near the church of the Holy Trinity on the dirt. Therefore, the architect of stylized facade under the ancient Russian churches.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Past cinema (Chistoprudniy Boulevard, 19)

Near the cinema "Coliseum" Natasha with other children at first reading newspapers on the stands, and then arguing over a balloon. Now in this building it is the theater "Contemporary".

Pursuit of ENEA (prospekt Mira, 119)

At the end of the film Brother Natasha trying to catch up to the car another car, thinking that it is his sister. They drive through the main avenues of the newly opened Exhibition Center, the then-Union Agricultural Exhibition. 75 years ago, the main exhibition center in Moscow was not so crowded, but on the whole has changed little.

"Shining Path", 1940

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

One Flew Over the ENEA (Prospect Mira, 119)

Lyubov Orlova heroine goes from the cleaners on a weaving factory to produce shock troops. It awarded the Order and are invited to the palace. In one of its mirrors heroine she is talking with his reflection and wondered what would happen next. Miraculously the girls are in a convertible, and (70 years before the "Black Lightning") is flying over the city. they start at the Red Square and returned to the Agricultural Exhibition, flying around the sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl". The film is interesting to look at the 25-meter statue of Stalin stood at the pavilion "Space" until 1951.

"The Cranes Are Flying", 1957

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Administration of the front (Armenian lane 4, p. 2)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

This place has been in the film point of volunteers gathering, leaving the front. Boris and Veronica have not been able to find each other in the crowd and say goodbye. Scene historically reliable: in June 41 th at the school # 644, which at that time was located in this building, formed Fighter battalion of the Kuibyshev region, and by its gate the soldiers actually went to war. And now at this address is Teachers College.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The enemy will not pass (Swamp Square)

In the film there is a scene: Veronica goes on Bolotnaya Square, on which the anti-tank barricades and sandbags. So during the war Muscovites defended the city. Now Marsh - a gathering place of youth and informal meetings.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Refuge (Metro "Alexander Garden")

In the story of Veronica among other Muscovites hiding from the bombing in the subway. (And when he returns, discovers that her house had been destroyed, and the parents were lost.) During the war, the underground air-raid shelter was, and rare film of that time did without such training. This scene was filmed at the station "Alexandrovsky Garden".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Meeting of the winners (Tverskaya Zastava, 7)

At Belorussky station filmed the return of the soldiers from the front. Veronica learned that Boris died, she begins to distribute brought him flowers all around. This scene came into history of world cinema, and the film won the main prize at the Cannes festival.

"Volunteers", 1958

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Appointment of Nicholas and Lely (street Sokolniki Val, 1, p. 1)

The main characters played by Mikhail Ulyanov and Elina Bystritskaya go for a walk in the park "Sokolniki". More precisely, a whole hour ride on the tram, lamenting the fact that it will have to spend in the company of damaging the conductress, and dreaming about how to quickly subway was built. A voice-over says: "Lovers future generations simply as you will be in the" Sokolniki "ride. And the new youth can hardly believe that mom and dad are here, too, there have been ".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Bomb Shelter (metro station "Okhotny Ryad")

During the war, Lola is saved from air attacks in the subway, which was built sometime movie characters. The scene was shot on the "Okhotny Ryad" station.

"The Diamond Arm", 1968

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Pa, a spark is not there? (Leninsky prospect, 26)

A film about the Soviet smugglers shot mostly in Sochi and Baku, but some scenes - in Moscow. For example, an episode when Gorbunkov on the stairs of the underground toilet meets the brutal type with a skull on the neck. He asks to smoke, but Semen Semenovich fear of losing the power of speech. "Are you deaf or something?" "Yes" - answers Gorbunkov. The scene was shot in an underground toilet near the side entrance to Gorky Park. Gorky. By the way, coming out of the closet, Gorbunkov is in Sochi.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

"I Step Through Moscow", 1963

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Former Dirty ponds (Chistoprudniy Boulevard)

Being introduced in metro Muscovite Kolya and Volodya Siberian go on Chistye Prudy. Volodya said: "They used to be called dirty. And at Peter I cleaned them and renamed "from what Nick concludes:" newcomer "Now Chistye Prudy look different. For example, the boulevard disappeared water dispensers, which are held by the characters.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

In the suit (Red Square, 3)

The GUM Kohl friend Sasha going to buy him a suit for a wedding, and there met Volodya. First, in the GUM we wanted to shoot all the scenes in the store, including the records department where works Alain - a girl who like Kohl. Although this department in GUM was like decorations built in the studio, so that visitors do not interfere with shooting. LPs in GUM department has long been abolished, all the shops have changed, but the company Gumovsky ice cream, which is in the movie Sasha eats, sold so far.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The Return of the Prodigal groom (Leninsky Prospect, 44)

Sasha with his bride Sveta for a long time find out the relationship, he even is thinking to get married and about to go into the army, but at the last moment still comes to the registrar - drenched to the skin in the rain and shaved bald to the recruiting office. This scene was shot in the registry office on Leninsky Prospekt, which is still in operation.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The quarrel over a girl (Kutuzovsky Prospect, 38, p. 1)

Next to the museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino" Kolya and Volodya quarrel over Alena. By the way, at the time of the shooting panorama just opened. For a long time it was under construction, but two years ago began to work again for the visitors.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Culture Park (street Krymsky Val, 9)

In the story of Kolya and Volodya go looking for Alain in Gorky Park. Gorky, and then all together walk in the park. In the movie, he is shown in all its glory: Green Theater, Landysheva avenue, colonnade main entrance and, of course, rides, to which were added today, and others.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The train to nowhere (metro "University")

Kolya and Volodya Alain come to see off the station "University". The film has kinolyapy when he was shot, the station was the final, as evidenced by the sign "no landing". But the hero gets on the train, which travels from the center. However, at the time of release of the film has already been opened the following station "Vernadsky Prospekt" and "Southwest". And the final song "And I go, walk across Moscow ..." Nick sings, take the escalator station "University".

"Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik", 1965

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Ghost Stop (Komsomol prospectus, 5/2)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Stop "Knitting Factory", where Shura gets wet in the rain and can not get to the bus number 13, was shot in the street Timur Frunze near the house 5/2 Komsomol prospectus. In the background is seen the temple of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki, known for its "falling" the bell tower. Buses in this place never went, stop sham.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Construction (Sedova Street)

Construction of a residential quarter, where hooligan Fyodor practiced under the guidance of Shurik 15 days, then shot in the area was built up Sviblovo. Panorama shooting was carried out from the roof of the eight-3 at home on the street Sedova. By the way, in the background is visible Estate "Sviblovo".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Polytech (Vavilova street, 28)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Polytechnic Institute, where they study Shura and Lida, filmed at the Institute of Organoelement Compounds. INEOS. It can be found on the porch with shaped roof. But lead to the institution of the alley filmed already on "Mosfilm".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Statue of "The student with a book" (Lenin Hills, 1)

Shura before the exam to find the right synopsis looks at all the books that come across his path. Including a huge book that holds the stone boy. In fact it is the statue of "The student with a book" by Vera Mukhina, author of the famous "Worker and Collective Farm". And it is located at the entrance of the main building of Moscow State University.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Zarechensky market (Tishinskaya area, 1, p. 1)

Bazaar where Coward, Bobby and Experienced peddling rugs with mermaids, clay cats and cocks on a stick, filmed at the famous all over Moscow Tishinsky market where, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, it was possible to buy anything. At its entrance hung a dummy sign with a different name. Now at this point the trade and exhibition center "Tishinka".

"Beware of the Car", 1966

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Do not wipe it's time for our William Shakespeare? (Plyushchikha street, 64)

Amateur theater, in which the director in the performance of Eugene Evstingeeva puts "Hamlet" with Detochkin - Smoktunovsky and Podberezovikovym - Ephraim in the lead roles, was shot in the house of culture "rubber" of the plant. Now located at this address other entertainment venues. But the entrance to the Palace of Culture was shot elsewhere - in Odessa.

The ends of the water (Jauza confluence in Moscow River)

After accusations of his girlfriend Luba Detochkin decides to engage with stealing cars and throws his hat, gloves and other tools into the river. Scene filmed on the Big Ustyinsky bridge; the shot hit the ceiling, where there is a cinema "Illusion". Say goodbye to the dark past on this bridge would become a tradition, that's just Detochkin it did not work: a minute later, he saw a suspicious car, he catches his farm back.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Hello, Luba, I'm back! (Street Ostozhenka, 53/2, p. 10)

After spending due time, Detochkin returned to freedom. He came out to meet trolleybuses, which sits behind the wheel of Luba, and utters his famous phrase. We filmed the final scene near the metro station "Park Kultury".

"Three Poplars" at Plyushchikha ", 1967

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Abortive date (Komsomol prospect, 21/10)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

On the way to the house, where the taxi driver Sasha lucky Nura, he calls in the theater "Horizon" and buys two tickets, hoping the evening to go with her to the movies. The shot hits the poster of the film "Meeting in the mountains." Nura, as we know, did not dare to go out on a date. Today cinema "Horizon" - a modern multiplex.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Home Plyushchikha (Rostov embankment, 5)

In Moscow, Nura stops at daughters in law, who lives near the Kiev railway station in the Stalinist skyscraper, built in the shape of a horseshoe. "There's a house that overlooked something can not be seen anywhere - she explains the way. - The bridge and the church where the old one. As the house is laid, the Church in the land is gone - skukozhilas ". We are talking about the Church of the Annunciation on the bank, which was destroyed during the construction of the house. Especially for shooting prop cafe, repeating the "Three Poplars" Shabolovka (this is where the action takes place the story on which the film was made, but the director Tatyana Lioznova decided that the word "Shabolovka" in making the audience is strongly associated with the TV) was built in the courtyard, and We dismantled after filming. Today, the yard has changed a lot. Four-storey house, which is visible from the window of the heroine went for demolition, on-site cafe - garages. But the poplar is still growing.

"Once again about love", 1968

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The meeting place (the metro station "Dinamo")

At this station happen goodbye protagonists, the physics of electron and stewardesses Natasha.

Zoo (Big Georgian street, 1)

In one scene, electronic and Natasha go to the zoo. Heroes to drop the hippo, elephant, camel and walk along the Grand Presnensky pond.

"We'll Live Till Monday", 1968

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

School (street Tikhomirov, 10)

Virtually all of the action of the film takes place in the high school, where they work and learn the characters. The picture was shot in the school number 234 Northern District Medvedkovo. It still works. The words "live to see Monday" became her motto, it is even written on the schedule. Like the teachers say, this phrase is repeated often. For example, if someone is guilty, and makes a promise that will be corrected, saying: "Well, we will live until Monday - see what happens."

"Gentlemen of Fortune", 1971

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The man in a jacket (Lermontov Square)

In one scene, the criminals escaped from prison go to Moscow to find the right home, and they have a reference point: the next was "a man in a jacket" and "tree". "Man in a jacket" was a monument to Lermontov. A "tree" is at the other end of Moscow - in a shop window "Flowers" on Prechistenka, which is now demolished. I'm sorry, matches will not be? (Theatre square)

Former accomplice recidivist thief running cloakroom Assistant Professor at the Bolshoi Theater. He appoints Troshkina meeting in the square outside the theater, but I doubt whether it is a real Docent. And Trochkine not being tested when he asked to bring some new energy, says: "I do not smoke."

"12 chairs", 1971

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The hostel monk named Berthold Schwarz (Starokonyushenny Lane, p. 1)

Arriving in Moscow, concessionaires stay in a hostel chemistry students. The building, which stands in the role has been preserved until now.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Home Liapis Trubetskoy (Malaya Molchanovka 8)

Poet, author of the epic about Gavrila, lives in the house with the famous lions, who had often been immortalized in film. Its entrance is decorated with stone figures of lions. At first they held in the clutches of the shields, but by the time of the filming of "12 chairs" they were already gone. Historians still argue over where they disappeared. According to one version, the Lions dropped when during the war dragged into the shelter, on the other - billboards dismantled to find them some Masonic symbols. Closer to the first version of the truth, because if you pay attention, the film lions also missing some teeth and paws. Now restored and all figures, including shields in place.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

horse Knocked down (angle Vorontcova Fields and Podsosensky lane)

Here Ostap an unpleasant incident, which was printed in the newspaper. Now, instead of cobbled - paving asphalt, and a horse on it no longer drive.

DK railroad (street Cook, 33, p. 1)

House of Culture, where Jon Dough reveals the last chair, was shot in the theater actor. It was created in 1943 to film actors can work when there is no shooting, and exists to this day.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Cinema (Pushkin Square, 2)

At the end of the film the action moves to 1970, where the characters are going to modernize the premiere of "12 chairs". Shot her in the cinema "Russia". For a long time in the cinema were really loud premieres. But since 2012 the theater "Russia" is in his house, where musicals are.

"Officers", 1971

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Lions without canines (Shallow Molchanovka 8)

House with the Lions, where the poet lived from Liapis Trubetskoy "12 chairs", plays the "officer" role. Its doors Trofimov first meets Luba and saves her from the bandits. And many years later, they come back with my grandson, who drew attention to the fact that lions do not have fangs. For the first scene they produced fake teeth (and panels), then to show how the figures change over time.

Military Office (Leninskie mountains, 1, p. 3)

At the end of each film Trofimov Ivan Barabbas is in Moscow in the military. In one of the scenes on the bench beside him, the hero many years later met Luba. The episode filmed near a chemical faculty of Moscow State University, who acted as a military headquarters.

"Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation", 1973

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Home Shurika (Novokuznetskaya Street, 13, p. 1)

The house, which is due to its polygonal configuration called drunk, lives inventor Shura. In one scene, Ivan the Terrible, with whom he had a time machine moved in the 1970s, comes out on the balcony and looking around the neighborhood, says the famous phrase: "What a beauty! ! Lepota "Here we see mounting miracles before us a panorama of the Moskva River, taken from high-rise buildings on the Kalinin Prospekt (modern Novy Arbat).

"The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", 1975

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

House Eugene (Vernadsky prospect, 125)

3rd Street Builders, which live Zhenya Lukashin and Nadia Sheveleva actually does not exist in Moscow or St. Petersburg. More precisely, it was the capital from 1958 to 1963, the so-called street of Maria Ulyanova. Both houses are rented in Moscow on Vernadsky Prospekt. By the way, they were not typical: such homes were built only three. Next to his wife's home in a scene glimpsed the temple of Archangel Michael. Previously, he served the parish Troparevo village, which belonged to the possessions of the Novodevichy Convent, hence the unusual for rural Baroque style. For shooting a sham sign "25" was hung on the right entrance. Now next to him built brick extension of the Theater in the Southwest. House Nadi (Vernadsky prospect, 113)

Nadine house rented in the house 113, similar to the 125 th as two drops of water. In 2007, these plaques in a portfolio with protruding out of it with a broom (as we recall, it is with this baggage Jack arrives in Leningrad) was established, which is engraved: "In this house in 1975 passed a film director Eldar Ryazanov" ! The irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath "A below one portfolio:" Here lived Zhenya Lukashin, "on the other:" Here lived Nadia Sheveleva ". However, subsequently a home Eugene attraction stolen.

"Office Romance", 1977

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Statistical Office (Petrovka street, 3/6)

Institution, which employs characters in the film, shot on Petrovka. Now this building is located the Federal Agency of Sea and River Fleet.

On the roof (Big Gnezdnikovsky lane 10)

Episode in which Kalugin was crying on the roof and complains Novoseltseva to life, filmed in a different location - in the home of the Big 10 Gnezdnikovsky Lane. Once he was famous all over Moscow for its flat roof. At the beginning of the last century it was a restaurant, which hosts trendy hangouts overlooking Tverskaya Street, and at the restaurant was a cinema. In 1915 the house opened a film studio, and on the roof was a film set. After the revolution, the "roof" has retained its status as an attraction. "Krasnaya Niva" magazine in 1925, gave the following announcement: "The only summer vacation spot, where the center of the city seems to breathe the mountain air and enjoy the wide open horizon - an unforgettable view of the whole of Moscow bird's-eye view. The rise of the elevator from 5 pm without interruption. Admission to the roof with the right lift - 20 for orchestra 9 pm. ". After the war, the kindergarten was located in the house and the kids went for a walk on the roof. Alas, today, the passage to the roof is closed. Recently, its iron covering was replaced with a new one of a different material, and stay on it became unsafe. And in the house is now in Educational Theater RATA.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Home Kalugin (Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 43)

Almost all the statistical office staff (perhaps with the exception of Novoseltseva) director Eldar Ryazanov resettled in accordance with their status. For example, Lyudmila Prokofyevna lives in the center of Moscow, near the metro station "Barrikadnaya".

House Novoseltseva (lane Chernyshevskii 4, Bldg. 1)

House Anatoly Efremovich also in the center, next to the place, "Dostoevskaya".

House Samohvalova (Tverskaya Street, 9)

Samohvalov settled not just in a prestigious area, and in a house with views of the Kremlin. It was home to many famous people, such as the Minister of Culture of the USSR Yekaterina Furtseva.

House Ryzhov (near the train station "Losinoostrovskaya")

At a meeting with Samokhvalov Ryzhov he said that lives out of town, but not far from the station. In fact, in the train, she sits down on a Moscow station "Losinoostrovskaya".

Vera House (next to the house on the street Chertanovskaya 47)

Secretary Vera waiting for the bus at the stop near the house 47 on the street Chertanovskaya.

"Mimino", 1977

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

endocrinologists Conference (street Barbarian, 6)

Arriving in Moscow, Mimino under the guise of party endocrinologists conference stayed at the hotel "Russia". In 2006 it was dismantled. While this place a wasteland in which it was decided to split the park.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

And no longer want? (Theater Square 1)

The Grand Theater Mimino decided to invite his favorite Larissa. A misunderstanding of their meeting was not held, and the hero went to listen to the opera with another cube.

Your car sits in a neighboring yard (Sretensky Boulevard, 6/1, p. 1)

Gateway, which Mimino and Rubik looking for the car after a hike in the Grand Theater - entry into the courtyard of the insurance company at home, "Russia" on Sretensky Boulevard. Before the revolution it was the most comfortable house in Moscow. In Soviet times, most of the apartments turned into communal. Today the house is the living, part of the premises rented for offices.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

In this hotel I Director (street Kosygin, 28)

When Mimino and Rubik's being kicked out of the hotel, they spend the night in the car, parked it next to the viewing platform of Sparrow Hills. Conditions are not the most comfortable, but beautiful view of Moscow.

House Papishvili (Vernadsky prospect, 119)

Wretch Papishvili, disgraced sister Mimino is a neighbor Eugene Lukashin: his car was parked in the yard 119. He lives in an apartment in nearby houses.

Court (7 th Rostov lane 21)

Here we consider the case of an attack citizen Mizandari (Mimino) a citizen Papishvili. During the filming of this building located Leninist People's Court today - Khamovniki. This building are best admired from the outside.

"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", 1979

Mayakovsky Monument (Triumph Square)

Here, going for a walk in the evening, Catherine and Ludmila listen to the poet Andrei Voznesensky reading poetry.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

French Film Festival (Cook Street, 33, p. 1)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Then the heroine walk along Tverskaya past shop windows with signs "Everybody would have long time to learn how tasty and tender crab," and then we see them next to the theater actor, where Jon Dough gutting the last chair. At this time, there were shooting the red carpet of the Festival of French Cinema. In the middle of the last century in the theater actor indeed often held such events.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

What are you reading? (Metro station "Novoslobodskaya")

At this station the first time and meet Lyudmila Gurin. In this scene there kinolyapy when the train Lyudmila reads and Gurin watching her through the window of the train can see the name of the next station, and it is "Okhotny Ryad" from which to "Novoslobodskaya" in a straight line do not get there. By the way, during the filming of the station "Okhotny Ryad" called "Prospekt Marx," the former name she returned only in 1990. Perhaps director Vladimir Menshov wanted to light in the film the old name, to emphasize that the action takes place in 1958.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Lenin Library (street Vozdvizhenka, 3/5)

In one scene, Lyudmila, boasting that took admission in Science Hall of the Lenin Library, said: "Can you imagine what's troops? Academics, philosophers ... "And when Catherine asked:" So what will you do there? ? Watch as they read ", he says:" A lot you know! There's still a smoking room there! "And go to the library in the hope of catching a profitable party. Today Leninka called the Russian State Library, and for the grooms to no longer walk.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Home relatives Catherine (Kudrinskaya Square, 1)

The rich relatives of the protagonist lives in the famous high-rise building on Uprising Square (now called Kudrinskaia). However, in the lobby shows no less than the famous skyscraper on Tinkers waterfront, it is recognized by the bas-relief above the elevator.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Date and Catherine Rudolph (Gogol Boulevard, 10)

The scene where Katherine tells Rudolph of the pregnancy, and he offers to leave, going to the bench Gogol Boulevard near the metro station "Kropotkinskaya". (The frame house was 10 by Gogol.) Here the characters meet after 20 years. Now it is building 10 houses the Museum of Modern Art, and next to it an unusual monument Sholokhov was established in 2007, called by the people "Mazzei and hares."

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Maternity (street Fotiyeva, 6)

Alexander's daughter Catherine was born on the street Fotiyeva, 6. By the way, this address is a real hospital №25. And interestingly, it was opened just in 1958, when begins the film.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Apartment Caterina (Mosphilmovskaya Street 11)

Having made a career at the plant, Catherine settled in one of the so-called generals' homes at Mosfilm. They were intended for the Soviet nomenklatura, and apartments there are different special spaciousness and comfort.

Construction Tony and Nicholas (Tarusskaya Street, 14, bldg. 1)

Years later, Tonya and Nikolai continue to work together on the construction site. We see them in a newly built Yasenevo, Tarusa on the street, overlooking the Novoyasenevsky Avenue. Dry Cleaning Ludmila (street Halabyan, 7)

And Lyudmila works at the cleaners. She starred in the present dry cleaning on Halabyan street. By the way, this house is still laundry.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Dating Club (Novozavodskaya street, 27)

Dance club (or rather disguised as his Club), in which Katherine comes on affairs of the Moscow City Council, filmed at the Palace of Culture. Gorbunova. In the 1990s, the famous market "crust" was located in the park next to it. And two years ago in a recreation center building opened musical theater.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

for the color (street Volkhonka, 15)

On the way from her lover Katherine herself buying flowers, as it happens at the pool "Moscow". It was a unique pool to swim in which it was possible, even in winter due to heating of water. Now this place is the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Kursk station (street Ground Shaft, 29)

Come here on a commuter train Katerina with Gosha. And here with the words "walk so to walk," he undertakes to take her home in a taxi.

Evening ceases to be languid (Leningrad highway, 74)

Fight in the alley, where Ghosh teammates broke the company hurt others Alexandra, filmed far from her home at the River Station.

"Pokrovsky Gates", 1982

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

House at Pokrovsky Gates (Naschokinsky Lane, 10; angle Krasnoproletarskaya streets and Armory Lane)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The film characters live in a house in Pokrovsky Gates. At the end of the XVI century Moscow encircled by a defensive wall, then the city expanded, strengthen become irrelevant, and disassembled, but the area where the gate was, retained their titles. Address characters: house 10 to Naschokinsky alley. He is not demolished, as shown in the film. To it was attached another floor and attic, façade facelift, so it became quite unrecognizable. And do not try to look beside him gypsum pioneer: filmmakers borrowed it in some other court. But the interior scenes were shot elsewhere: on internal stairs can be seen in the house for more than two floors. The house, which break down at the beginning and end of the film, was located elsewhere. In the frame of the house falls on the 8-Karetnaya Sadovaya street, so the building has been standing on the corner of the street and Krasnoproletarskaya Arms alley. If you look at old photos, in this place you can really see the three-story house. It houses a restaurant Sorokin, who was in the historical photo from the fact that, during street fighting in 1905 and hit a projectile punched a hole in the facade to it. Now this place a wasteland.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Walk Hobotova and Lyudochku (Kazakov, 15; Karetnyi street number, 3)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

characters are found in hospitals, where Lyudochka works (building with a huge white balloons at the entrance - the house 15 on the street Kazakova, where the University is located on the Land), and go for a walk in the garden "Hermitage". Today it has changed, but still popular with Muscovites.

Cinema "Colosseum" (Chistoprudniy Boulevard, 19)

Here Margarita Pavlovna waits Ignatievitch Sawa, who went to buy tickets to "Carnival Night". Today, in the building of "Colosseum" is the theater "Contemporary".

Literary Lecture (Petrovka street, 28)

Wanting to impress Lyudochku, Khobotov leads her to a lecture about Faleh gendekosillab. She was shot in the State Literary Museum, which really held such a lecture.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Rink (Patriarch's Ponds)

Ice rink, where ice movie characters, filmed at Patriarch's Ponds. The frame was located here pavilion built for the rest of tram workers. (Around the Ponds were tram tracks.) The film was shot first wooden pavilion, and in 1985 built a stone instead. At the Ponds, and today operates a skating rink in winter.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Going to market (Color Blvd., 13)

On the day of the wedding Margarita Pavlovna and Sava Ignatievitch their friends in the morning go to the market for products for the holiday table. They go to the bazaar near the circus on the colored Boulevard, which at the time of filming, he still worked. The kiosk at the circus takes Velor beer. Further characters are on Tsvetnoy Boulevard past the sculpture "Song." Three peasant singing while working, and now stand on the boulevard. They say that the sculptor deliberately left between the first and second girls a little more space than we needed to be able to beautifully photographed. Then the characters are sent to the Christmas boulevard. There, the filmmakers put another beer stand near where Velor utters the famous line: "I long, as a block. Naiad was gone. " You - the registrar, Trunk - to the monastery (Novodevichy passage, 1)

In one scene Lyudochka walks on the background of the Novodevichy Convent. The shot hit the chapel, the tomb of Prokhorov.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Rendezvous Kostik and Rita (Pushkin Square, Lower Syromyatnicheskaya Street, 11, 1;. Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, 1/15)

Heroes move through the city on a strange trajectory. They meet at the monument to Pushkin. Then turn on the bridge over the Yauza Customs (Bridge beautiful, but the surrounding area for romantic walks are not suitable), and soon we see them in high-rise on Tinkers where Rita lived. Here she gives instructions before Kostik Meet the Parents. It becomes clear that she is not from a simple family.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Hospital (street Ground Shaft, 53)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Hospital, from which escapes trunk, shot in the manor "High mountains" on the earthworks. It is a little-known country estate, but it has a unique feature: usually in the palaces of two facades (front and garden), and "high mountains" - three. In the second half of the XIX century manor house I was going to buy a royal family, but the deal never took place. Park beautiful, with cast-iron statues of lions and griffins, gazebos and a fountain. Preserved and the grotto in which Velor tells "the story, chilling": "Under the guise of sheep hiding a lion." And hence the stunning views of the Yauza. Now here is the center of sports medicine, but in the park walk and residents of neighboring houses.

"Carnival", 1981

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

From the stamping of the hoofs on the field, the dust flies (Vernadskogo, 7)

In one scene, Nina misses Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt. Pausing, she pulls out a bag of nuts, stuffing their mouth and begins to recite tongue twisters - so the heroine, preparing to enter the theater, diction coaches.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Clamshell in janitress (Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 37)

In Moscow, Nina spends the night at the school: janitress helps clean the territory, and for this that she rents a room with a cot. At school the porch in one scene Nina sweeping the street. In the role of the heroine home made school number 518. It exists to this day. However, huge pots on the porch, one of which was perched in the film loving couple, no longer exists.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

fell bridge (Samokatnaya street, 1, p. 3)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

At the end of the film, Nina and Nicholas walking around the city, and slipped on the bridge, roll with it. Falling heroes on Saltykov bridge over the Yauza. In the story, it is next to the school, where he lives, Nina, but in fact - far in Lefortovo.

"Blonde Around the Corner", 1984

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Supermarket (Pleasing street, 16)

Heroes Andrei Mironov and Tatiana Dogileva working at the grocery store. Key interior shot in Leningrad supermarket "South", but the exteriors and some interiors were shot in Moscow store on Otradnaya street. In 1984, it was the usual supermarket, and now - online store.

"The most charming and attractive", 1985

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

TSNIIPROMMASH (1st Schipkovskiy lane 20)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Nadia and her colleagues are working in an organization called TSNIIPROMMASH. Its placed in the house 20 on the 1st Schipkovskiy alley. It is easily recognized by the bizarre vegetative pattern above the entrance. Now this office building.

Paddock coats (Novy Arbat street, 8)

In one of the episodes of Nadia and Susanna go for a walk on Novy Arbat (then Kalinin Prospekt). Near the House of the book they otshivayut men asked them how long.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Concert Gianni Morandi (Barbarian street, 6)

Having tried all means to attract the attention of handsome Volodya, Nadia invited him to a concert of Italian singer Gianni Morandi. And it takes place in the concert hall "Russia". When the hotel "Russia" was dismantled, a concert hall moved to the Palace of Sports "Luzhniki".

"Kin-Dza-Dza!", 1986

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Meeting with an alien (Novy Arbat, 26)

Going to the bakery, Uncle Vova was faced with an alien, and began its interplanetary journey to the meeting. The bakery was located in the house 28 on the Kalinin Prospekt (modern Novy Arbat), there is now a restaurant. A cosmic wanderer stood on the corner of the house 26.

"Courier", 1986

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Court (7 th Rostov lane 21)

The film begins with the divorce of parents of Ivan. And while the chairman shall announce the decision on behalf of the Gagarin district court in the frame we see Khamovniki. (Here, the case was heard hero "Mimino".)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

skateboarding (Vorobyovy Gory)

Having met in the subway Bazina his friend, Ivan goes with him skateboarding on the Sparrow Hills. And today they are a favorite place for skateboarders, rollerbladers and cyclists.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

House Katia (Sretensky Boulevard, 6/1, p. 1)

Kate lives in the famous house of the insurance company "Russia" on Sretensky Boulevard, next to which the same characters "Mimino" searched his car.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Disco (Olympic Village, 4/1)

The club, which leads Ivan Katya, was shot in the café "U Fontana" in the Olympic Village - places of worship of the 1980s. Here playing trendy music, but alcohol was strictly prohibited (due to the status of the youth café) was fed only milk shakes and ice cream, because of what the institution has received the second name - "Milk." At the same time, this place was chosen black-marketeers and the situation there was not very quiet. Now the building is a shopping center.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Statue of "The student with a book" (Lenin Hills, 1)

Kate is studying at the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. In one scene, Ivan was waiting for her at the main building. The shot hit the huge statue of a student with a book. Her "partner" on the other side of the entrance we saw in the "Operation" Y "...".

Basement (next to the house 23 on the street Ramenky)

Basement, the keys of which Bazin gave Ivan was in one of the newly built houses on the street Ramenky. When Ivan and Kate kicked out on the street, the house 23 is in the frame.

Yard Ivan and Bazin (Dovzhenko Street, 12, bldg. 3, p. 2)

The yard, which at the end of the movie dancing breakdance, located at Dovzhenko street.

"The Master and Margarita", 1994

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

phenomenon Voland (Malaya Bronnaya Street; Chistoprudniy Boulevard) Berlioz at Patriarch's Ponds and the Homeless met Woland. Patriarch in the film combined with the clean pond. The fact that this is not along the Patriarchal trams (only in the 1930s there was a service line), so the scene Berlioz's death had to shoot on Clean around which allowed Mosfilmovskaya "Annushka". Behind the visible character string recognizable theater "Contemporary". An interesting point: Bulgakov says: "After drinking, the writers immediately began to hiccup, paid, and sat down on a bench facing the pond and back to Bronnaya". But the director, probably for the frame beauty persistently put the characters on the contrary - with his back to the pond.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

House Margarita (Ostozhenka street, 21)

Margarita directed by Yuri Kara lived in the house 21 on Ostozhenka. It was there, according to many scholars of Bulgakov, and she lived. This house is unusual, reminiscent of a medieval castle with a high tower. Now it is the defense establishment the Egyptian Embassy.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow 125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Theater "Variety" (street Carriage Series, 3)

Presentation of Woland, during which disappeared spectator handed out clothes, shot in the Mirror Garden Theater "Hermitage". Previously, there were performances, concerts and film screenings. And now here is the theater "Novaya Opera".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Satan's Ball (Neglinnaya Street, 14, p. 3)

Stage ball Woland filmed in the famous Sanduny baths. More precisely, there were only removed interiors and stairs on which Margarita welcomes guests, and was shot in the pond near Moscow estate "Marfino".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The Pashkov House (street Vozdvizhenka, 3/5, p. 1)

As mentioned in the novel, here heroes finally admire Moscow. From the roof of the famous Pashkov House overlooking the Kremlin. However, visitors were not allowed there, but there already is something to see, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital. Now it belongs to the Russian State Library.

"The Barber of Siberia", 1998

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Carnival (Novodevichy passage, 1) Pancake wide with pancakes, vodka, with mountains and riding fistfights filmed on Novodevichie pond. Wooden fairground sets were built directly on the ice.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

The military parade (Cathedral Square)

There were filming the scene of the military parade with the participation of Emperor Alexander III. By the way, for the film at the request of the director Nikita Mikhalkov is not only allowed to build through the Iberian Gate Kremlin rails to let competi, but also cut off the interior lighting of the Kremlin stars. Until this is done only once - when the Great Patriotic War.

"Brother 2", 2000

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

No, I'm not Byron (1st Ostankino street, 7a, p. 26)

At the very beginning of the film Daniel goes on air in "Ostankino" and next to the pond saw the shooting: the actor on a black jeep reads a poem Lermontov. The scene was shot in the Ostankino pond.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Bath (Neglinnaya Street, 14, p. 3)

After ether Daniel with your friends sent to the frontline "Sanduny".

Bank Belkin (Tar lane 8, p. 3)

Bank "Nicholas", which runs Sergei Makovetskiy hero shot in Degtyarny lane. In fact, at this address it is the Research Institute of Film Art.

House Saltykovoj (Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1/15)

Singer Irina Saltykov, with whom Daniel began an affair, the film lives in high-rise building on the waterfront Tinkers.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Meet Brothers (Red Square, 1)

In one scene, the brother of Daniel Victor to the song "Forever young, forever drunk" walking on Red Square, past the mausoleum in the direction of the Historical Museum, where he meets with Danilo.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

and Miner Farmer (Podkolokolny Lane, 16/2)

Having finished with the bandits Belkin brothers striding across Yauza Boulevard. In the frame house can be seen at the intersection of Boulevard and Podkolokolny alley, which is decorated with two sculptures. What is interesting, in addition to the hammer miner holding a book, while the collective farmers in addition to the sheaf of hay, there is also a rifle. According to the authors it is to symbolize that all shoulder Soviet man.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Walk Daniel and Irene (the beginning of the Taras Shevchenko embankment)

Before leaving for America Danila Irina leads to the Taras Shevchenko embankment. "A Th you brought me here?" - she asks. He replies: "Nice."

"Night Watch", 2004

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

waterbus (Khimki Reservoir)

At the beginning of the film, Anton's wife with her lover on the boat ride. The action takes place at the Khimki Reservoir, in the frame can be seen on the streets of Liberty House.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Pool (Turchaninov lane 3, p. 1)

Grown-Yegor, Anton's son, we see floating in the pool "Chaika". Then he comes out of it, misses the Crimean bridge and down to the metro station "Park Kultury".

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Riga Market (Prospect Mira, 88)

Anton's neighbor, played by Valery Zolotukhin, works as a butcher in the central market, and Anton goes to him to drink blood. Riga market still exists, change the profile, and is popular among Muscovites flower trade.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

A meeting with a police officer (metro "Sviblovo")

From metro Egor out at the station "Sviblovo", and Anton goes after him. But is stopped and policeman checks the papers: it seems to him that he was drunk. Anton honestly say that drank blood, and as a result the contents of his stomach turns at the subway entrance wall.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Gorsvet (Orlikov lane, 1/11)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Organization "Gorsvet", where he worked the head of the Night Watch Gesar, filmed in the building of the Ministry of Agriculture.

House Svetlana (Vatutinki, 41)

In the story, Svetlana lives in the settlement Vatutinki, called the exact address: 37, building A. In fact, in this house there is a shop. And in the movie show house 41. By the way, during the shooting were still Vatutinki Moscow suburb, but now part of Moscow.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

plane crash (crossroads Sushchevskaya, Tikhvin and Palikha)

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

In one scene, almost fell down a plane over Moscow. This occurs near the metro station "Novoslobodskaya". The final battle (Spartacus street, 6)

The battle between light and dark at the end of the film takes place on the roof of the house 6 to Spartakovskaya street. In the picture is clearly visible at the left side Yelokhovskaya church.

"The Bourne Supremacy", 2004

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Arrival in Moscow (Kievsky Railway Station Square, 1)

Hollywood filmmakers also like to send their heroes to Moscow on some special assignment. For example, coming to us Jason Bourne. In Russia, he arrives at the Kiev railway station, while trains from Germany come to Belarus.

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Stealing Taxi (Komsomol prospectus, 28)

Near the Moscow Youth Palace Bourne drinks vodka, put up a fight with the guardians of law and order, and then hijacks a taxi. Thus begins his adventure in Russia.

"Day Watch", 2005

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Birthday Egor (Prospekt Mira, 150)

In the story, the head of the Day Watch Zebulun arranges for Yegor celebration, which invites the Dark. Among them is a lot of famous people. A venue for the gathering dark forces was the hotel "Cosmos".

"Dandies", 2008

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Marsh informal (Tverskaya Street)

At the end of the movie dude Mel goes on Tverskaya street and walks towards the Kremlin, falling from 1950 to the present. On the way to adjoin the representatives of various youth subcultures. On a typical day in the Tver so do not walk: for the filming hardly received permission to block the street from four to eight in the morning.

"Black Lightning", 2009

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

First Flight (Khitrovskaya lane)

It is here Dima discovers that his "Volga" can not only ride but also to fly.

"Metro", 2012

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Station "Garden" (Zubovskaya area, 3, p. 1)

The film appears in reality non-existent station "Sadovaya". In the role of her office building entrance acted on Zubovskaya Square. And the underground scene filmed in the Samara metro.

Rescue aid (Novodevichy Passage) Luke, from which went to the victims of the disaster in the subway, located at Novodevichy passage. In the frame of the monastery can be seen.

"Spy", 2012

125 iconic cinematic places in Moscow

Restaurant "Metropol" (Theater Way, 2)

In one scene, Doreen and October go to the restaurant "Metropol". There Oktyabrsky by Fyodor Bondarchuk incendiary dances tango with the beauty of the neighboring tables. The shooting took place at night, when the restaurant has no visitors.