What not to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam enjoys an ambiguous glory thanks to the Red Light District, the legalization of marijuana and endless coffeeshops. However, at the same time, it is one of the most beautiful and historically rich capitals of Europe.

What not to do in Amsterdam

If you really want to imbibe the spirit of the Amsterdam, do not waste time walking in a drunken state of the red light district and flirting with moths, holding a bottle of Heineken. Below you will find some tips on how to avoid tourist traps and really get a trip to Amsterdam to the maximum.

1. Do not spend all your time in the red light

As much as we might wish, we will not discourage you from walking on the red light district - after all, you are in Amsterdam and want to see with their own eyes the cause of calls and rush around the world. On the other hand, we would be strongly advised to limit his time there. One loop around the main channel block will be enough (of course, if you do not plan to use the services - in this case, choose meticulously), then better to move into other areas of the city. In Amsterdam, there is a much more interesting and comfortable place where you can have a drink and a nice evening without fussy tourists (poor quality!) Drugs. Outside the red light district, you will find many ways to spend the money to good use, not overpaying for food, beer and entertainment. Try: spend a little time on the internet and look for "the best bars and clubs in Amsterdam." Very good selection of unusual places and the most modern clubs can be found here.

What not to do in Amsterdam

2. Do not waste time at the Dam Square

Showy, noisy, expensive, full of tourists and tourist traps ... The list of disadvantages of so-called "heart" of Amsterdam can be continued indefinitely. Dam Square is really nothing to see other than the pseudo-historical attraction Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds. Even these two places are not the hallmark of the city, so think twice before you spend any time on them. See the Dam Square, pass through and head to the more interesting areas of Amsterdam - this must be a plan.

Try: spend most of their time in the Jordaan district. This area of ​​Amsterdam propipan spirit of Rembrandt, Anne Frank and many other historical figures and well-known artists.

What not to do in Amsterdam

3. Do not go into the coffee shop Bulldog

If McDonald and Pablo Escobar was a child, it clearly would be the Amsterdam Bar Bulldog. Bulldog was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The history of the bar began with a small basement and completed a large-scale sale of franchises throughout the city. It is possible that you will intrigue the opportunity to visit one of the Bulldog bars and convince themselves that smoking marijuana in them due to the historical and cultural side of the city. In general, you're right, but do not think that you - the first and only tourists, which came up with such an idea. Unfortunately, the authenticity of the Bulldog in bars a little, as the locals prefer to smoke at home or outside the center. Also, do not expect from the Bulldog high quality product - it certainly disappoint you. Try: something a bit more unique. To do this, you can go to coffeeshops such as the Grey Area or Barney's, which are also widely known, but offer guests a much better quality.

What not to do in Amsterdam


4. Do not drink beer the Heineken

Despite the fact that Heineken is the most exported beer brand Holland, its quality leaves much to be desired. Bearing in mind that you can buy a bottle of Heineken in any part of the world, why not give it up for the duration of your visit to Amsterdam and a tour of a small local breweries and cozy beer bars with a unique atmosphere?

Try this: go to one of the small breweries, known among the residents of Amsterdam, thanks to a wide selection of high-quality beer: Brouwerij't IJ, Arendsnest, or In de Wildeman. A more complete list of breweries can be found at the link.

What not to do in Amsterdam

5. Do not stay at the hotel in the center of

Prices for hotels in Amsterdam are inversely proportional to the distance from the red light district. Do not try to live on a canal in the heart of the city - the noise from the endless crowds and inflated prices for restaurants and bars in the area not to contribute to a pleasant driving experience. Remember that Amsterdam - a relatively small town, and cheap hotel in 15 minutes by bike from the city center proguki help save money for more interesting classes. Another good alternative to hotels can serve as private apartments for rent. Such services include a plurality of online platforms such as housetrip.com, 9flats.com, wimdu.ru et al.

What not to do in Amsterdam

6. Do not go to "store" the museums

If the store does not call the store and come up with a catchy and attractive title, a release from the tourists will not be. Which is what happens at each step in Amsterdam. Do not fall for these tricks. The so-called "museum" tulips and cheese is really just shops, dressed in a bright tinsel and formal wear. Like "museums" do not offer anything special except maybe tasting the individual products that you can buy in the same place and at unreasonably high prices.