As a "working" fiber diet

The best tools for health and beauty nature has invented. Nutritionists and parents always advised to eat more fruits and vegetables. First take care of our figure, the second - on health. And those and others are absolutely right. The fact that these products, in addition to vitamins and minerals, contains a lot of fiber. This is an effective means for digestion in general, and in particular - for weight loss. In their natural form or in the form of fiber supplements for weight loss is popular among those who are watching their figures.

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What is fiber?

It represents a residual vegetable fibers. It is from them is most fruits, vegetables, grains and seaweed. Home fiber task - to regulate the digestive process and prevent possible inflammation in the stomach. Therefore, there was a fiber diet as a nutritional supplement. Fiber fiber origin are of two types: insoluble and soluble. The first (cellulose and lignin - vegetables, legumes and cereals) in the stomach to swell and eliminated from the body with excess cholesterol, toxins and wastes. In other words, they act as an absorbent. Second absorb water and become jelly which volume exceeds dry fiber. Filling in the stomach, causing a feeling of satiety. These include alginaza, hemicellulose and resin. Fiber diet made mostly because of this type of fiber.

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Daily rate

At least on the day we should eat 35 grams of fiber a normal:.. Of untreated grains, vegetables, fruit with skin, etc. The disadvantage can cause health problems of different nature.

As a "working" fiber for weight loss

It not only detoxifies, but also perfectly reduces blood sugar levels, helping to prevent obesity. Increasing in volume, it fills the stomach, which reduces appetite. In this case, there is practically no calories. Many people do not like to eat raw vegetables, so choose a dry tissue.

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Who is the most popular type - Siberian fiber diet. It is highly soluble in the juice or yogurt, resulting cocktail delicious and easy. Fiber is large and small. On this basis and its different properties. Major quality has increased sorption ballast and toxic substances generated in the digestion of food in the intestines. Small positive effect on the abdominal organs, stimulates the stomach, spleen, small intestine, liver, lung, pancreas, heart. Very effective wheat fiber diet. It is made rough grinding outer grain layer. In the body, it becomes a "network" for toxic metabolic products, are fixed on it as beneficial microorganisms. As a result, the intestine is restored to normal composition, stop putrefaction and fermentation processes to produce vitamin B group diverting cholesterol, excess water, physiological fiber helps to reduce weight, strengthens the muscles of the stomach and intestines.