Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

birthday of Sergey Yesenin dedicated.

He went from being a village boy, cherub to the famous brawler and matershinnika Russia. On performances eyed cowgirl, read something about the simple pleasures of rural life, chorus girls squealed: "Darling Yesenin!" Facebook early Esenina Mayakovsky called "decorative men" too corny, insincere, and his poems - "revived lamp oil." But "yes bast cocks-combs" briefly occupied the poet. And the angel left him a little: he wrote obscene verses on the wall of the Monastery of the Passion, and by splitting the icon could drown her samovar, could easily and lit by oil lamps.

His behavior has always found provocative, shocking, shocking. His poems - a special page of Russian poetry. Esenina can not be driven into the narrow confines of literary movements of the early twentieth century, it is - in itself, rebellious, passionate, with great Russian soul wide open. Perhaps that is why poetry Yesenin leaves no one indifferent: it either love or refuse to accept and understand.

October 3 marks 119 years since the birth of the great Russian poet. To this date collected interesting stories from the life of Yesenin and his most famous pictures.

Yesenin with the sisters Kate and Shura

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

Esenina Education

The famous poet could become a teacher: Sergei Yesenin graduated with honors in 1909 Konstantinovskoe zemstvo school, then entered the church-school teacher, but, having studied for six years, left it - the teaching profession it attracted little. Already in Moscow in September 1913 Yesenin began attending People's University Shanyavsky. One and a half years of university gave Yesenin the basis of education, which he lacked. Subsequently, the poet to educate ourselves, read a lot and was known for his erudition. Yesenin and Anna Izryadnova among printing workers "Association Sytin"

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

The first Moscow Muse

When Yesenin arrived in Moscow, he was only seventeen years old. The goal he had one: to become the most famous Russian poet. A year later he had a crush on Anna Izryadnova, who worked with him as a proofreader in a printing house.

Civil marriage with Anna since the early days seemed so errors. At this point, it was more concerned about career. He left his family and went to seek his fortune in Petrograd. In his memoirs Izryadnova writes: "I saw him shortly before his death. I came, I said goodbye. When I asked why, he said: "washes away, leaving, I feel bad, probably die." He asked not to indulge, take care of his son. "

Tragic fate of Yuri, the son of Sergey and Anna: August 13, 1937 he was executed on charges of plotting the assassination of Stalin.

Yesenin with friends youth

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

Yesenin and paper

In 1918, the publishing house "Labor gang of writers" was organized in Moscow. It was organized by Sergei Klychkov, Yesenin, Andrew White, Peter Oreshin and Leo Povitsky. I wanted to publish his book, but in Moscow, the paper was on strict accounting. Yesenin still volunteered to reach the paper.

He wore a long-skirted his jacket, combed his hair in the manner of a peasant, and went to the duty member of the Presidium of the Moscow Council. Yesenin stood before him without his hat, began to bow and damned carefully, asked, "for Christ's sake do Divine mercy and release paper peasant poets".

For such an important goal of the paper, of course, I was, and the first book of poems Yesenin "Radunica" was published. "Artel", however, broke up soon, but has released several books. Yesenin reads poetry to his mother

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"To be a poet - it means the same as if the truth of life is not to violate, scar himself on delicate skin, the blood of other people's feelings caress the soul."

Reading of poems

In late 1918, a few weeks Yesenin lived in Tula, fleeing from Moscow hunger. Every evening, in the house where he lived was going to the educated public, and Yesenin read his poems, which he knew by heart - every single one. Recitation Yesenin accompanied by very expressive gestures that gave his poetry more expressive and effective.

Sometimes Yesenin imitated Blok and Bely. Blok's poems he read seriously and with respect, and the verses of the White - with mockery, a parody of it.

Zinaida Reich

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"Do you remember you all, of course, I remember how I stood, approached the wall, Excitedly went ye out of the room

And something dramatic

The person throwing me.

You said:

Time for us to leave, what you tormented

My crazy life that you have time for a deal to accept, and my destiny -

Roll further down.

My favorite!

I did not love you.

Do not you know that the human sonmische

I was like a horse, driven into a lather, Spurred by a bold rider. "

Beautiful Zinaida

One of the most beautiful women in the life of Yesenin was Zinaida Reich, a famous actress. She was so pretty that the poet just could not make her an offer. They married in 1917, gave birth to two children, Zinaida - Tatyana and Konstantin, but Yesenin never been faithfully. Reich was suffering for three years, and then they parted. The most famous poem about it - "Letter to a woman."

Yesenin and Imagist Anatoly Marienhof

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

Fears Esenina

Yesenin sifilofobiey suffered - the fear of contracting syphilis. A friend of the poet Anatoly Mariengof said: "pop up, happened, on his nose pimple the size of a bread crumb, and so he goes from mirror to mirror stern and grim. One even went to the library read the signs of the terrible hvoroby. Once it got worse, just that: whisk Venus! " But no less fear in Yesenin called police. One day, walking with Wolf Ehrlich past the Summer Garden, the poet noticed standing at the gate of the enforcers. "He suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders, so that he becomes a person to a close, and I see his yellowed, full of fear of unknown eyes. He breathes heavily and wheezes: "Listen,! Just a word to anyone! I'll tell you the truth! I'm afraid of the police. Do you understand? I'm afraid .. "" - recalled Ehrlich.

Isadora Duncan and Yesenin

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"Sing, Sing. On the damn guitar

Fingers dance your vpolukrug.

Would drown in this frenzy, My last, only friend.

Do not look at her wrist

And with the arms of her flowing silk.

I was looking at this woman happiness And I found perdition.

I did not know what love is - an infection, I did not know that love - the plague.

He came over and narrowed eyes

Bully brought to mind. "


In the early 20-ies Yesenin led an idle life: drinking, scandals in the taverns, easily applied to casual sex, until he met her - the famous American dancer Isadora Duncan. Duncan was the older poet for 18 years, did not know the Russian language, and Yesenin did not speak in English. They were married six months after they met. When asked what kind of name is chosen, both wish to wear a double name - Duncan Yesenin. And recorded in the marriage certificate and their passports. "Now I - Duncan" - he shouted Yesenin, when they went out into the street.

This page life Sergey Yesenin - the chaotic, with endless quarrels and scandals. They have a lot of expenses and time came together again, but in the end were not able to overcome the "misunderstandings". It is this passion devoted to the poem "Rash, harmonica! Boredom ... Boredom ... ".

Isadora died tragically two years after Yesenin's death, suffocation own scarf. Yesenin and Mayakovsky

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"Ah, rash, ah, fire away, Mayakovsky - mediocrity.

Mug paint nourishes, Whitman had been robbed. "

The eternal enemies of

The myth of the mutual hatred of Sergei Yesenin and Mayakovsky - one of the most famous in the history of literary movements of the twentieth century. Poets really are irreconcilable ideological opponents and in public statements were prepared indefinitely to pour mud at each other. However, this does not mean that one of them underestimated the power of the other talent. Contemporaries confirmed that Yesenin understood the importance of creativity Mayakovsky and distinguishes it from all the futurists: "Say what you like, and Mayakovsky can not erase. Will form a log in the literature, and many shall fall on him. " The poet repeatedly read passages from the poems of Mayakovsky - in particular, he liked the poem about the war, "Mom and killed in the evening the Germans" and "War has been declared."

In turn, Mayakovsky also had a high opinion about Yesenin, albeit concealed it with the utmost care. Known memoirist M. Roizman says that one day he came to the reception to the editor of the "New World", "sitting in the waiting room and could hear the secretariat Mayakovsky loudly praised Yesenin's poems, and finally said," Look, Yesenin not a word about I said. ' " The score gave Yesenin, Mayakovsky, was unequivocal: "damn talented!"

Yesenin on the beach in Venice

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

Statement Yesenin very aptly: "Hire of notoriety that I pohabnik and kicker." This statement is untrue, as the poet in a drunken stupor loved to entertain writings rather ribald content. According to eyewitnesses, Yesenin almost never wrote abusive verses, they were born from him spontaneously and immediately forgotten. Such momentary poems Yesenin was quite a lot. For example, he is credited with authorship of the poem "Do not grieve, my dear, and Achaia," in which the poet calls on its enemies to all known address, anticipating their desire to send Esenina very far away.

Yesenin and Sophia Tolstaya

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"It is seen as instituted forever -

For thirty years gone mad, growing stronger, hardened cripples With life we ​​hold the bond.

Honey, I will soon knock-thirty, and I land a mile every day.

That's why the heart was the dream that I burn pink flames.

Kohl to burn, so burn burning, and not without reason in lime color

I took out the ring from a parrot -

A sign that together we can burn.

That ring I was wearing a gypsy.

Taking off my hands, I gave it to you, And now, when the barrel organ sad, I can not think, do not be timid. "

Last wife

At the beginning of 1925 Yesenin met with Leo Tolstoy's granddaughter Sophia. She was younger than Esenina for 5 years, in her veins flowed the blood of the greatest writer in the world. The Countess was in charge of the library of the Union of Writers. Poet to tremble at the knees in front of her shy aristocracy. When they married, Sophia became an exemplary wife: engaged his health, preparing for his poems collected works. And there was absolutely happy. And Yesenin met a friend, answered the question: "How are you" - "Preparing Works in three volumes, and live with unloved woman." Sophie hated to become a widow controversial poet.

Posthumous photo of Sergei Yesenin

Life scandalous genius Sergei Yesenin

"Good-bye, my friend, goodbye.

My dear, you're in my chest.

designed parting

He promises to meet ahead.

Goodbye, my friend, without arms, without a word, Do not be sad nor sorrow eyebrows - In this life to die is not new, but also to live, of course, not newer. "

Death of a Poet

December 28, 1925 Yesenin was found dead in a Leningrad hotel "Angleterre". His last poem - "Goodbye, my friend, goodbye ...", - according to the testimony of Wolf Ehrlich, was transferred to him the day before: Yesenin complained that the room has no ink, and he was forced to write with his blood.

The mystery of the poet's death is still unsolved. The official version of the standard is suicide, but there is an assumption that in fact Yesenin was killed for political reasons, and suicide was only a hoax.

"To live you need easier,"

Yet Yesenin - not a tragic poet. His poems - a hymn to life in all its manifestations. Hymn to Life is unpredictable, difficult, full of frustration, but still beautiful. A hymn to the bully and troublemaker, the eternal boy and the great sage.