White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

When a man puts on a white shirt, the kind becomes even more elegant and solemn. Although not all the representatives of the strong half of humanity like white, but the white shirt in the locker room have each.

Where to wear a white shirt?

Previously shirt was ordinary underwear, it is now an independent unit of the wardrobe. Shirts come in different cut and style. Sew them are of a different material. Where can I put on a man's white shirt? Fashion does not stand still. Every year, fashion designers are coming up with something new. There are plenty of proposals, how to wear a white shirt.

White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

Classic is always out of fashion. Prom, wedding or an important meeting - for such celebrations classic white shirt will always come to the rescue. Can I wear a white shirt without a reason every day? Absolutely. There are many excellent combination that will look stunning.

White shirt looks perfectly with both jeans and trousers with a classic. The fitted model is suitable for people without obesity. This shirt wearing, and tucking.

The basic rules for choosing

To stay stylish and beautiful, you should choose the right shirt to emphasize its positive aspects. The main thing that she sat beautifully. You need to choose your size. If the product is more, by the will look sloppy. If not enough, it will create the impression that the poor nightie is now smashed to pieces.

White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

When selecting a model should look for fashion and listen to the advice of stylists, so that the image picked up by a mile is not carried mothballs. In addition to the model, it is necessary to take into account details that should be noted:

  • suitable shape of the collar;
  • composition of the tissue from which the sewn product;
  • good cuff;
  • comfortable buttons;
  • the quality of welds;
  • the presence, location and number of pockets.

In stores selection is huge, how do you choose a shirt, to become irresistible? It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material.

Denim or linen

The natural composition, the better. Should pay attention to the white man's shirt with long sleeves. They always warmer as they flow less air.

The fabric composition should include at least 35% cotton. The slim line models of composition of cotton is directly proportional to the comfort of the owner. If the shirt is made of natural fabric, it is very nice to wear.

White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

The fabric of silk

Kind of expensive and chic, but this masks some points, without which there is a risk to look ridiculous:

  • silk shirts do not sew close-fitting;
  • it does not wear with jeans;
  • are not under any suit fit such a product;
  • price usually bite.

If you still want to look like the first guy in the village, a silk shirt will do. The owner is on itself to catch the gentle eyes of girls.

The synthetic composition

Almost all common synthetics shirt. It is better to give up all of these. Of course, the inclusion of synthetic increase the resistance of the product to wear, but is fully synthetic shirt - it is bad:

  • There is no air circulation.
  • The moisture is not absorbed.
  • Synthetics often causes irritation or itching.
  • Increased discomfort during any season.

So it is better to give up on this shirt. In order not to feel as if in a plastic bags.

White shirt always looks smart, it can be worn with jeans, shorts, with bright pants with sandals, but the classics requires a formality and rigor.

How to choose the form of the gate?

From tailoring and cutting the gate it depends on how much is going to face a white shirt. Collars come in different forms:

  • Rounded, or Eton. Suitable representatives with a thin neck and a thin face.
  • The pointed or Kent. Perfect for a man with a round face or a complete physique.
  • The triangular, or Classic. This collar is suitable for every type of person - it's a win-win.
  • Stand-up collar, or Mandarin. It looks very stylish and suitable for both a holiday as well as for everyday life. For the owner of a long neck - an excellent option.
  • Butterfly. Wear a shirt only on special occasions. White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

Buttons, cuffs, pockets and seams

Any shirt, whether long or short sleeves, clasped. Especially should pay attention to the top button. It should be fastened loosely. It is desirable that loops around the overcast was made carefully, without protruding threads, otherwise it will be very sloppy appearance.

If you pay attention to the cuffs, they exist in the white man's shirt with long sleeves. They fastened with buttons and cufflinks. Here a matter of taste. Some people prefer only cufflinks, and some buttons. But if you take a holiday option, cufflinks will look chic.

White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

On the shirt business and a close fitting style no pockets. But on the product for everyday wear allowed one pocket on the chest.

The seams on the shirts should be strong and visible, no hidden joints are not allowed. Reliability shows the double seam. If the product is at odds with gentle stretching at the seams, so it is not necessary for him to pay the money - it's poor quality thing. It is very advantageous to look are the color options like black and white. Shirt gives powerful representatives of humanity attractive. Black suit with a white shirt is always competition. But behind a snow-white product care should be appropriate.

A few tips

Proper care shirt for men includes a few recommendations:

  1. Before washing the sleeves, cuffs and collar zastiryvayut hands.
  2. Erase white men's shirts without soaking, from this tissue becomes gray.
  3. Spin should not exceed 500 rpm.
  4. Otglazhivayut shirt pure iron, from the inside to the proper mode.

Yes, the white color demands a special attention. Well, the shirt is ready, you can wear. But what to wear such a product?

What are the white shirt?

In the wardrobe of bright shirt is universal. It is suitable to almost all the clothes at any time of the year:

  • Jacket today goes by the wayside, instead wearing a cardigan. It looks more stylish, but is not always possible to dress up. For everyday work fit dark cardigan with a white shirt, it will refresh the image. Outside of work, but still with some boundaries in the style of clothing, fit cardigan with lively tones: green, blue, yellow. A white shirt will give a more elegant appearance. Cardigan beige and coffee color is best suited under the white shirt.
  • To visit the café, the club and work in the office is a good choice white shirt with a blazer. For style additions to the neck, you can tie a scarf the color blazer or contrast it.
  • In the warmer months, it looks stylish shirt free cut with white trousers. And if you do not fasten the upper pair of buttons and roll on a white men's shirt sleeves to the elbow, then this dress on background tanned face and a light unshaven, man will be smack in the macho.
  • Short sleeve shirt perfect for summer plain shorts. And on the feet is better to wear sandals because the light sneakers or shoes would look ridiculous.
  • tailcoat or classic suit - this is the usual option of wearing a white men's shirt. Photos of different cut and sturdiness combinations confirms that white shirt always looks rich. White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

Accessories for the white shirt

White shirt is often worn with jeans. The perfect complement to this way serve the right accessories. Well look bright suspenders, scarves linen or wool. Cloth buttonholes add raisins. Do not ignore a butterfly or a tie.

wear hats and caps to complete the image on its head. We should not exclude the bag. They perfectly accentuate created onions.

White men's shirts: photo models, stylist tips on forming sets fashion with white shirt

White men's shirts are suitable for any kind of face and figure of the structure. No matter what color of hair, eyes or skin. Shirt of this type will always help to create a unique stylish image. It's like on a clean sheet to create a unique masterpiece. And a white shirt. It can be worn under everything: shorts, pants, jeans, suits, dinner jackets, cardigans.