20 hopelessly romantic quotes from the film "Amelie"

• 20 hopeless romantic quotes from the film "Amelie"

20 hopelessly romantic quotes from the film

There is a fairy tale in which you fall in love at first sight and forever. One of them - a magical story of Amélie Poulain, dreamer and dreamer who wants to change the lives of people around them. Starring role Audrey Tautou and lightest film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, this unusual pattern teaches that miracles do happen, and we are able to do them.

If you suddenly become sad and lonely, it is recommended to revise the film. Or at least remember your favorite quotes from him.

20 hopelessly romantic quotes from the film

When someone shows up at the sky with your finger, only a fool looks at the finger.

- Do you believe in miracles?

- Not today.

- What grief! Princess Diana was so young and beautiful!

- Whether it is an old and terrible - would not be so bad ..?

If Amelie decided to dream and to live in their own world - it is her right. For break his life - is an inalienable human right.

People know the weather forecast just in order to know when the wind will change.

Life is a play rehearsal, which will never take place.

All women dream to sleep on the shoulder of a loved one.

It would be great if in every basement window sat prompter and prompted sharp response. Then we would most timid man know what to say. If you had a clear conscience, you would not scream ...

What a nice guy I think, the less his mind.

A beggar with a dog sitting at the station. He pulled the money. Is he:

- No thanks. On Sundays, I do not work.

As a child, time stretching, and then - bang! - and you have fifty.

- Yes, stop them choke! Women need air!

- to breathe, and then they have the same wind in my head!

But she has her own little joy to run his hand in a bag of beans, break the crust of sugar and a teaspoon of water to let the pancakes on the Canal Saint-Martin.

- How beautiful you are ... when the blush. You are like a wild flower.

- I've got it comes from heartburn.

In my family I say, who knows the saying, not so bad ...

Literary criticism - this cactus, they have some thorns. And the writers - the birds, their feathers only.

Without you, today's feelings would be only fragments of yesterday.

- Luck as the cycling race Tour de France. You wait, you wait, and will fly - and there is none. So do not provoronte your chance, run soon ... for him!

20 hopelessly romantic quotes from the film