20 sparkling quotes that same Baron Munchausen

• 20 sparkling quotes that same Baron Munchausen

20 sparkling quotes that same Baron Munchausen

He who is able himself to pull the hair out of the swamp, is worthy of remarkable respect. Therefore, we have collected for you apt and sharp sayings of the famous Baron Munchausen, who teach not to lose heart, and with irony about life and yourself. In our time, believe me, this is important.

My best friend betrayed me, my favorite renounced. I'm flying without luggage.

You have been waiting for, dear? I'm sorry ... I was delayed by Newton.

After the wedding, we immediately went on a honeymoon: I - to Turkey, his wife - in Switzerland. And lived there for three years in love and harmony.

Long live the divorce! It eliminates lies that I hate!

We were sincere in their error!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of your death. Do you want to spoil our holiday?

- You say that man can raise his hair?

- Absolutely! Every sane person would have from time to time to do it!

Well, do not change to me because every idiot!

Being a nervous excitement, the Duke suddenly grabbed and signed several petitions for divorce with the words: "In the will, the will of all!"

I'm not afraid to seem ridiculous. It is not everyone can afford.

Baron You have long waits. He works in the morning in the office, locked the door and asked: "Thomas, - he says - has not arrived yet, Mr. Pastor?" I said, "Not yet." He says: "Well, thank God," It is waiting for you. You have a mistress - to your health! Now all have mistresses. But you can not be allowed to marry them. It is immoral!

To fall in love, and enough minutes. To get a divorce, sometimes you have to spend twenty years together.

Do be sure to kill a man to understand that he is alive?

- You authorize divorce kings.

- Well kings in special cases, as an exception, when it is needed, say, to continue the race.

- To continue the kind of need something else.

- explain to the court why it was a good 20 years, and suddenly such a tragedy?

- I'm sorry, Judge, lasted twenty years, tragedy, and only now everything should be fine!

Some of my funeral gave me more money than the entire previous life.

It's not my adventures, this is not my life! She smoothed, brushed, powdered and castrated!

- All kidding?

- It has long been tossed. Doctors banned.

- Since when did you become a go to doctors?

- Immediately after the death of ...

- They say in fact, the humor - it is useful, a joke, they say, life prolongs.

- Not everyone. Those who laugh prolongs. The one who makes jokes, shortens.

That's how it was.

I understand what your trouble. You are too serious. All nonsense on the ground are made with this look on his face ... Smile, misters, smile.