Away from the flight attendants ...

• Away from the flight attendants ...

- And we do not prevent it? - I asked again ... Still, to be on a flight to airborne kitchen, the birthplace of the flight attendants, not quite natural ... Though very interesting.

We went there for tea, so yes there were, the conversation with the senior flight attendant Eugene - a charming girl, beautiful and smiling with nearly 10 years of experience in the profession ...

- What are you, on the contrary! - she said. - Otherwise, I'll just sit here alone. Passengers in the first cabin is almost there. Leave the office, I can not take a nap too ... One to sit a long flight bored. Stay!

Away from the flight attendants ...

We stayed and imperceptibly and naturally switched to "you." nearly eight-hour flight from Magadan to Moscow, and pass them in friendly conversation seemed tempting prospect.

- Tell me how you decided to become a flight attendant?

Jack smiled.

- My mother, too, the flight attendant work. Well, here I am, as they say, in the footsteps of decided to go. Although it is, of course, it was categorically against. A complex is a profession ...

We sat in my own way to drink tea right on the jump seat for the same folding table for the crew, and Jack flick of the wrist turned any metal cans to additional stools.

- A working public companies?

- Here in VimAvia most of the time. Here the staff is very nice, friendly. Staff turnover in our very small. People come and stay. And this is important when the team formed, everyone knows each other. Work comfortably. And Wim also planning always goes forward. For example, if a husband and wife want to fly with (a lot of couples). Or here's me, for example, is not very comfortable trip, I ask, and I put on short voyages. On the way there about the same thing they told us and others. VIM - not Russia's largest airline, but certainly the most emotional, judging by the reviews of those who work there now ...

- We do all very interesting people, very creative, - she said. - Kate's stunning jewelry making. Itself! - she looked at the flight attendant who came into the kitchen. - And Dima, music composing ... Unusual much.

- This is not music but a harmony of sound and space - Dima growled, and left the kitchen.

- That's what I said! All creative! Highly!

We giggled. It was surprisingly comfortable. Magadan time was already late at night and wanted to sleep already. But away from such pleasant company did not want to.

Away from the flight attendants ...

- Tell me what's on the flights was the such? Out of the ordinary ...

- Oh, yes ... full of all regularly something happening! Here, then I gave birth to a girl recently!

- Directly on the plane? - we were surprised ...

- Well, strictly speaking, in the ambulance near the plane ... We only had time to get her load and literally in 10 minutes KBC announced on the loudspeaker that the boy was born! And since the entire set of "preparation" was awarded to us. All stained with blood were ... What to do? It turned out, she had more water in the airport moved, and she the type of thought that will fly! We've missed, began to measure the time between contractions, there have been 3-4 minutes. A fly 5 hours! In general, the requested landing at the nearest airport, then another, circling for a long time, dumped fuel. Well, ready to give birth, where to go! The benefit of the courses that are taught, too. And by the way you know, it's interesting, I think men are shy and sit on the side ... But no. All did everything that is necessary and not even wince ... And what to do if the situation is so ... - And I talked to her then? In honor of someone named the baby?

- No, did not communicate with her ... I do not know ...

- And the others?

- On the other happened ... Here, for example, such as the grandmother flew (to me at all lucky to have grandparents usually). Her daughter died ... A second daughter, for some reason, decided to send her mother to the resort, so that she came to herself. And that on the contrary, the resort has wound itself in full. As a result, on the way back she became ill. Well, we had her first aid, oxygen is given. I mask helps to keep until she was unconscious. It came when a hand grabbed me and holds. Do not leave, says ... Do not leave me. I certainly do with it, what to do ... We sat down, the ambulance came and she did not let go ... Well, I'm with her. Girls say do not worry, your stuff will gather. A grandmother's hand tighter szhivaetsya. In general, I was with her in the ambulance and to the hospital. Hand held. Since they were introduced. Pah-pah-pah, nothing happened. Now, call me with her daughter from time to time, guests are invited to promise buns tasty feed. That's just not doedu.

I shoved a man ...

- I've wanted to ask this ... ... - a bit hesitantly he muttered ... Just absolutely nothing can be done?

Jack smiled sadly and shook her head ... He sighed and disappeared behind the curtain.

- And what happened? - have asked us.

- He dropped the phone into the toilet. And leaked ... All hopes that you can still do something on arrival. Several times approached. But alas ... even if it eventually will catch - 8:00 in the tank, no phone does not survive ...

Away from the flight attendants ...

stewardess came running another.

- You gave the apple?

- To me? Why me? Who…

- There's a woman in ages. I do not know why you asked me to tell here.

She had done something in the kitchen and ran ... - Carries my grandmothers! - muttered Eugene, removing apple somewhere in the kitchen cupboard. - ABOUT! Do you want cassole? Let's mayhem! Our, cartwright. There are chicken and meat.

Not that we were hungry ... The lunch was just so our gatherings and fed quite well. But try business class menu (namely on such feed flight attendants and pilots in flights) was curious.

- Do you like it? That itself is going ???

- Oh, I do not want to ... I can not eat flights. If you always have the same, even the most delicious food ... that bothers me and tired. Eat, do not hesitate ... Eating meat and chicken, to whom what? I think the chicken taste better.

- A pilots what they ate? - I asked while we shared cassole.

- Pilots are always different to eat. - Eugene said. - If one chose the chicken, the second will have to eat meat, whether he wants it or not.

I heard about this rule. This is one of the safety requirements. If it so happens that one poisoned food, the second is poisoning touches. But honestly, I do not really believe that it all seriously observed in real life.

- What are you still as respected - Jack waved his hands. - I even more to say, if they ask and insist that I gave them the same thing, I will not! In no case. It's safe! Since it is not a joke !!!

Curtain jerked and entered another stewardess ...

- There's a girl crying. Seven years - eight ... Says Mom disappeared. She went to the bathroom, and my mother during this time has disappeared!

- How is it gone? From the plane ??? That's impossible. Now we will understand. - Zhenya jumped up and went to the salon.

A few minutes later he returned with a tearful little girl.

- What do you want to pour, water or juice? Here, Apple still holds! And do not cry any more! - Zhenya said strictly. She sniffed, nodded. When she left, she said:

- Can you imagine my mother lay on the three seats, covered with a blanket and fell asleep with his head! Well, how can you? Only shoes and find out! A child is only then does not ponapridumyvali! Oh, these moms !!! This sometimes vytvoril ... That's not so long ago one too uchudila. Before taking off again, passengers think, for one does not converge. Just I think, two, three ... Well, does not converge, and that's it! can not fly, you need to find out who is not, remove the luggage from the flight (according to the lists, then all went!). Flight delays, a lot of disgruntled, all things ... In the end, understood. Mom is one of a small child who had fallen asleep at his feet and put a long skirt covered, so that he was more comfortable there! Can you imagine! Well, how can you !!!

At that moment the lights went out in the kitchen and opened the door to the cockpit (the light goes out, so as not to dazzle pilots at night), the pilot came out and was a little embarrassed to see our gatherings. Jack barely looking at him nodded, jumped up and went into the cabin.

- Just for a minute. - she apologized to us.

About that rule, I also heard, but also did not think that it is observed. The cockpit must always be two or more people. If one of the pilots have to go to the bathroom, or anywhere else in the cabin for a while comes a senior flight attendant. This is also a safety requirement.

Away from the flight attendants ...

- A funny incidents have been? - we asked when Jack returned.

- Yes, all it was. Here, recently cat from carrying escaped. Well, looking for her around the cabin. Imagine the whole crew and several passengers crawling on all fours through the cabin with the words "kisya-kisya-kisya". I think it is so funny. And the funny thing is that while we were crawling through the cabin, this cat crawled into the kitchen and there huddled in a dark corner. In general, we found it by accident, when he began to prepare for landing. But I do more on grandmothers lucky ... that's also an example the case was, the grandmother was flying, not walking almost. Yes, and, shall we say, very volume. It brought the plane on a wheelchair, a gurney and taken transplanted. To fly long, after some time, she wanted to use the toilet. Well, somehow dragged, but the cabin a small, narrow. In general, she stuck with us there ... As a joke just ... And we all conductors unfortunately, a fragile constitution ... In general, we dragged it dragged nothing. As a result, passengers have seen our efforts and went to help. Only joint efforts and coped.

- A fight on board were?

- Were! Just last month, stormed a passenger one. We tried it once calm down, calm down, in any, only diverge ... And then with the adjacent row passenger stood and without saying a word in one motion packed brawler! We are left, that drag on the rear ranks ... In the end, came to only closer to the landing, to the delight of all interior. And whoever it was punched, it turns out, MChSovtsom.

Because of the curtain appeared conductor.

- Well, it's time to start the service.

Jack nodded. We looked at each other, thanked her for her pleasant company and took their places. Moscow was already quite close.