Advice on how to apply blush

Since ancient times women used rouge as cosmetics. Modern ladies a lot more advantages: manufacturers offer useful and safe cosmetics. Not only have beautician expensive cosmetics, you need to use it skillfully. With the powder and rouge, you can not only enhance the beauty and complexion, but also to significantly adjust its shape.

Why use them?

Advice on how to apply blush

Blush simulate the appearance and rejuvenate it. You should know how to properly apply blush, so they emphasized the basic make-up and balance, as well as hidden defects of the skin. There are two main types: a dry texture and creamy.

Some of the recommendations that will help to choose the right tone and texture of

  1. The tone should be darker at least two points than skin color.
  2. ruddy face be thick and fluffy brush with natural soft cloth.
  3. The dry texture is recommended for owners of oily skin (although they are suitable for all skin types).
  4. cream or liquid blush is better to use for women with dry skin, as they also nourish the skin.
  5. When the face is lightly browned on top of his little powdered.
  6. Rouge should not be much on the face, otherwise it looks vulgar. Advice on how to apply blush

Skin Type

To know how to apply blush, we must also consider what the tone is best suited for a particular skin color.

  1. pale-skinned girls is recommended to use cold colors of pink shades.
  2. Owners of dark or tanned skin tone should be chosen with an admixture of a copper hue.
  3. Blondes emphasize their individuality using apricot or coral tones.
  4. The girl with dark hair suit brownish shades.
  5. Red-haired - orange or yellow hues.

Universal color

Those who are interested in how to apply blush, we should also know that the apricot or beige and pink are universal. They will give a freshness to any type of person and help correct it oval.

There narumyanivaniya rules depending on the type of persons:

  1. On the round they must be applied from the center to the cheekbones temporal part up.
  2. On the square face - in the form of a triangle, which is "worth" on the chin.
  3. On the triangular type rosy triangle applied on the contrary, point downward, and its basis in parallel forehead.
  4. Wide cheekbones can be hidden, if you put the chin parallel strokes skulnoy from the central part of the ear.
Advice on how to apply blush

Learn more about the oval

"And how to apply blush on the oval face?" - asked by many. Oval type is considered the most beautiful and versatile. The easiest option: ruddy face of the lower part of the face-up cheekbones with mandatory release.

How to apply blush?

Recommended broad strokes applied to the cheekbones and below. One can imagine a line that connects the pupil and the center of the cheek and cosmetic brush note the touch of the intersection point. Then, softly shaded spot at the side of the ear. Narrow horizontal strokes his face flushed, wide - angle of about 50 degrees.


If you follow our recommendations, you will always be beautiful and fresh look!