Haircut cascade of long hair - fashionable and effectively

Happy owner of chic long hair often complain that it is difficult for them to maintain. But cut them because some liked the haircut does not want. But do not despair, there are beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Versatility is the cascade haircuts. On the long hair they made at any volume. Cascade haircut so good that makes your hair more fluffy.

Haircut cascade of long hair - fashionable and effectively

Types and options haircuts

Cascade - a special reception hairstyle where the hair is gently transferred from the shortest and more voluminous hair at the crown for long at the very tips of the hair. This smooth transition is sometimes called the "ladder". It can have its own characteristics. For example, it can be milled strands over the entire length or only at the tips. Any haircut designed to emphasize the beauty of your hair and face contour. Cascade of long hair perfectly cope with this difficult task. You can change your image without wasting effort. The only change is a way of laying. Cascade of long hair is done in several different ways. For example, the most common classic way - a smooth transition from the top to the ends of the hair. It seems that your hair streaming like beautiful strands from the top down, and may be tattered strands. intensity and

Haircut cascade of long hair - fashionable and effectively

Sharpen hairstyle you choose for yourself, of course, with the help of his barber.

The cascade with bangs

Wear bangs or not - it's a woman. Cascade of long hair allows for the presence of any bangs: oblique or direct. The choice should be based on the type of person who looks and features of your preferences. Women with rectangular or elongated face shape more suitable thick and long bangs, but those who face the square, it is better to give preference to an oblique or asymmetrical bangs that will help smooth the angularity and give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

Do all goes haircut cascade?

As already mentioned, a lot depends on the shape of the face. Girls with regular features ideal hairstyle cascade of long hair with almost the same length and the tips of ragged, but if we talk about the most

Haircut cascade of long hair - fashionable and effectively

haircut, it is perfect for an oval or more elongated face. Shearing is performed in steps from ear line or chin. Very impressive cascade of long hair looks in the light-brown and chocolate tones. No less bright hairstyle will look on Streaked hair. It may surprise you, but the most advantageous stage looks thinner hair. Features stacking

Laying haircut cascade not be easy. The main task - to lay the tips, and create the required volume. Although the method of laying, in fact, there are several. For example, you can use tongs to turn in the hair of a person inside, and the other, on the contrary, expand, and the hair on the crown of the best lift slightly. Experiment with the choice of parting. It can be direct, oblique, left or right and can even be a zigzag. The choice is yours. The main thing is that it fits to your face.