And you're wondering how to tweeze eyebrows at home?

Well-groomed brow line - the perfect look

The perfect hairstyle, lush lashes and a skilled makeup - is, of course, determines the beauty of the female character, but nothing makes the eyes more expressive than the correct line of the eyebrows. Make a form for their brovok possible and in the cabin, but it is often in our life pace we simply do not have time to implement. Therefore, each of the women just need to know the secret of how to tweeze eyebrows at home, how to give them a more advantageous form for the perfect expression of the eyes.

And you're wondering how to tweeze eyebrows at home?

Borders eyebrows

The first rule - it's true boundaries over which the correction of eyebrows. How to do it right, these boundaries? It's easy enough, does not need any special tools. To determine the start of the eyebrows is sufficient to make the bridge of nose pencil - so that it is descended from the beginning eyebrows vertically to a point where the nose wing enters the nostril. Next, the upper point determined brow lift, this aim pencil eyebrows from nostril to the eye through the pupil. And the last measurement - the end of the brow line - a pencil is guided from the nostrils to the edge of the eye. All these points are marked with white or silver pencil, interconnected, and all the extra lower plucking hairs.

And you're wondering how to tweeze eyebrows at home?

Little Secrets plucking

  • Many people ask how to tweeze eyebrows at home with minimal pain. The answer is quite simple - a person before the procedure you need to steam or, alternatively, apply ice to the place where you are going to pull out hairs. No need to forget about the sanitizer tweezers, a lotion for the face and hands thoroughly washed.
  • Doing plucking eyebrows at home, to make them perfectly symmetrical shape consistently need to remove hair in small sections of the one or the other, gradually painting a form.
  • Do not pull out the upper eyebrow hairs, this procedure can dramatically change the face.

On the shape of eyebrows

Each person has its own peculiar line of eyebrows, so chubby ladies are perfect thin edge, but the thick eyebrows look good on the fragile features of faces. Straight eyebrows make the face wider, with a raised eyebrow tail rejuvenate and omitted "draw" sad. Although the standard is considered arch eyebrows, do not go on about the fashion trend, because this form does not suit everyone.

And you're wondering how to tweeze eyebrows at home?

Instead of a conclusion

To learn how to tweeze eyebrows at home, said a lot, and many female representatives do this procedure yourself, regularly removing the newly growing hairs with tweezers and mirror. But it is worth noting that this process is best carried out in daylight by placing sufficient size mirror (to reflect the entire face) on the window. Eyebrow care is very important to maintain their own beauty, but not everyone can easily cope with this, because sometimes, even knowing how to tweeze eyebrows at home, better yet go to a professional and then just maintain the shape of the order, which made interior specialist.