Rules of life Sofia Coppola

• The rules of life Sofia Coppola

Rules of life Sofia Coppola

CINEMA - this is our family business.

I grew up next to his father, lost his life. Every day around it was something new, and parents always took me with her to travel. So I saw a lot of different people and many different cultures. What is really there, I'm a child of the house strolled Akira Kurosawa.

His first "remove" I said three years.

FATHER really took off my birth on camera. Today, so many people do, but then it was something quite unbelievable. Most recently, I have once again review this film. She removed a very modest and reserved, but there are also funny moments. For example, when the doctor said that the girl was born, the father dropped the camera from his hands.

"The Godfather" has never been for me an absolute masterpiece - a valuable experience. I was eighteen years old (in 1990 Coppola starred in the third part of the movie -. Esquire), and for me it was just a game - something more interesting than college. But it was not easy. Firstly, I never wanted to be an actress, and secondly, when you're eighteen, the last thing you want - to do what his father requires.

MY FATHER so in love with the cinema, it is simply impossible to be near him and did not want to try the most.

I never went to the director, did not even think about it. Just one point fell into the profession with his head. Now the world is much more female directors than in the days when I first started. But I do not understand why everyone is so surprised. For me, "female director" sounds less surprising than the "woman-surgeon."

I remember how my father came to film "The Virgin Suicides" (Coppola 1999 - Esquire.) And said: "You should say" shoot "louder - from here, from the diaphragm itself." And I thought, "Well, Dad, thank you, now you can go."

Everyone always told me how his father is proud of me. But only now, when I had children herself, I knew it. Even when a daughter was drawing something with pencils, I thought: "My God, it's my baby."

HAVING TWO CHILDREN and a profession of director, I can say that no matter what else I do not have time.

I try not to think about the audience too much.

I like to represent and think out, what to see with your own eyes. Inability to see develops imagination.

It is very difficult to make a film about love, after which you will not look like a fool.

The most difficult thing in the profession of director? Shooting inside the machine. You always forget how difficult it is, when you write the script. And when the day of the shooting, you just do not know how to push the car that damn camera.

I've never worked with someone else's script. I do not know how it's done. My father taught me the main thing: the film will never seem to you so bad as it seems at first cut.

I liked more, if the film will tell about my "disgusting" than "normal."

SOMETIMES you just have to use in your movie bad music.

Johnny Cash and Elvis Costello - that's what I listened to as a child.

Good in our life is not eternal. But even if the good days come to an end, they do not go anywhere. Supporting you, they remain in the memory forever.

Not so long ago I was talking to a seventeen year old daughter of my friend about teenage slang. And this sweet young lady explained to me that all of her friends call each other not only as sluts, whores and heifers.

Prior to the twentieth I always rushed. Sooner he left the house, went to college, and even founded a company for the production of clothing. But at that moment, when I took my first short film, I realized what must deal with in reality.

Karaoke with Bill Murray - that's the most memorable event in my life.

TO SAY SOMETHING IMPORTANT, it does not have to be loud.

Never tell anyone tell me where you go to relax.