To go haircut "Italian"

Choose a hairstyle should always be correct, as it is an integral part of not only female but also male image. Any man, even if he wears the most expensive suit will never look stylish, if his hair is not put in order. Successful ukladkaa always allocates dignity of the person, hiding with some drawbacks. One of these hairstyles is the hairstyle "Italian". It is stylish and at the same time universal. This allows you to look spectacular in the office or at a party.

To go haircut

What is the haircut "Italian" men?

Laying this versatile, its worn by both men and women. Of course, their performance is different, as in the women's version of the length of hair can be very diverse. Male Grooming "Italian" indicates modernity, originality and style of its owner. It is like a shortened when hair on the temples are cut by machine, and with long, up to 5 cm strands in the temporal region, in this case, shear them under the brush. Haircut "Italian" very unpretentious, the hair is easy to style yourself.

To go haircut

Rules for making such a hairstyle

This haircut is always done on wet hair, because they have a good draw. Parietal area is processed first. To begin done frontal-parietal parting, wherein the separated main strand 10 mm thickness. It should be well combed, pressed between your fingers and pull, cut off to the desired level. Gradually so shorn whole parietal region, control is performed on the main provide designated. In this case, approaching the frontal part, the length of hair will gradually increase. The lateral zones are sheared in the same manner, although this need podchesyvat strand of each main strand to the control, which is in the parietal region. Main strand need to delay relative to the head 90 degrees and cut the new locks on the main level. Likewise sheared and occipital region. In these areas, the hair will be shorter.

Finishing Touches

Now, one could argue that haircut "Italian" is almost ready. It remains only to comb the hair using a comb with a few teeth. It also checks the quality of the work. Disadvantages easily correct scissors. When using thick hair tapering to a haircut look more smooth. When thinning hair, for adding the volume, you need to make a basal tapering.

To go haircut

Create your style

Men who want to somehow change his style, without any doubt, is suitable haircut "Italian", which will bring the image of something new and stylish. Cropped temporo-parietal region, as well as elongated strands from head to bang look very modern. If the strands of slightly profiled, unique hairstyle take sloppy form, the so-called "classical mess."

A few tips

One has only to consider that if the hair is unruly and soft, you have to do styling, using fixing means, and hair dryers. The most ideal option when a haircut "Italian" is performed on the hard hair. In this case, for laying will not need additional funds.