Hairstyles for fine hair: steps to perfection

Hairstyles for fine hair: steps to perfection

Nature, unfortunately, not always generous with compliments, and sometimes for perfectly hiding far from ideal. Come to help stylists to help cope with the seemingly slozhneshey task, and such a problem as the hairstyles for fine hair is solved in just a few steps. Many stylists will gladly share their great professional secrets.

Hairstyles for fine hair: trade secrets

The first step - hair coloring

To create a visual volume to fine hair, you can use the simple way - podtemneniem root zone. It is not difficult, it is necessary to take the desired paint color, it is important that it be a few shades darker than the hair itself, apply it to the roots. To achieve the most natural tone stain does not need more than three centimeters, and the transition should be smooth. Professionals to achieve the so-called "stretching" along the length of a little comb paint application from the roots. Cons of this coloring is that the result is almost not visible on dark hair.

Hairstyles for fine hair: steps to perfection

For brunettes with thin hair is best to use coloring and parietal areas pryadok a person. This technique can be seen in Jennifer Lopez - her stylists skillfully combine honey and dark chocolate shades. The second step - styling fine hair

It often happens that the mere coloring little to solve the problem. And the result of proper staining often visible after the installation of hairstyles for fine hair. What professional stylists advise on this issue? Of course, do without the dryer, preferably with a circular comb ceramic and easy mousse for imparting basal amount of protein or lotion.

How to put your hair?

To dry hair, twisting each strand on the comb, thus lifting them vertically at the roots. We must start from the bottom of the zone. The thinner the strand, the bulkier the result. You can also change the direction of curls (to a person on behalf of), then the structure will be more voluminous hairstyles.

Hairstyles for fine hair: steps to perfection

Make sure at the end of each strand curling fix with varnish.

The third step - haircut for thin hair

Without a good haircut perfect image will not work. Just the right haircut perfectly hides all the flaws of thin hair and emphasize all the advantages. Now again in fashion a penalty, but not a classic, as before, but with a short neck and a graded extension of a person. This form allows you to create a volume for fine hair on his head and another visually sealed structure of the hair from the front. For owners of long thin hair is almost always appropriate even cut without cutting out with a graduated structure, like Jennifer Aniston. Important nuances such cuts are unreconciled parietal area with dense hair tips and easy cascade form guyed and straight cuts. Refusal to allow tapering to protect hair from the section and the short area at the top will give the necessary amount.

Hairstyles for fine hair: steps to perfection

What's not to do with the hair? Unnecessary hairstyles for fine hair

Almost all advanced stylists care about the health of the hair of customers, so they unanimously came to the conclusion that capacity and lamination is not acceptable for the hair, the more thin. Increased locks of natural severe enough, fine hair of such goods easily break off at the root, which forces to make a short cut. When laminating hair accumulate a silicone, gradually turning into something similar to a silicate adhesive, at least in composition.