Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

Mesotherapy is a popular procedure in modern cosmetology. It is executed by using the thinnest needle through which are introduced into the skin vitamin cocktail and polilaktonovaya hyaluronic acid and phospholipids. But the beauty industry does not stand still. Not so long ago, no injection mesotherapy has been developed.

Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

no injection mesotherapy

New techniques make it possible to deliver anti-aging and health-restoring agent into the deep layers of the skin without the use of injections. This method is called mesotherapy hardware. For the delivery of vitamin cocktails following methods are used in depth of the dermis:

  1. Electroporation. It is the most effective kind of electrophoresis.
  2. Kriomezoterapiya. In this method combined effect of cold, active sera and electric waves.
  3. Iontophoresis. Biologically active agents delivered to the destination via galvanic current. Procedure strengthens blood vessels and skin tones.
  4. Laser mesotherapy. Even the deepest layers of the epidermis receive the necessary nutrients.
  5. Magnetophoresis. The classic method of delivery of therapeutic compounds into the skin. This happens with the aid of magnetic waves.
  6. Oxygen. During the procedure the cells are saturated with pure oxygen, which is fed under pressure. Rejuvenation and hydration of the skin.
  7. Ultraphonophoresis. During the session, increases the permeability of the skin and membranes mezokokteyl easily penetrates the destination. This is achieved by the action of ultrasound.

The above procedure offers the most beauty salons. Unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to use their services. It becomes an obstacle in the lack of qualified professionals, lack of free time or high cost procedures. To help in this situation is capable of facial massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews women about this device say about its high reliability and efficiency.

Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

Massager Face "Zhezaton"

Gezatone Mezolight M9900 - a French unit, designed for professional skin care at home. In its effectiveness is not inferior to salon procedures. Reviews of Gezatone M9900 confirm that the device actually has on the skin are a number of positive effects:

  • is many times increases the impact of cosmetic products;
  • increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • the skin rejuvenates and becomes fresher, appears a natural glow;
  • spastic muscles relax;
  • pulled oval face, chin out, the relief becomes clearer;
  • clinical studies and reviews of Gezatone Mezolight M9900 confirm that the use of the machine by 30% reduces the depth of wrinkles.
Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

Massager "Zhezaton" - a light and compact device. It is convenient to use at home, it does not require a lot of storage space. It operates on battery power. Easy to operate.

Gezatone The device combines five unique cosmetic technology:

  1. electroporation. Exposure of the skin mild currents. There is intense absorption of vitamin cocktails, thanks to the opening in the cell membranes of conducting channels.
  2. Mesotherapy. The device delivers a weak pulse current, which helps nutrients get into the skin. Judging by the reviews, mesotherapy face without needles Gezatone M9900 is one of the most popular programs of the device.
  3. High biotoki. With this method improves the function of the impact of the lymphatic system, reduces swelling.
  4. Light therapy. The skin affect light waves of different colors. As a result, improves the complexion, narrow pores. The skin becomes more dense and tightened.
  5. electromyostimulation. During the procedure, there is a reduction skeletal muscles of the face. This helps to eliminate fading, returns the skin a youthful appearance.

Reviews Gezatone M9900 confirm that the first results can be noticed within a month using the device.

Reviews massager

The customer massager "Zhezaton" actively share their experiences of using the device. It is noted that after 20 treatments Visible wrinkle reduction, narrowing of pores and improve the complexion. Also it evens out skin microrelief.

In a review of mesotherapy Gezatone M9900 also stated that the device perfectly smoothes wrinkles on the neck. They are sometimes called "Venus rings". Massager can be used for cleavage. It increases skin turgor in this delicate area.

Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews

of the procedure

At home, no injection mesotherapy is recommended to pass the course of 20 treatments. The optimal number of sessions per week - three. Duration of treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. The device is used only in well cleaned skin to which special water-based gel has previously been applied. To enhance the effect of the procedure is also recommended to use cosmetic serum. A person worked the instrument along the massage lines. From the central part of the slowly moving towards the temples.

In a review of Gezatone M9900 happy hostess massager especially pay attention to the fact that the metal nozzle should be fully in contact with the skin. Otherwise, the visible result of the use of the device will be.

Mesotherapy without needles massager Gezatone M9900. Reviews


"Zhezaton" - a safe beauty device for home use. Despite this, a short list of contraindications is still there. Gezatone forbidden to use:

  • pregnant;
  • with cancer;
  • people with arterial hypo- and hypertension, as well as with any other cardiovascular diseases;
  • in diseases of the skin and open wounds;
  • in patients with a pacemaker or artificial light.

With the invention of the French cosmetologists, any woman can enjoy high-quality skin care at home. And the saved money and time to spend on yourself and loved ones.