6 places on the body where you want to apply perfume to prolong his "sound"

There are dubious and unproven theory that if you flavor is very suitable, then eventually you stop it on himself to feel. Deal with it is somehow possible, if it can hear all the others and ask questions tickling feelings. But when you do not hear no, not around, it begins slight panic mixed with sadness and, as a consequence, the application of manic perfume on your wrists during the day.

We publish an article in which Ivan Bezugly of Marie Claire tells how to sustain a favorite perfume.

6 places on the body where you want to apply perfume to prolong his

turns out that we do everything wrong! More precisely, it is not correct. Yes, the wrist is considered to be a classic in the mass application of perfume, but the pulsation points on the human body is much more. And when they are all involved in this complex mechanism, the fragrance is in the air obscenely long. So before applying perfume in these six places, make sure you really like it, and you're ready to enjoy it forever. The opinions of others is not taken into account: suffer, then love.

1. Hair.

Believe it or not, but the founder of the perfume brand Byredo Ben Gorham believes that hair is often stored fragrances stronger than leather, "You just need to be a little careful, because the perfume contains alcohol that can harm your hair. Use the version of fragrances created especially for the hair, or if your perfume has not received such a fate, simply spray it on the brush. Combing hair, thin and delicate flavor "soak" them to dry without risk.

2. The area behind the ears.

As wrists, these areas are known for their properties in even the uninitiated. Vienna is located close to the skin, creating ideal conditions for heating and vaporization of the fragrance. If, moreover, you are still wearing jewelery, they are after spraying perfume can even for a while to keep your scent. Founder brand by Kilian Kilian Hennessy this idea gave industrial importance and invented earrings, pendants, and all other suspension mileyshie favors, which can be placed inside the ceramic ball, drizzled your aroma.

3. The back of the neck.

This may seem a little strange, but the perfume expert Chandler Burr says that the trick is crazy. First, the flavor lives long in your body; secondly it does not bother others, as soon as he whispers than reciting loudly. Before you fasten the collar blouses, sprinkle the place inside where the fabric touches the skin, and leave as a test there, where hot, crowded and a lot of men.

4. The inner surface of the elbow.

Knowledgeable people say that this zone "sounds" more tempting than the wrist. Founder brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Frederic Malle recommends that moisturize the skin there is additionally before you apply perfume - scented (from the line of bath of your flavor) or universal and odorless, so as not to break the magic.

5. The rear surface of the knee.

Of all these areas is the real working. Even in men, if they are interested. Just try to make the most of it with myself - look this gesture, at least funny and not sexy. Then begins physics: air currents rise up, which is always hotter than the bottom. The peculiarity of the place, the smell heard not once, but after he announced himself, be prepared to appear before answering.

6. The umbilicus.

Full responsibility for the advice given, we look at the actress Liv Tyler, who said on this blog Into The Gloss: "My father Steven Tyler it always does - rubbing perfume between her fingers and touches the umbilical region. There is always hot and perfume notes like it a lot. Just be sure that your favorite flavor will not cause allergies. "