New life silken curls, or hair Screening

Modern cosmetics

Hair Care is needed if you want to have beautiful lush curls. Gone are the days when cosmetic products are not offered anything but ordinary shampoo.

New life silken curls, or hair Screening

Yes, and that was only used for washing the hair, without any medicinal effect. Modern hair cosmetics represented by two varieties: mass (for domestic use) and professional. The latter is used in interiors and features a higher concentration of nutrients. Of course, to achieve the desired effect using it much easier. Mass cosmetics include tonics, conditioners, essential oils, shampoos, special means, such as styling or hair loss. The basic rule when using them - it's strict adherence to the instructions. Otherwise, the result can be directly proportional. Instead of the expected benefits, you only hurt the hair.

Hair Screening: features

Along with the usual care products and hairdressing salons offer special treatments that can restore our curls healthy shine and lost the natural beauty. Screening has a therapeutic effect on our hair. This procedure appeared relatively recently, but already many women evaluated at all advantages of the amazing news. Its essence lies in the fact that the hair is covered with a special film, which restores them from inside the structure. Experts recommend combining hair shielding laminated. Thus, your hair will receive comprehensive treatment, which will provide a more effective result. The steps of the procedure

New life silken curls, or hair Screening

Before starting this procedure, the hair is washed with a special shampoo that helps to reveal the hair scales to remedy had access to the internal structure of the hair. Since penetration is the most complete, and, therefore, locks absorb more useful components. Further, applied means for shielding massaging evenly distributed all over the head. Keep hair healing composition should be at least 20 minutes but no more than half an hour. After the recharge head washed again and rinsed with a special air-conditioned.

The advantages of this procedure

Shielding hair has a number of advantages:

  1. The gentle composition. Means, used for the screening, do not contain ammonia. Only natural substances, natural components based on soy protein.
  2. Versatility. The procedure is suitable for all types of curls. Of course, more often resorted to it those girls who have rare and fragile hair. New life silken curls, or hair Screening
  3. hair get extra food, which contributes to their natural regeneration.
  4. Screening of hair is both transparent and colored. This fact allows us to return a rich color to your strands.
  5. After the procedure, the hair becomes smooth and stiff, which facilitates the process of installation.
  6. Creates an additional protective film on the colored hair, thus saving on washing hair dye staining and storing the result in the longer term.
  7. Gives volume and fluffiness thin and damaged hair.

All of these features make the shielding hair simply indispensable procedure that in the near future will become as natural and familiar, like a haircut or styling.