10 best hiking trails World

• top 10 hiking trails of the world

A good holiday is different from the bad that actually allows you to completely relax and rid of most everyday problems and challenges. Naturally, the usual package tours such opportunities do not provide - a normal person on the third day bored endless cycle beach hotel bar. We offer a good alternative to think about such "seals rest" - the ten routes haykerskih certainly give you an unforgettable experience.

10 best hiking trails World

Fiery Coast


It stands out for anyone who prefers the seaside beauty of any highlands. The entire trail runs through an endless series of amazing in its beauty bays, each of which attracts, and so do a little rest.

10 best hiking trails World

Kalalau Trail


Hawaii remains one of the most stunning towns in the whole world. Climbing Kalalau require of you the day time and a little effort - and in return will provide a unique opportunity to cast a glance and ocean, and the entire island.

10 best hiking trails World

Kangsleden Trail


Magnificent scenery of wild mountains, rushing streams, foamy rivers and high plateaus - local not for nothing called the path "King of the road." It should be possible to plan the trip carefully: the road length of almost four hundred kilometers can become quite tiresome adventure.

10 best hiking trails World

Saddleback Hike

Moraine, Canada

This trail can be safely choose to beginners. Just five kilometers of a very pleasant road on both sides of which lie the bright spots of the buttercup fields. A great opportunity to try yourself as a professional photographer: any frame made here will be accepted by your friends to cheer.

10 best hiking trails World

Tour du Mont Blanc


Tour du Mont Blanc is considered to be one of the best haykerskih trails in Europe. Two hundred kilometers of road are just three countries - Switzerland, Italy and France.

10 best hiking trails World

Valley Tonkvin

Alberta, Canada

Way from the mountains to the Violet Rampart Lakes is not close - as much as 28 kilometers weary, and experienced traveler. However, the road itself is quite easy and has a reputation as a "playground" for hikers.

10 best hiking trails World

Mount Kilimanjaro


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding peak in the world. With its bold slopes traveler opens a breathtaking view. hike itself will take between five and nine days, depending on the complexity of the chosen route.

10 best hiking trails World

Going to Petra


There are several starting points for this route. In fact, the range will only travel duration from six to eleven days. Each of the trails in any case, give hikers the memories for a lifetime - and there are ancient tombs carved into the rock, and the magnificent sand pits, and unique valley, with clear air before ringing in the ears.

10 best hiking trails World

Angel Trail

Zion, USA

Zion National Park can be recommended hikers of all levels. Travel along the famous trail angels raises tourist on an impressive height, and the road itself in some places cut through the deepest canyons, which can be overcome only with the help of specially trained park staff.

10 best hiking trails World

Inca Trail


Inca Trail is considered one of the top five hiking trails in the world. The end point will be on the mysterious lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu.