Carbohydrate diet - a weapon in the fight against excess fat

Carbohydrates - the main component of a healthy diet

According to the British sociologist Anthony Giddens, the world today - a world of diets. Over the last decade, conceived an immense number of diets that allow

Carbohydrate diet - a weapon in the fight against excess fat

to give your body a toned and slender. But the most effective weight loss scheme is considered to be carbohydrate diet. It is ideal not only to reduce the amount of fat in the body, but also for gaining lean muscle. Carbohydrates or saccharides - a natural organic compound. It carbohydrates are the cornerstone of a healthy diet.

Simple and complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be simple or complex. Simple carbohydrates are found in confectionery, bakery products and fruit. They are quickly absorbed by the body, charging it with energy. But there are some pitfalls. insulin emissions while consuming large amounts of sweets lower blood sugar, converting it into fat. This carbohydrate diet based on complex compounds of molecules that are found in cereals, vegetables and pasta. They increase the amount of blood sugar evenly, thereby allowing the body to not store fat. Of course, it is understood appropriate physical activity.

Carbohydrate diet - a weapon in the fight against excess fat

Diet for Weight Loss

Carbohydrate diet is quite simple. Its basic rule is as follows: consume less than what you spend per day. The calculations make it easy enough. In order to begin to lose weight, it is necessary in the first week to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 2, 5-3 grams per kilogram of body weight. The following days is better to limit the intake of 1, 5 grams. Bread, pastry and fruit is better to replace cereals and vegetables. Such carbohydrate diet is suitable for almost all people. If you do not reduce the carbohydrate bar of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, food is also safe for the body. A low-carb diet for athletes involves replacing simple sugars to protein foods: chicken breast, cheese, eggs and various additives.

Carbohydrate diet - a weapon in the fight against excess fat

The discharge day

Every 5-6 days, you need to return the level of carbohydrates in the standard rate, from 4 to 7 grams per kilogram of body weight. The nutrient shortage conditions, the body starts to save, that is, slow the metabolism and keep the fat. Therefore, without carbohydrate diet (up to 1 gram per 1 kg body weight) only depletes the body. In these days it is better to please yourself plenty of cereal, bread, rolls or biscuits. Fasting day is also useful for psychological relief, which allows you to move the diet easier. The most important addition to the diet

Neither diet will not work if you're not going to burn more calories and carbohydrates than you consume. In addition to a healthy diet, based on the right products, training should become your daily routine. Ideal for slimming suits duo aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Running or walking, working with weights in the gym will help to effectively burn excess fat, while leaving the muscles intact. This will not only reduce the waist and hips, but also give your body a resilient and healthy.