Nocturnal awakening: causes and solutions

Two o'clock in the morning, and again you awake. What's the matter? Firstly, a person can wake up at night 4-6 times, as our ancestors did, to make sure there is no danger. Secondly, after that you have to go to sleep normally. If not, here are the possible causes with which to cope.

Nocturnal awakening: causes and solutions

1. We would like to use the toilet

If before going to bed drink plenty of fluids - not surprising. But if you and pulls the toilet for no apparent reason, the body can be disrupted balance of water and electrolytes. Lots of water and a little salt? We'll have to remove the excess water!

Solution: half an hour before bedtime drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt.

2. The room heat

This can interfere with normal sleep. Air temperature, wear or lack thereof, the blanket sheet material and - all counts.

The solution: the ideal temperature - 18-21 degrees. You can take a warm bath before bed to bed in the skin has cooled slightly and the brain received the command to "sleep."

3. You depression

Even mild depression can interfere with sleep. Negative thoughts, concerns, lack of energy - all this does not normally fall asleep.

Solution: It is important to discuss these symptoms with your doctor. They can also be an indication of some sort of hormonal disruptions.

4. You're very fond of social networks

If you are right in the bed to flip through other people's posts, it also affects sleep. Thus you interfere with the body to produce melatonin.

Solution: Reduce the light in the room and do not include gadgets for an hour before bedtime. Also, keep them away from your face.

5. You get older

Biological clocks start to "run off" after about 40 years. Many people are starting to sleep less. At 60, you can get up 2 hours earlier than in 30.

Solution: to adjust to the new sleep schedule. Try to go to bed early, because often we simply do not notice fatigue sleepy, sit up late, and then still can not sleep.

6. Do you drink alcohol before going to sleep

It has a sedative effect, so you fall asleep quickly, but in a phase of deep sleep can not get there - and you wake up.

Solution: try to finish with alcohol a few hours before bedtime to body time to digest it.

7. Breathing problems

If you have a stuffy nose (allergic or SARS), you will not sleep well at night. But there are other factors that interfere constantly: nasal polyps, tonsillitis, too much tongue. A small study showed that about 90% of people who wake up at night, it is suffering from breathing problems. Solution: try to sleep on your side, not on your back.

8. Apnea

Short delay of breathing during sleep interfere with sleep, not only the men with excess weight, but also women with the usual, especially during menopause. From apnea affects about 17% of women, but more than 85% of them did not receive this diagnosis.

Solution: Contact your doctor, go sleep testing will then be given treatment.

9. Problems with the thyroid

Thyroid disease can lead to a hormonal crash and sleep disorders.

Solution: Visit the endocrinologist and find out what's wrong and how to treat it.

10. Stress

Stress can strongly interfere with sleep, because of what occurs with nocturnal insomnia lifts.

Solution: Stress can be combated with the help of relaxation techniques and different types of psychotherapy.