The cost of living in Silicon Valley

• The cost of living in Silicon Valley

Company founder Michael AmoCRM Tokovinin - success of IT-businessman, who for several years now lives and works in San Francisco.

Michael decided to count the cost of living in Silicon Valley. Here estimations of how much money is needed a family of three to live in this not cheap region of Northern California, which gradually turns into one large office.

The cost of living in Silicon Valley

So, the cost of living:

$ 3,000 - the minimum rental 1Bedroom. It is possible, say, find, and for 2000, but this will be the area where you and your child will not go. However, to live with the child in 1BD too hard.

$ 500 - medical insurance. Yes, you can try to save money, but with a baby it's crazy, so $ 500 - this is the minimum.

$ 1000 - kindergarten. Yes, you can go to the state, but if you remove the cheapest apartment, and the garden will be appropriate, so you can put those thousand paid in the garden, and you can rent for your choice.

$ 300 - communal, including the internet at home. Less is unlikely to succeed for three people.

$ 100 - mobile phones for two.

$ 200 - fare. If you live in San Francisco, you can get by public transport. $ 1,000 - food. It is unlikely that you'll have to feed three people on less than $ 1,000 per month.

$ 200 - contingencies. Even if you lie all year at home, you are 100% spend $ 2,400 a year in additional costs.

It turns out that the minimum threshold for the survival of a family - is US $ 6,300 per month, or 75 000 dollars per year, which is 110 000 dollars with tax.

But this is survival, because the official poverty threshold there are now 117,000 dollars a year (about 7.4 million rubles).

The cost of living in Silicon Valley

In order to live normally, need more:

$ 4,500 - 2BD rent in a decent area.

$ 1,000 - for a family medical insurance.

$ 1500 - kindergarten and babysitter.

$ 500 - communal + mobile.

$ 1,000 - cars (+ parking, if this city).

$ 3,000 - food and restaurants.

$ 500 - additional expenditure and tourism within the State (6000 per year).

Total: 12 000 dollars a month / 144 000 per year = 210,000 dollars with taxes (approximately 13.3 million rubles).

The cost of living in Silicon Valley

In order to live decently:

$ 7000 - Minimum rental house 3BD + 2BH in a decent place.

$ 1,500 - medicine.

$ 2,000 - a good kindergarten and babysitter.

$ 500 - communal and mobile. $ 1500 - a normal car + insurance + parking + petrol.

$ 3,500 - food and restaurants.

$ 1,000 - and additional purchases. costs.

Total: 17 000 dollars a month / 204 000 per year = 350 000 dollars with taxes (about 22.105 million rubles).

The cost of living in Silicon Valley

To live well and better, the formula is more difficult as taxes rise progressively and at some point become the main item of expenditure. But I think you should start with 30-35 thousand per month or more than 700 thousand per year from taxes.

Moreover, if you think that the housing / education / Medicine / Transport and other food for the money would be much better than in Moscow - you're wrong. Most often the opposite.

It is not surprising that local howled from the domination of start-ups and high-tech companies.

Imagine that you were born here, grew up, but did not become a programmer, but, for example, a civil servant, a teacher, or a police officer. Now you are a beggar. You can not give their children a decent future, with all your fault only in the fact that next to someone flooded.