Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

While working on the animated film "Moana" about a girl who chose the ocean in order to save the world from destruction and is friends with the demigod Maui, Screenwriters "Disney" company inspired by studying myths of Polynesia and its history. Although actually a princess by the name Moana does not know the cartoon creators were inspired by many real women of the Pacific Ocean. Among the prototypes can be Moana Maori Princess Te Puea Herangi.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

A girl from the royal family

Maori - people who are sometimes called "Vikings of the Pacific Ocean." Due to the climatic problems once they have been relatively limited in resources, and this has led to the development of their cultural plunder, and there - and war. Maori so warlike and fearless, that during World War II showed real miracles in battle, fighting as part of the British troops. In our time, they prefer to channel aggression in sport.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Māori Battalion in Egypt, 1941.

Like many other nations of the Pacific, Maori grow on the stories of miracles and tricks, of created playful, curious and fearless demigod Maui. One of the most famous leaders of the people considered Princess Te Puea Herangi, which, however, never swam in the boat alone on an uncharted island. Her role was a little different.

Te Puea was born in the late nineteenth century. Her uncle was King Mahuta mother, the creator of the system of courts. Alas, it was his only contribution to the development of Maori under the name of Waikato. The people of weak eyes. Like a cartoon about Moaña, the land became less - because at that piece of land that the British authorities left the Maori people became more and more. Poverty and hunger are commonplace. Mother Princess Te Puea was Tiahuya, daughter of King Tavhiao and father - Those Tajuña Herangi son Mäori women and the British explorer William Sirenko. Since childhood, because of the scarcity of the royal family, Te Puea considered as a possible successor to the throne of his grandfather, so it was raised as a future queen - for a special old traditions, on the legends and songs, making learning to understand the laws and customs.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Maori girl Photo 1904.

At twelve years of training for this European added - Te Puea was sent to boarding school. If Maori want to get out of the situation, understand the royal family, old knowledge is not enough. It is necessary to get new ones. At school, the Princess had a hard time: the English blood does not help to learn English. How freely communicated Te Puea Maori, so hard to give her tongue white grandfather.

Princess rogue

If she learned to speak quite quickly, the struggle with reading and writing rules to take away from it, and so a small force: Te Puea was very painful and continuously provided in a hospital bed. Perhaps it was because of nerves: in his native place, she has demonstrated success and received constant praise, the English school, she constantly criticized for terrible mistakes in their notebooks. It is also possible, it poisoned: most of the students were white.

All this is very spoiled princess character. At fifteen, the girl called home from school - her mother died, and Te Puea had to take the place of Tiahui. But she refused to do anything. She was constantly quarreling with his family. They criticized it in arrogance and swagger - she replied that she still dying of consumption (so it seemed). In addition, Te Puea start to kiss the bottle and change lovers. She calmed down only incomplete forty years, taking a husband, a man by the name of Raviri Tumokay Katipa.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Young Te Puea.

Sometimes suggest that far from home, the girl, she suffered not only persecution but also sexual violence, and it has affected her behavior. In any case, it is not so much affected the royal family. The main problem was still the global crisis, which could lead to the extinction of the Maori; besides, Te Puea could not conceive, so that overproduction of princes and princesses of the family is not threatened.

A few years later, to find that does not die, and consumption as has come to naught, Te Puea became interested not only men and booze. Yet its earliest education was very strong, Princess truly loved his people and suffered, seeing his suffering. She began to collect and record songs, genealogical stories and other important oral texts for fear that assimilation will come to her eyes, and people lose their memory and self-awareness. In twenty-eight years, she finally agreed to fulfill its intended role and began to participate in the life of the royal family.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Te Puea, photo 1918.

For Maui, Maui vs.

The first episode of participation in politics Te Puea was a campaign in support of Maui. Not a demigod, and one of his relatives - Maui Pomare. He was going to become a member of the New Zealand Parliament. However, he supported the idea of ​​sending troops Maori advanced of the British Empire. He probably thought that because once solved two problems - the image of the people and overpopulation. Te Puea we consider this position as a betrayal of the people's interests: British war - not war Maori.

Learning that Te Puea advocates - and very successfully - against his plans, Maui with her, of course, fell out. It was the First World and the princess helped hide recruits. And Maui and Pakeha, and the government immediately remembered that her grandfather was a German rather than an Englishman, and was accused of betraying the princess. Many Maori have also begun to call the native tribe Te Puea traitors, and the British Crown Prince for a visit to the Maori Land demonstratively ignored the hospitality of the family Te Puea.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Te Puea in national costume.

Universal hatred - just like in the bad times at school - did not break the princess. She continued to negotiate with other tribes. After the war, New Zealand passed the dreaded influenza - the Soviet Union, he also raged under the name "Spanish flu". A lot of people died. Princess gathered under his wing hundred orphaned children, and they became its own little army. Shaken authorities thinned many noble families of Maori, Te Puea and the impact was spread - including the fact that the flu is believed by many returning soldiers brought from distant lands. It turns out, the princess was right when she claimed not to send young men to the front.

farm policy for farm

With the princess and friends started the New Zealand Prime Minister, and admiring her work for the preservation of culture and education of orphans journalist Eric Ramsden very favorably covered every step of the princess. Prime Minister of Te Puea arranged most extensive tour of the villages of Maori mowed disease, poverty and hunger. The official was shocked by the sight to the depths and began to encourage Maori were given land for processing.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Te Puea forced the prime minister to see the plight of Maori.

It is interesting that in the press Te Puea was constantly mentioned as a princess, and she repeated that it was a mistake. In the tradition of the Maori's no such thing! The adoption of the royal title of her family had once been a big mistake, tracing paper from Europe, the destruction of traditions. "I'm not a princess!" - the same slogan that Moana, constantly heard from Te Puea.

Nevertheless, the absence of the royal title did not prevent Te Puea collect tax on their supporters to support the projects that she's up to. In addition, she organized the first in the history of Maori song and dance festivals, which she helped to raise more money. Princess Glory widened, and this has led to an unexpected effect. New Zealand tribes, before a negative attitude to her native tribe, went to contact with Te Puea. She listened, cooperated with her, she greeted everywhere with respect. The impact that it has received among Maori, reflected in the dialogue with the European population of New Zealand. She became a permanent member of the public and official events in Wellington. She singled out an extensive piece of land at the farm - and she was able to give work to many Maori; they ate what grew on this farm. According to her insistence of Prime Minister to subsidize the construction of dormitories for workers Maori.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Te Puea in European clothes.

However, when more land to farm gave Princess MP-Maori, he immediately declared that he "follows his" and unfairly distributes the money - even though these lands in the same way as on the farm from the prime minister, found a job food and many impoverished Maori. Once the investigation has shown that MP "knowingly" has spent 500 000 pounds, he was forced to resign.

Meanwhile, for the help of Maori work (on the very farms!), As well as the rescue of orphaned princess was awarded the Silver Medal of King George. She was given more and the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire. This put the princess in an awkward position. She did not want to accept it "English" rank - for political reasons, but to give it up at that time meant much to worsen the government's attitude to its people. In the end, "Commander" has become a princess. In the end, awarded her for the unification of Maori in the common struggle against poverty, for what farm it flourished - and hunger creeping Māori Land, she was able to stop. Not for his services to the British Crown, and to work on their people.

Maori princess, who became the prototype of Disney Moana

Te Puea in old age.

Princess lived sixty-nine years. She founded several large farms and led his people out of poverty, has put the dialogue between Maori on a permanent basis, it has strengthened the image of Māori tribes in the eyes of the British and did a lot to preserve the native culture and the study of its Maori children along with European science. But in the last years of his life began to change her mind. Before surrounding realized what was happening, she was becoming capricious, intolerant and strange behavior from her and turned away many old friends. After a long illness Te Puea died.