Health problems, which can tell the eye

• Health problems, which can tell the eyes

Eyes - the mirror is not only the soul, but also health. They can "tell", for example, diabetes or high cholesterol. How to understand this? We tell!

Health problems, which can tell the eye

1. Lack of vitamin A

If you have a strong dry eyes, then, the body produces little tears, and it is - a sign of deficiency of vitamin A. It is possible to be fairly simple eye drops and salad with carrots.

2. Closed tear duct

If your eyes are constantly wet place, but tears do not flow stream, probably does not work tear duct. Usually it happens in babies, but sometimes in adults. The reason - the operations on the brain, tumors, infections. It should seek medical advice.

3. Infection

Some infections cause redness proteins and white spots on the iris. This is especially common if you wear lenses and is not always hygiene.

4. Stress

It reflected in the fact that the eye starts to twitch. If no other symptoms, can not yet go to the doctor and try to relax.

5. Diabetes not only

This may be an indication of abrupt deterioration, cataracts or problems with the optic nerve. A further symptom of diabetes, so it is best to check with a doctor.

6. High cholesterol

It indicates a white circle around the pupil. Should go to a specialist.

7. Retinal detachment

Surely you sometimes see "artifacts" in sight - small strips or pieces. If this happens frequently, it may be a sign of retinal detachment. Urgently to the doctor!

8. Jaundice

Yellow whites of the eyes due to excess bilirubin in the blood, which can not cope with the liver. Jaundice itself is rare in adults, but it can be a sign of hepatitis or liver failure.

9. Lack of sleep

If eyes were red, as if sprinkled with sand, maybe you're just a little sleep!