The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

• What do currently anchors 90 and zero

In the late 90's - early 00's of the program gathered at the TV screens all over the country. However, later anchors disappeared from ether. Cosmo knew what they were doing right now.

Maria Kiseleva ( "The Weakest Link" program)

The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

In 2001, Maria Kiseleva became the host of "The Weakest Link", and that this project made her a real star of the screen: telediva was invited to star in the film and to conduct other programs on different channels.

Since 2005, Kiselyov became less likely to appear on television. Only in 2015 she returned to television and hosted a cycle of transmission issues "Together with the dolphins", which appeared on the First Channel.

Maria has more than seven years preparing future champions in their own center in synchronized swimming. The sports school are trained every year about 150 children aged 5 to 16 years, and among the graduates - more than two dozen masters of sports.

Valery Komissarov ( "My Family" program)

The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

Valery was leading and the author of "My Family" program From 1996 to 2003, in which the shared life experience. In the early 2000s, he left the television and began to build a political career.

Until 2011 the Valeri was a member, he was elected to the State Duma from the party "United Russia", and then back again, "into the TV." In 2011, he released the program "Mothers-in-law." Commissioners now works in the editorial group of the project "Dom-2", and is preparing to launch new programs.

Alex Kulichkov (program "Taxi")

The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

In the beginning of zero Alex Kulichkov led the rating program "Taxi" and projects "laboratory of senses" four years "Exchange of home appliances." After that broadcaster abruptly disappeared from the screens. He had long dreamed of becoming a director and make a film, so risking a career leading, tried his new capacity.

First Kulichkov worked as the second director on some projects, and later already independently directed several episodes of the series "Next". "I confess, without education, I was very risky, but tried to remove the high-quality film. And, experts say, he has made a good movie. He became a director - a dream come true ", - confessed to Alex in an interview.

Now he is directing not only the TV series, but also theatrical performances. In addition, last year Kulichkov was the author and presenter of the program "Start transfer" on NTV.

Boris Hook (the program "Love at first sight")

The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

Boris graduated from the MSTU. Bauman as an engineer-constructor. After completing his studies, he went on television, where he became the presenter of the program "Love at first sight" in 1991. In parallel, he worked as the second director in the program "What? Where? When? ", Where his stepfather Vladimir Voroshilov was leading. Later, he and Boris led the program, but his voice was distorted to any audience or experts do not know with whom to speak. Combining the two projects was difficult at the same time, so soon Boris left the show "Love at first sight". In 2001, he became not only leading, but also the main production director and genprodyuser "What? Where? When?".

Tatiana Vedeneyeva - the program "Good night, kids!"

The presenters are now engaged in the 90's and zero

Tatiana led the program "Good night, kids!", "Alarm", "Away from fairy tales" and "Morning". Its transmission is always loved and waited, but in 1993 presenter suddenly disappeared from the screens. Almost ten years Tatiana has not led anything, and only in 2000 returned to television programs "matter of taste" and "Tatyana's Day".

Now Vedeneyeva focuses on her acting career. It can be seen not only in cinema but also in the theater. For example, in 2017 in the "School of Modern Play" the premiere of "Rock-n-roll in the sunset" with its participation.