Unusual position in the royal court

Royal Palace - a complex system. At Buckingham Palace, employs hundreds of employees, among which, apart from the maids, gardeners and cooks, there are very specific. For example, in the realm of Queen Elizabeth II can meet cutter meat, linen keeper or designer curtains.

1. The superintendent swans

Unusual position in the royal court

During the census of swans in 2009.

Responsibilities: conduct an annual census of swans on the River Thames.

This unusual position takes biologist Christopher Perrins 1993. Previously, he combined it with the work kleymovschika birds, but now it's two different positions.

Queen owns all the mute swan in the kingdom, but it uses its right of ownership only in certain areas of the Thames.

2. Harper Prince of Wales

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: performing at official events.

In 2000, Prince Chalz revived the tradition of the appointment of the Welsh harpists with the aim to develop and promote young talents. Since 2015 the position occupies Ann Denham. She plays the harp "Prince of Wales" and has an official service badge, which is passed from musician to musician.

3. Junior keeper of furniture

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: implementation of procedures for maintaining collections of furniture in good condition.

in this position is still relevant in May 2019. To get the junior guardian of the precious furniture, you need to have experience in the field of conservation and restoration of art collections, as well as first hand to know about the process of furniture upholstery. You need to work full-time, Monday through Friday.

4. Master of the Horse

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: checking the royal stables.

Chief equerry Elizabeth II is obliged to attend all the ceremonies, when the Queen rides in a horse or a carriage, and to keep order in the stables. Who holds this post Baron News.

5. The pilot of the helicopter

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: The role of co-pilot on the Sikorsky S76C ++ helicopter.

In April 2019 English monarchs sought in his team a helicopter pilot with great experience and the appropriate category. The requirements for candidates, recruiters also pointed sociability, diligence, initiative and problem solving skills. The last point can be an indirect confirmation of what is written in the press, according to journalists, the previous professional resigned because of disagreements with the Duchess of Sussex.

6. Piper Queen

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: to play at 9 am for 15 minutes under the Queen's windows.

This honorable position has introduced even Queen Victoria in 1843. Now it takes Scott Metven. In addition to performing the role of "alarm" Metven participates in official events and plays for the queen in the palace.

7. Guardian stamp collection

Unusual position in the royal court

The first British brand, 1840.

Responsibilities: storage brands, documentation.

English monarchs are known for their passion for collecting stamps. This interest extends even to the XIX century. For example, George V was a renowned philatelist his time.

At some point, a collection of brands has become so great that it was necessary to resort to special people, who today are helping to keep the royal family collection.

8. Watchmaker

Unusual position in the royal court

Opening of Buckingham Palace, made for King George IV in 1814.

Responsibilities: follow the clockwork.

In 2013, the Queen was looking for a reliable watchmaker. The fact that in the palace of a thousand hours, some of them - the old rare specimens. Details to him very difficult to get, so they have to do yourself. In general, the new employee to work tirelessly offered. There is nothing surprising in the fact that a few years ago, the media reported: after 18 years of service at the royal watchmaker developed the disease as a result of which the doctor advised him urgently to reduce the workload.

9. The table linen Guardian

Unusual position in the royal court

Responsibilities: ensure that the underwear line with the magnificence of the banquet table. Lead a team, to provide linens for different events and everyday use.

The salary offered is not too high - about 20 thousand euros per year.. However, it was necessary to live in the palace, full board, in addition, there were benefits. Exorbitant requirements for candidates, recruiters did not put forward: to come to this position, it was enough to have the experience, to be sociable, observant and able to manage time properly.

10. Meat cutter

Unusual position in the royal court

In the photo - Feylding William, first Earl of Denbigh.

Responsibilities: cutting meat at official dinners and ceremonies.

Alas, it is impossible to get the position, if you do not belong to a particular race. The fact that it is inherited, and currently belongs to Earl of Denbigh.

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