Safe Weight Loss: Weight loss at home

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, insufficient amount of fluids you drink - these are the main causes of excess weight, cellulite and sagging muscles. Most often we begin to go through all the diet world and appeal to the trainers in the gym, having already overweight.

Safe Weight Loss: Weight loss at home

to deal with these "reserves" without the use of sports nutrition, in particular, fat burners, is quite difficult. So often, we offer a comprehensive approach to solving this problem: stress, diet, sports supplements. People who belong to a distrust of "chemistry", it is possible to consider another option: use natural natural fat burners in the home. Perhaps to them the result of a little late, but the body does not receive a portion of the harmful chemicals.


Liquid - is an essential condition for the normal life of any organism. To maintain the water balance should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Under this condition, you can not only lose weight, but also easy to hold it at the desired level. Firstly, the liquid suppresses the feeling of hunger, filling the stomach. Secondly, it activates the metabolism and helps burn calories. With a shortage of the liquid body stores it in fat cells as it were, in reserve, and this is the cause of the swelling, excess weight and volume. Protein

By themselves, the proteins used as fat burners in the home can not, even though they contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body, and because there is weight loss. They should be part of the diet, combined with other essential nutrients. Protein - a building material. Thanks to them, increases muscle mass and body expends more energy to maintain it. Foods that contain protein include meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese.


Safe Weight Loss: Weight loss at home

Spices accelerate the heart rate, increase metabolism, thus causing the body to expend energy and burn calories. These additives are mainly used for food. But there are other methods - for example, to add them to the mixture for wrapping. Cinnamon and red pepper - a champions-fat burners. they can be used at home, adding half a teaspoon in the mix for the procedures. So it is possible to significantly reduce body fat and cellulite, tighten the skin.


In spite of its caloric content, honey also helps burn fat, but only when applied externally. This can be and home self-massage, and body wraps. Moreover, honey detoxifies and regenerates skin cells, reduces cellulite.

Green Tea

This tonic is able to force the body to burn about 70 calories. It also removes toxins, increases metabolism, stabilizes blood cholesterol levels. Green tea can be consumed hot or cold, together with its brewing and crumpled and adding camomile lemon. Coffee

Safe Weight Loss: Weight loss at home

Coffee has always been considered one of the first in the list of products that have proven themselves as fat burners. At home, it is quite convenient to use. Firstly, this drink helps to control appetite. Secondly, it is very effective and its external application. Caffeine is a part of many cosmetic anti-cellulite and mix for wraps.


Kefir for products that also contribute to weight loss. This is due to bowel cleansing, improves the digestive tract works. It is very important that the yogurt was fresh, only then will he present a mild laxative effect.


Despite the variety of foods that promote weight loss, even a large number of them will not help to lose weight, unless a balanced diet, or diet. At home, it is important to limit yourself to harmful eating habits and use the exercise.