Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

Today, exotic fruits like durian and lychee one can not be surprised. Even schoolchildren know that the first terrible smell, and the second - slippery. About bananas and pineapples and say nothing - they are sold in the local supermarket. However, in the world there is still a lot of other fruits, which seemed to have got out of science-fiction movie.

1. Aguahe

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

Aguahe - the fruit of palm trees from Peru. It is covered with scales, under which hides a sweet yellow flesh. Local aguahe made from jam, jams, wine, and even apply it on the skin to protect against sunburn. This fruit - the champion on the content of vitamin A and phytoestrogens are beneficial for women.

2. Kepel

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

The fruit can be tasted only in Java and Indonesia more than a tree does not grow anywhere else (very much it is capricious). On the palate, reminiscent of mango fruit rough and smell of violets. Prolonged use Kepel causes temporary infertility in women - since ancient times it is used as a contraceptive.

3. stellate apple

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

To try the star-shaped apple, will have to go to Central America. The rind of the fruit is inedible, so it was cut in half and draw it out pulp with a spoon. It is not very sweet, but tastes like our native plum.

4. Feronia citric

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

Feronia, or an elephant apple grows in India and Sri Lanka along the road and is not considered a particularly rare. Outside Feronia similar to coconut moldy and smells even worse - as a mixture of raisins and blue cheese. And worse than the smell, the more ripe and tasty flesh is waiting for you inside.

The taste is reminiscent of elephant apple pudding with mango and pineapple. Local businesses from Fearon juice and find that it is very useful for health.

5. Dzhamboza

She rose apple, plum and Pomeranian pomaroza. Try dzhambozu possible only in the countries of Southeast Asia and India. And all because the fruit is not grown for export. Due to the thin skin and high content dzhamboza liquid "would not survive" the trip across the ocean, like bananas, for example.

Peel from dzhambozy thin, underneath lies a watery pulp with a weak taste of watermelon. The fruits smell when cut flowers, for which he received a second name "pink apple".

6. Nipa

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

The fruits of NPCs, in fact, tree nuts (although considered fruit). Palm trees grow in the rivers of India to the Pacific Ocean. From their leaves locals make the roof, but because of their fruit - of alcoholic beverages. However, the fruits of NPCs can be eaten just like that - gelatinous seeds are added to the ice cream. However, they taste weak and watery.

7. Pedestals

Tumba, or banana passion fruit - a real fruity Frankenstein. Shape and color it resembles a banana peel he got from the citrus, and the flesh inside is hidden from the passion fruit. Those who managed to try pedestals, say that the taste of his tart, with distinct notes of banana and orange.

8. Pakau

Pakau eat in Central and South America. Green pods and black seeds discarded, and the sweet white pulp is eaten. To taste it is similar to the vanilla cotton candy, and its texture resembles a spongy fiber. I wonder who first had to try this fruit in your head?

9. Delight

Delight is increasing in Peru and Ecuador. The fruit pulp is dry, eat them raw is almost impossible. Therefore Delight crushed and added to the ice cream, juices and milkshakes. And all because of the unique flavors: fruit resembles a toffee and maple syrup at the same time. Delight superpolezna: it has a lot of vitamin A and glucose, so in South America from her make baby food.

10. The African pear

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

African pear in color and size are similar to familiar to us eggplants. But there the similarities end: in green fruits and consistency reminiscent of butter (in which 48% fat). Pears boiled, fried and often eaten raw. And even make them biofuels.

11. Nung

Nung grow on the palms and hidden in the heart of walnut. Jelly fruits are not distinguished from lychee - they have a faint taste and subtle aroma. Residents of Indonesia smeared juice Nung cuts and scratches space.

12. Naranhilya

Naranhilya (or Lulo) grows only in South America, and to try it in some other place in the world is impossible. Outside of the fruit is covered with skin like citrus and resembles an orange, but actually naranhilya - a relative of the tomato. Inside it looks suitable: under the "orange" crust hiding the inside of a tomato.

Naranhili taste reminds both rhubarb and lime with a hint of pineapple. Locals cook from it preserves, make wine and add it into cakes.

13. Aki

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

Aki growing in Jamaica and is considered something of a puffer fish, only in the fruit world. The fruits contain a lot of toxins and are banned in many countries. Inappropriate preparation of this fruit can kill.

Aki to eat, you need to wait until the fruit turns red, and remove the white flesh. fruit seeds are deadly. In Jamaica, Aki and get fried dish with an amazing nutty flavor.

14. Black apples

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

Black apples - the handiwork of Chinese breeders. Grade "Black Diamond" they brought with the help of immunizations, and the plant is grown only in the mountains of Tibet. Because of the intense ultraviolet radiation of apple peel "browns" and becomes a dark purple color.

15. Monstera delicacy

Monstera certainly lives on the windowsill at your granny - it is a very popular home flower. And it is eaten. The fruits of monstera deliciosa are collected in Mexico, they look like ears of corn, and to taste indistinguishable from pineapple.

Try Monstera difficult: first, the plant capriciously, and secondly, the fruit ripens all year. Immature monstera dangerous since it can burn the mouth. Fruits contain oxalic acid, which is used for making detergents.

16. Capulina

Exotic fruits that you may see now for the first time

The size Capulina little more than blueberries, and tastes like a mixture of cherries and almonds. Jamaicans cut down the trees near their houses because bats love Capulina at night satisfied in the foliage noisy revelry. From the fruit is prepared jam, jam and juice.

And you would have had the courage to eat something terribly exotic? Or maybe you've tried something on our list? Share your experiences.