Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

There is a very common misconception that by fruit - continuous use. But enough to open the table calorie foods to grab the head and understand that in the summer grow a calorie bomb. How not to grow fat on seasonal fruits, tell this material.

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

Fruits and berries contain a wide range of important human health elements -.. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc. The doctors and nutritionists have long entrenched in their opinion that the use of fresh fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of premature death from chronic diseases, particularly from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But, nevertheless, they can not be used without restrictions. Some fruits and berries contain so many calories and sucrose that their use can be equated to a full-fledged eating dessert. So, in this material on Novate.Ru - Top 5 most calorie fruits of summer.

Fig 1.

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

The incredibly high-calorie fruit.

In the summer you will relax in the countries of sub-tropical or tropical band, then with great probability the local residents and traders markets will offer you to taste the figs. These small fruits are grown on the low trees and, for example, in the countries of former Yugoslavia, which at the moment are very popular tourist destination for a holiday by the sea in large numbers are available on the branches of trees wild gardens, so pick some figs package - an easy task. But you should be careful: 5 small fig fruits contain not less than 150 calories and about 35 grams of sugar. Accordingly, if the day to eat them 10 pieces, it will be released on caloric equivalent of chicken steak, baked in cheese, and even dangerous sugar will blow to the body! Now praise the fruit: figs is rich in vitamin K and manganese. However, its use must be strictly controlled in order to avoid rapid weight gain.

2. Grapes

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

A dangerous product. / Photo:

Suffice it to say that the grape is strictly forbidden for diabetics, the majority began to think that with the grapes and in fact that is not so. A hundred grams of grapes - 65 calories, while the average bunch of juicy, so attracting the eye, usually weighs 300-400 grams. It turns out that it is equal to the calories of fried eggs three eggs, fried in sunflower oil! Another reason that grapes can only rarely savored in small quantities, is the fact that it is a highly gas-product. So if you do not want to gain weight, and flaunt with a tummy-ball, suffering from habitual rubbed shoulders was summer clothes, try to get the grapes party.

3. Cherry

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

Ambivalent berries. / Photo:

In 100 grams of cherries contains 52 calories! This is more than a cup of chicken broth! And now let us, hand on heart, confess: who will stop after eating only 100 grams of cherries? It's a small handful! As a result - with ease - may be a time to use a cherry on the same amount of calories, how much is contained in a small pork steak. But do not just blame the sour berries. A few years ago, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have shown positive therapeutic analgesic effect of cherries. The fruits were added to the diet of professional athletes, and managed to achieve restorative effect - participating in the experiment indicated that the pain in muscles and joints after grueling workouts diminished.

4. Raspberry

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

Do not abuse the raspberries. / Photo:

"Raspberries, beckoned us to her ..." - so sang Soviet singer. And she was right. Absolutely impossible to break away from eating raspberries, as long as you have already started. It is very easy to digest and eat half a kilo at a time - it's like a piece of cake. You know, as in this case the added calories? 210 - both from the portions of ice cream. Oh and what absolutely not to do, it's sprinkled with raspberry sugar. Several minutes later, this explosive mixture, not only exceed calories a piece of cake, but also to transform into a real home-made beer, which will go into your gastrointestinal tract, there to arrange the process of fermentation. It is fraught with cramps and bloating in the best case.

Interesting fact: in the fresh raspberries contains acetylsalicylic acid, and it can help to lower the temperature when the tablet was not at hand.

5. Pineapple

Summer fruits, from which you can get fat

A very rich fruit. / Photo:

The smallest pineapple weighs an average of one and a half kilograms. Getting rid of the peel and eat one fruit for two. Multiply 49 by 5 and we get about 250 calories - as in a large portion of ice cream or two small fried chicken wings. Therefore, do not make your main pineapple snack. Typically, several pieces of pineapple is served as a complement to the main dish. As for snacks, then, because of satiety and high fiber content, only 50 grams of pineapple help to permanently overcome the feeling of hunger.