Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

The image of Lenin's familiar to everyone since childhood, and everyone knows the characteristic features of Lenin. To create a nation-wide cult hero propaganda had to try and put it easily recognizable features, positive human qualities and kinds. But not all of what is attributed to Lenin, was peculiar to him in fact, although the image of the founder of the Soviet state, and continues to grow into the details, even after his death.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

Vladimir Ulyanov grew up in an intellectual family, so that even as an adult leader loved rigorous, business clothes. Almost everywhere depicted Ilyich, he was dressed in a dark suit three, shirt and tie. Contemporaries recall that most of the detail was in polka dots, and the lion's share of his tie looked strange. But of course, this information is in no way reflected nowhere.

Lenin preferred dark suits, often dark brown. Vest he wore a commitment, as she defended the shirt of ink stains, because most of the time he spent working at a desk.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

About Lenin often said that he is very modest and unpretentious. And judging by his costume, which are exhibited in the former Central Lenin Museum, it's true. All jackets heavily battered, with shiny sleeves from the constant contact with the surface of the table. Despite the fact that the leader was short, only 164 centimeters, his suits were well fit on the figure. Apparently, he had to sew them to order.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

An integral part of Lenin's image became his famous cap, it became known as the "Leninka". The leader decided to change intelligent bowler hat, which he wore until 1917, on the worker-peasant hat. And it is precisely this detail has become the most recognizable, making it closer to the people.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

Oddly enough, but contemporaries describe Lenin's appearance in different ways. But they all agreed on one thing, that he was quite tatty, small stature, and with a clear bald spot. But apparently, this man had such a gift of persuasion that led the mass of people. "Having met him on the street, few people would recognize in him a great leader. He would be his at any factory, and could easily have passed for a Volga peasant. His good looks, and a few Eastern face, that's what can be said about his appearance. "(T. Krzyzanowski)

"Thick, stocky figure with a large head topped with a high forehead. Narrowed brown eyes and a large nose, slightly protruding chin. Worn suit, filed with the bad leg cut. I would never admit it in such a force. " (John Reed)

"Lenin worked, and a huge table seemed too big for him. Sitting on the edge of a chair, his feet barely reaching the floor, and this little man looked at me shrewdly. His desk was piled high to the top of papers and books. This oddly-dressed man was able to jump on Balfour, on all counts. " (HG Wells)

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

After this description, Leon Trotsky spoke about the fact that only Wells could seem that Lenin was short, since apparently he was looking down at all.

It seems strange that many of his contemporaries confused with hair the color of the leader. Some even call it red. The police archives preserved here is the description of Lenin:

"Signs VIUlyanov: Growth 2 yard of 51/2 inches, medium build, brown hair, mustache and beard - with ryzhinoy, eyes - brown, high forehead, nose, big, round face, normal mouth, round chin, ears medium value. "

By the way, all the familiar Lenin beard and mustache shaved young Vladimir Ulyanov.

Lenin subbotnik

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

Many motivating social realism paintings show Lenin at a volunteer when he was alone with easily copes with the log. In the pictures it looks like a muscular athlete, rejecting offers of help from the workers.

timber lifting fact at a volunteer was really, it was May 1, 1920. There's even a photo of this memorable event, which clearly shows that Lenin was bent, holding one end of a log and keep working with him and the other in the middle. But the promotion was profitable to represent leader mighty giant.

Winged phrases

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

An important part of the image of Lenin was his catch phrase. But not all the statements actually belong to Lenin. "We'll go the other way"

Lenin's elder sister, Anna Ilinichna wrote that when older brother Alexander was executed in 1887, Vladimir said: "Do not have to go this way."

"Every cook should learn to govern the state"

This quote was taken from some of the revolutionary paper, but it was not the author of Lenin.

"Study, study and study again".

This Lenin actually said in one of his speeches. But this phrase is very similar to the words of Chekhov, perhaps it was his quoting chief.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Truths and Myths

"To learn we need to study and learn, and with profound social movements prognosis: we have not yet matured to them, and, frankly, they do not understand." (AP Chekhov, "My Life")