How to cheat on Dumas

• How to cheat Dumas

July 24, 1802 was born the father of Alexandre Dumas, author of the famous musketeer trilogy. On the day of his birth, we want to reveal to you a little secret ...

Wine heroes Dumas drink all the time. But if you dig deeper, it turns out that the old man we podviral in his works. For example, here in this fragment of the novel "The Three Musketeers" ...

How to cheat on Dumas

- So we're all in the money? - asked D'Artagnan.

- Not me, - said Athos. - I enjoyed it so much Spanish wine Aramis I told immersed in the van of our servants sixty bottles, and this greatly facilitated my purse.

How to cheat on Dumas

What is wrong with this fragment?

How to cheat on Dumas

Most of you are right to assess and determine the place of deception. The novel "The Three Musketeers" comes in the years 1627-1628. It was in these years took place the siege of La Rochelle, commanded by Cardinal Richelieu.

Yet in the real history of the Englishman Kenelm Digby produced the first powerful, strong and resistant to transport the bottle only in 1652. But even then it will be a single party, and not even the technology is patented. Truly mass wine bottle will meet no earlier than 1690-1700's. But even then, the innovative packaging will be done strictly under the order of inns, hotels and restaurants, and will serve exclusively for the storage of wine in the course of the year, purchased at the time of harvest keg and poured "into their packaging." Modern collection "glass seals" 1700-1720-ies - it is one of the most rare and unusual collections.

In times as our bottle of rum - this is rare, a little less than a diamond on the finger of D'Artagnan from the first book. A dozen bottles costs approximately like a good racehorse. That is without taking into account the wine itself Athos would have to pay for "sixty bottles of" price five good horses.

We all, of course, like the Comte de la Fere, but remember that it is rare for the soul vodilas sum is greater than "eat and drink". Moreover, conversation takes place after Athos lost dice every last dime and played 100 pistols, only to parlay his servant, Grimaud! Therefore, neither of which 60 bottles we could not go at all.