Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

Offer to the public a small selection of "gourmet" (and not only) movies, had success with the people of our country. All films are difficult to reach, so it is possible that something is missing.

"The Legend of the Dinosaurs", Japan, 1977

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

Horror Japanese director Junji Kurata. Synopsis: Lost in the woods girl falls into a cave, where he finds a huge egg, which she thinks is dead. But the shell cracks and she sees the inside of the egg yellow eyes covered with mucus. Young scientist set out to explore the cave, but during the descent begins earthquake that awakens to life prehistoric monster, begin to devour all in a row. But it turned out the monster is not one, but two, and between them the war begins. The finale of the film - a powerful explosion in a cave, the mortal combat of two monsters, a catastrophic earthquake, and the survivors of two lovers - a young scientist and the girl who found the egg.

In the Soviet box office film was a huge success with audiences. Its 48.7 million viewers watched. The premiere of the USSR in 1979.

"Fantomas", France, 1964

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

An adventure comedy film directed by André Hunebelle. Synopsis: Fantômas - elusive criminal, hiding his face behind a mask. In order to implement his plans, he uses a clever mask, allowing him to take the shape of other people. Police Commissioner Juve dreams in whatever was to catch Fantomas, as he said on television. In the pursuit of Fantômas Commissioner there is a lot of comical adventures.

The film had two sequels - "Fantomas huffed", "Fantômas contre Scotland Yard."

The first film looked 45.5 million Soviet viewers, the second - 44.7 million, the third - 34.3 million. Premiered in the USSR - 1967.

"The Great Race", USA, 1965

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

two-part comedy film directed by Blake Edwards travel. Summary: The beginning of the twentieth century. The famous test, a knight without fear and without reproach, always immaculately dressed all in white, Leslie, nicknamed the Great is organizing an unprecedented rally from New York to Paris. Envious and spiteful inventor Professor Fate with his loyal servant Max receives a call Leslie. He is ready to do anything he would not made it to the finish line alive. But what an adventure without a woman. And it appears - Maggie beauty promises editor of the daily newspaper to make a sensational report from the scene and goes to meet the dangers of driving their rattletrap. The race started, a hero, a villain and a beauty hit the road ...

In the USSR, the film looked at 38.8 million viewers. Premiered in the USSR - 1965.

"Save" Concord ", Italy, 1979

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

film-catastrophe thriller from Italian director Ruggero Deodato. Summary: The competitors will do anything to prevent the "Concord" to the world market. During the first ferry flights from London to Caracas newcomer "Concord" for unknown reasons, it falls in Caribbean waters. As soon as the news comes to the notorious journalist Moses Brodie, he takes off on Antilles to investigate the tragedy. There he learns that the crash was not without malice, and journalist begins a hunt ...

In the Soviet box office film was popular and watched by 24 million viewers. Many girls sheared "under the stewardess" after this film.

"The Abyss", USA, 1977

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

An adventure film directed by Peter Yates. Adaptation of the novel by Peter Benchley. Summary: Spouses Gail and David spend their holidays on the exotic island of Bermuda. During spearfishing it gets a luxurious and dangerous prey: they find a sunken Spanish ship, which is full of untold treasures. Adventurers are unaware what they face in the pursuit of treasure. In the end, they find themselves on the edge of the abyss, where any wrong move could cost lives. In the USSR, the film looked at 37.9 million viewers. Premiered in the USSR - 1981.

"Hangar 18", USA, 1980

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

Fantasy, the insurgent, a thriller from director James L. Konueyya. Summary: During satellite launch a NASA space shuttle accident occurs. Satellite encounters with UFOs. Unidentified object crash-land on Earth, and falls into the hands of government security forces. Astronauts who became a UFO landing witness returned to Earth, trying to find out the truth about the mysterious object encountered in orbit. Intelligence agencies are ready to go to any actions that none of the people did not know about the secret Hangar 18 - the place where the hidden alien ship.

How many viewers watched it in the Soviet Union, the information is not found, but the film is very popular among young people. Premiered in the USSR - 1982.

"Warlords of Atlantis", UK, 1978

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

A fantastic film directed by Kevin Connor. Summary: British scientists go in search of lost civilizations on a scientific ship. At the first bathysphere dive on her attack flying monsters and dragged away in ... underwater city where hiding the remains of the sunken Atlantis. Local leaders are able to control creatures like giant octopus or prehistoric amphibians like its mechanisms. In addition, they are able to look into the future. British worth a lot of sweat off those not encumbered owners hospitality.

"Death among icebergs," USA, 1977

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

The horror film by American director Michael Anderson. Summary: Captain Nolan I never really thought about what kind of irreparable harm it causes to wildlife. He's just doing his job perfectly. He did what he does best - he killed. I come out to sea and killing whales. One day he pulled out of the water the female whale. She died, and with it was lost, and it did not had time to be born baby. The tragedy occurred in front of a male whale. A killer whale - Monogamous by nature, as well as swans, as well as many living things ... From this moment the whale began to take revenge people. People close to Nolan, but Nolan captain of the whale was its special account. When the fishing village of little that remains, both - and Nolan and the whale - it became clear that they need to come together in a duel, which for some of them will be the last ... In the Soviet box office movie looked 33 million viewers.

"The Phantom of the castle Morrisville", Czechoslovakia, 1966

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

Comedy parody Czech director Bořivoj Zeman. Summary: Musician Symphony Orchestra of the Opera during the performance, which gives the opera by Georges Bizet's "Carmen", reads the English detective. This book makes a strong impression on him. Such that it presents itself to her hero, Sir Morris, owner of a Gothic castle. And then come the mysterious murders and disappearances, intrigue, kidnapping and love. The castle is also a lot of secret underground passages. Fraudster Manuel Diaz treasure hunt that has a terrible image of Ghost hunting for Manuel and his assistants, and the ancient castle Morrisville reveals its secrets with the name of the reporter and vocation-class detective Pinkerton and old policeman from Scotland Yard inspector Brembi.

In the USSR, the film looked at 22.9 million viewers. Premiered in the USSR - 1967.

"Convoy", USA, 1978

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

An adventure film directed by Sam Peckinpah. Summary: truckers are in conflict with one of the states Sheriff, which penalizes them for the slightest violation. In protest, they form a convoy - convoy of the many trucks that speeds along the roads of America, gaining at the expense of arriving cars. At the head of the convoy becomes an experienced trucker nicknamed Rubber Duck on the tractor Mack RS700L. The protest is gradually turning into a broad social movement, threatening the local governor ...

Release USSR film watched 35.9 million people.

And finally, some films from "Bollywood", stamping films as pies.

"The Tramp", India, 1951

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

melodrama from director Raj Kapoor starred in the film. Summary: Raju is forced to live on the street, as a child, his father left his mother, and they were left in the street. He's trying to kill his father, but fails. And now I have to appear before the court and defend him solve his childhood friend. The film was a sequel - "Shree 420", 1955.

"Tramp" was released in Soviet movie theaters hire in 1954 and 63.7 million people watched. The premiere of "Shree 420" in the Soviet Union took place in 1956 and the film grossed 34.3 million.

"Zita and Gita", India, 1972

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

melodrama from director Ramesh Sippy. Summary: The age-old story of two twin sisters who were separated in early childhood. Geeta, kidnapped by gypsies, became a wandering dancer. Zeta, brought rich uncle - heiress. But then, after going through a lot of fun adventures and misunderstandings, they met to the finale, each has found the long-awaited happiness and love.

The premiere took place in the USSR in 1976. The film looked at 55.2 million people.

"Sholay", India, 1975

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

Action by director Ramesh Sippy. Synopsis: Police Department was able to track down the gang leader and grab himself - Gabbar Singh. But none of the camera there are no walls that could keep him. The offender escapes from prison and brutally cracked down on the police inspector family. To avenge the bloody tyrant and protect the peaceful countryside of the gang of robbers, Inspector Thakur hires two daredevils. He has his own score to the leader of the gang, but revenge humbled before the law ...

In the USSR, the film was released in rent in 1979 and it looked 60 million viewers.

"Disco Dancer", India, 1982

Hit Movies in the USSR foreign theaters

The musical melodrama directed by Babbar Subhash. Summary: Anil since childhood, he was a street singer, speaking with his uncle. But one day his family was faced with the wealthy Oberoi, who accuses him of stealing his mother, and the woman goes to prison. After she got out of prison, Anil her mother left his hometown. His love for music made him famous singer, and he earned the nickname Jimmy eventually. Once, when he was already fairly well-known performer, Jimi met with Rita, who was the daughter of the very Oberoi. Upon learning that her daughter met with Jimmy, Oberoi decides to interfere with their relationship and destroy the career of Jimmy. In the USSR, rent a movie released in 1984 and immediately gained immense popularity. Its 60.9 million viewers watched.