Rules of Life Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay

• Rules of Life Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay

Rules of Life Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay

I can, and jerk in a funny hat, but I go to the Aston Martin DB5.

I live in a beautiful old mansion, surrounded by a beautiful rural landscape. In the nearby river trout, there are a few vegetable beds, and separate me from the work of 40 yards (about 36 meters -. Esquire).

I do not care if someone criticizes me.

My life style can be called Norns. I always found it important to be able to hide from humans. If I were an animal, I would be a marmot.

I have always lived a rather lonely life, and this feeling has a double effect, because I'm the only survivor of the twins. My brother died a few weeks after our birth. If you lose your twin, then life will live with the idea that someone ever took something from your heart.

I'm not spreading about privacy. Your personal life - it's your personal life. You berezhesh it for yourself and those closest. Journalists, in fact, accept it and, as a consequence, begin a more respected you.

I like women who enjoy life in the country. I like women who are accustomed to wellies and who is not afraid difficulties. The one who wants to live with me, must take the rural life and love wet from rain dogs. The shops I can still find any jacket, which I like. But I never can buy pants that are tailored as much as I like. No one does more to light flared trousers. It is very exhausting.

just as faceless people faceless machines scare me.

I collect cars are not for someone to say, "Look at his wheelbarrow." I like it when people say, 'Look at this wheelbarrow. "

I would not want to provide a service to the British government as a possibility to impose my taxes. They do not tax the art. And my collection of cars - a collection of art objects.

Receive a prize of "Top Gear" is much more honorable to me than to receive "Grammy."

When I told my insurer that I wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, he just licked his lips nervously.

Helicopter gives you freedom. You can squeeze 150 miles per hour and not be afraid of being arrested. I can outrun any car on the highway, although I know that they probably will not even notice me.

I'm probably the most impatient man who ever appeared on this planet. But I also know that the best always have to wait a long time in my life.

I am grateful to the mother because when I was 16, she threw a kick me out of the house. Because of this I now firmly standing on their feet.

From 16 to 21 years I worked in different factories. I packed batteries and glued boxes. And still hanging around the streets with heroin dudes. Cocaine saved me mother. By Christmas of 2003, when I had not slept for several days, and my eyes were like golf balls, she appeared at my house and said, "If you continue, you will lose everything, except life itself. But then you lose your life. "

One day I rented in Costa Rica Plane, and we got to him in the elevated turbulence. Everyone who was on board, it seemed that this was the end. Then I asked the pilot to try to land the car, and he said: "I think we can do it." Since then, I wonder: For how many people "I think we can do it," were the last words?

We will never overcome the barrier of the speed of light. It's impossible, and I'm glad of it. It makes me angry that we are committed to space, but here, right under your feet, lies a beautiful living planet.

See every morning on kingfishers much more interesting than keep track of what's going on with David Beckham.

I always found it difficult to sleep. Spinning tunes in the head, one after another.

I've never appeared nude in public, except in the case when I was caught ssuschim on Kings Road. But in my day everything went wrong.