How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

Selection of hairstyles, as well as the choice of a new dress, paired with a lot of hassle: view of fashion magazines, photographs of stars, evaluation images friends and acquaintances. And if all of the dresses in the shops you can remeasure without compromising image haircut experiments can result in disastrous appearance. Harmoniously matched hairstyle will make the appearance of charm, charm, present in a favorable light the dignity of the person, while bad can completely deprive the woman appeal.

The same can be said about the choice of hairstyles for men. How to avoid mistakes when experimenting with hair and how to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? It is this sore subject devoted to our current publication.

On what is the choice of hairstyles

Any haircut selected based, firstly, on the shape of the face, and then take into account other characteristics: the structure of hair, body type, height, age. As for fashion, hair style is selected in accordance with the individual features of appearance, but her shape and hair color may have to submit to fashion trends.

A common method is to choose a hairstyle for your face shape, repelled by its five types: round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular. Each of these forms correspond to certain types of male and female hairstyles.

How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

How to determine your type: 2 ways to

  1. Located in front of a large wall mirror, flip your hair back, remove the bangs and draw a marker contours of your face. line drawing will clearly show to a geometrical figure applies to your face.
  2. Take a picture of yourself on the phone, and then look closely at the picture and identify its type. Photos can also be printed and cut around the pencil shape of the face.

Measure using a measuring tape line forehead, chin, cheeks and facial height. Record the results on paper (the characteristics shown below).

Characteristic facial types

Oval. Form close to the outline of an inverted egg: Oval gradually narrowed down. The forehead is high or low, cheekbones blended with lines not particularly standing out, the chin nicely rounded. The height of the oval face of greater length (in cm) than in width. Oval is considered the standard and is outside the scope of the rules, "the selection of haircuts on the type of person." This form will suit any hairstyle and hair length.

Cylindrical face is characterized by the same ratio of length and width, round chin. There are no corners and clean lines.

Square. That person, as well as round, peculiar to the length and width of the sheet, there is some angular features, low forehead, cheekbones, broad, massive chin, jaw has sharp angles in the broad places. Cheeks, forehead and jaw of a "square" are the same in width.

How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

Triangular face different broad cheekbones and forehead on the background of a relatively narrow chin. Visually, the wide forehead line gradually narrows to the cheeks and chin.

Rectangular. The high forehead and chin extended with the length greater than the width, say a rectangular (or elongated) type of person. It has approximately the same width of the forehead, the cheeks and jaw.

Oval face: Features of the master

Owners right oval lucky: they do not need to choose a hairstyle for the person type, correct and hide irregular features. They fit any hairstyle, whether it is a trendy retro stage or short, for example waiter. However, even here there are "reefs", you should be aware:

  • Some features of unpresentable appearance can obscure the details of hairstyles - bangs, asymmetrical details.
  • visually lengthen a round oval help asymmetrical haircut and bangs soften elongated oval - direct or oblique.
  • Before you choose a hairstyle for the person type, pay attention to the structure of the hair. Even a perfect oval will not look charming, if a person will hang along the straight lines of a very thin hair. In this type of shag hairstyles recommended to the chin line with profiled ends.
  • The oval will be perfectly in harmony with the long hair is straight and wavy.
  • Men with an oval face will suit any type of hair style, however, there will have to take into account the position of the eyes, ears and nose shape. How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

Be that as it may, the owners of "oval" seldom tormented by the question, how to choose a hairstyle for your face shape, since it is available almost all.

A round face: a visual extension of

Selection of hairstyles for round face is based on the fact that visually give it a more elongated shape. Chubby recommended:

  • Visually add-face length, veiled rounded form using an oblique or direct short bangs, long, straight hair.
  • Use multilayer and multi clippers (cascade ladder), in which the strands have a different length, preferably with a central parting.
  • have focused on the amount of hair: locks on the crown should be short and to create volume.
  • Curling hair waves and apply fancy effects "wet strands."
  • Use asymmetric details: side parting, oblique fringe, hair combed to one side.
  • Avoid zachesyvaniya strands back ultrashort haircuts, intensive calibration, lengths up to his chin and above.
  • Rack is the most perfect option that can make the image of harmony and charm.
How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

What must also be men's haircuts, facial shape chosen if this form - a circle? The best option - cut, where the strands laterally shorter on top longer supplemented small fringe side. Should avoid too short, round and lush haircuts.

"Triangle": distract attention from the narrow chin

Triangular face needs:

  • The haircuts, visually slimming cheeks and concealing the width of the forehead.
  • The cascade embodiments in which the first layers begins at the chin line, and even a little lower.
  • In short, curly hair.
  • In Shape with shaped ends that visually expand the narrow lower part of the face.
  • In stacking, creating additional volume in the chin area.
  • In the long straight or slanting bangs.

Haircuts for women, according to the type of person "triangle" selected, should not consist of a single hair length to reach the chin line to be long and flowing ultra. They will frame the face with straight lines and focus on a narrow chin.

How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

Men should choose a hairstyle that will narrow forehead and chin to add width. One option: hair combed to one side, and the face is decorated with a thick beard. Stylish image, but brave macho guaranteed!

The square shape: add softness angles

When selecting a hairstyle according to the type of person "square" should focus on mitigating the visual angles elongation. The ideal solution for owners of square type - asymmetrical haircuts, oblique parting, direct and oblique bangs below the eyebrow. BEST MODE - volumetric shearing completely covering the ears or bit length of the chin. Sharp corners can be relaxed design variations where accents are placed on the eyes and lips, or, for example, square ruffled on the chin line, which will soften the square jaw and veils sharp corners unfeminine.

How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

This category includes also options with cascading locks decimated, falling to the face, lush, voluminous hairstyles. Not be discounted and curls, light waves, hair of any length.

Men with square faces should give preference haircuts recommended for people with a round type.

The rectangular shape of "draw" oval

Because of its elongated shape "box" needs to expand the illusion of the temples and cheekbones, narrowing jawline and forehead, ie this type of need as close to the oval. There are appropriate boyish short cut that will add roundness of the face, thick bangs, long, square and round shapes, creating the illusion of volume in the chin area. Fit to play variations, covering the ears and face framing waves. Fear should be central partings, vertical lines, long, straight cuts.

For men, the selection of hairstyles by face shape "box" is based on the same criteria. It will look attractive owner of this form to the hair, where the lateral zones more hair than on the crown and nape. And coupled with a neat beard he does can claim the title of "sexiest man".

How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape? Men's and women's haircuts, properly fitted for your face shape

Important details of

Properly chosen hairstyle not only bring in the way of attractions, but also help to successfully hide flaws appearance. To do this, you need to know some little things:

  • small features will help to present in a favorable light small curls.
  • Long nose in harmony with a long thick bangs, and a snub - with raised hair.
  • "Extend" short neck, you can use the triangular slices cut.
  • The smooth straight hair along her cheeks visually "push us away" from each other close-set eyes.
  • petite women are not desirable curvy, short curly hair, creating volume.
  • hair can hide the big ears, sloping forehead, to divert attention from a large nose.

for face shape online hair Haircut

If you just can not pick up a suitable hairstyle, use special programs on the sites. Such projects easily and quickly change the shape of a hairstyle, hair color, outputs the optimal hair. However, there are some disadvantages - the virtual results may differ materially from actual. And in fact, you do not get exactly what was on the screen.

To date, there are plenty of tips and advice on how to choose a hairstyle for your face shape. Do not focus on rules, trust your instincts, because the main thing that haircut liked in the first place and gave you confidence. And the rest is not important.