Beauty Secrets from Halle Berry

• Beauty Secrets by Holly Berry

Beauty Secrets from Halle Berry

"Sugar", cardio, tuna and lots of water - these and other rules of beauty and harmony of celebrities.

In late March, the actress in his Instagram photo posted with the caption "I, when someone tells me:" I'm going, and I have a snack. "

However, fans of the celebrity struck even the brave and sincere lyrics, and the figure and radiant appearance Holly, who is now 50 years old! (Looking at it, we also can not believe it).

What's the perfect body secret, fresh skin and vigor stars?

It has changed my life

Holly Berry diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 19 years. Then she realized that for the sake of their health should make Serious changes in lifestyle. In this regard, the actress has completely abandoned the processed sugar, bread and very fatty foods in the diet. Instead, she chose a diet that includes plenty of vegetables and clean water.

Beauty Secrets from Halle Berry

"My diet is aimed at managing my diagnosis, so I try to eat small portions of 4 times a day. This fresh vegetables, chicken, fish and pasta. I like to feel strong and healthy, "- says Berry. And her favorite dishes - it's grilled tuna and garlic mashed potatoes.

It avoids sugar

The actress knows: in addition to health problems, the sugar is able to create a lot of problems for her skin. Therefore Holly calls it "poison" and uses a sugar substitute itself and gives it to his two children.

She drinks protein shakes

When Halle Berry is busy on the set, it is necessary to maintain the level of energy at a constant level. To do this, she drinks protein shakes.

Beauty Secrets from Halle Berry

"Vegetable protein helps me to quickly get enough energy," - says the secret of his activity Holi.

She is attentive to his age

"Every year the beauty given to me all the more difficult. The older I get, the more closely I watch what I eat, "- he shared the actress.

It adheres to a system of training

"I never work with more weight during training - only if it is not required for my role in the film. I usually just do cardio and exercises with its own weight. I do not want to be overly muscular. "

Beauty Secrets from Halle Berry