How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

To choose the right shape of eyebrows and hair, you first need to determine the type of person. Not all women bother doing this, so sometimes some look a bit ridiculous and funny. Face shape is also a determining factor when choosing makeup. Every woman is good in its own way, the main thing - to consider their own flavor and apply it effectively. That is why the question of how to determine the shape of the face, is quite important for girls who look after their appearance.

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

How to determine your type?

To define your own face shape, you need to wash off makeup and comb her hair back. Perhaps the reflection in the mirror will not be clear to conform to a single type, as they are often mixed. But highlight the predominant form is still possible. To learn how to determine your face shape, you need to consider the recommendations of experts.

The test for determining the type of person

There is a test that will help women to understand this question. To determine the shape you need to prepare a comfortable range, with clear divisions. Fully opening the face, it is necessary to measure the length, starting from the roots of the hair and finishing with the lowest point of the chin. And the result is determined by the length of the third, ie the resulting number should be divided by three. Result B indicates the distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose.

If the value of A is greater than B, then face more square in shape and length. Otherwise, rhomboidal or round shape. When A equals B - face oval or heart-shaped. If you know how to determine which form of the face, the woman will be easier to choose the makeup and hair.

Face Shapes

Professional stylists and makeup artists share the existing types of persons for the main types:

  • Oval.
  • Round.
  • Rectangular or square.
  • Triangular.
  • pear-shaped.
  • diamond-shaped.

To understand how to determine your face shape, you need to know the basic parameters. The ratio of the vertical to the horizontal should be 3: 2. According to these indicators, the dominant type is determined by:

  • Line cheekbones.
  • jaw line.
  • forehead line.

Oval Type

In this case, the most extensive line should be in the cheeks, and the narrowest - at the jaws. Owners of this form must be happy: they will fit almost any hairstyle and any makeup. If your hair is curly and thick, it is possible to profile a bit and cut them. If curls make it easier, the overall image immediately becomes more airy and weightless. If short hair, perfect sloppy haircut.

When thin, long hair, the best option - it is a graded haircut. It will give volume and shape of hair. Oval face type allows you to experiment and find their own style, so its owner can safely operate.

Bangs can be absolutely any from sexual short to long, slicked back.

Experts recommend a little to lighten the hair framing the face to accentuate the oval shape.

Women who figured out how to determine the shape of the face and choose a hairstyle, do not forget that at the oval face should not wear heavy bangs and let in the hair on the face.

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

Round Type persons

If horizontal and vertical are almost equal, then we can talk about the round shape. The broadest line falls on the cheekbones, giving the face a soft, smooth features. If wavy or curly hair, you should avoid haircuts with round shapes. It is better if the hair will fall on the face of long strands, extending it and emphasizing the cheekbones. Well suited to owners of this type of graded haircut, a little careless.

The bangs should be straight and short. But the average length of a little hide the width of the face. You can slightly darken the hair at the sides and lighten up on top.

Do not make a parting in the middle, very short haircut or wearing too voluminous hairstyle.

The person is rectangular (square) shape

This type is characterized by a large forehead and narrow chin. Often very pronounced cheekbones. To round off a bit line, it is better to wear a medium-length hair, such as a square shoulders. It is not necessary to dissolve the hair on the sides, it is visually pull the face.

The bangs should cover the ears. Well, if the additional volume will be created on top.

It is not necessary to wear a long straight hair or hairstyle "a la Valley".

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

The triangular shape of

Owners of this type are often still at school interested in how to determine the shape of the face, as not every hairstyle suits them. The main rule - to reduce the widest part of the face, ie forehead. The shape of eyebrows is best to choose a round and not very long.

Style your hair stands so that the strands smoothly curled down and parted in the middle was a direct or lateral separation. You can also combed hair behind her ears, drawing attention to her eyes. The secret is that you need to create a volume in the lower part of the face. Well hides the flaws graded haircut, if the hair will fall on your face. Bangs can make a light and weightless. It is not necessary to wear a lush and updo.

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

Pear-Shaped type of person

If a woman has the widest jaw line and forehead, on the contrary, is narrow, it is - the owner of the pear-shaped type. The most important advice - it is necessary to extend the visual forehead. A similar effect can be obtained to extend the eyebrow.

Hairstyle must be chosen in such a way to hide the massive lower part of the face. Well look pricheski- "cap" up to the middle ear.


Women who know how to identify the shape of the face is much easier to create your own unique style. To a large extent this applies to owners of the diamond type of person. If you are the widest part of the cheekbones, forehead needs to expand visually.

In this case, better to choose updo. Hair must be quite long, as well as fringe. Curls at the bottom, you can tighten up a little bit. The widest part of the hairstyle should be at the level of the forehead and ears.

How to choose a hairstyle man?

Determine the shape of the man's face can be on the same algorithm as the woman. It is sufficient to measure the main line.

An oval face

This form is considered to be the most successful. A man can wear any hairstyle and experiment with a beard.

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

A round face

Round face can be called when the jaw line and cheekbones are almost identical. To slightly lengthen the face, you need to wear a non-positive hairstyles with short bangs that are combed to one side. It is not necessary to be cut very short, it is only emphasize the roundness.

A square face

If an angular chin and cheekbones and jaw the same width, it can be argued that the man's face square shape. On each side is better to cut your hair quite short, and at the top you can leave the volume.

How to determine your face shape and hairstyle to choose

Triangular face or the face in the form of heart

If the cheekbones and forehead is much wider than the chin, the man has a triangular type of person. Smooth out the lines help a beard or hair comb-over on one side. Choosing a hairstyle, a man has to worry about how to balance the lower and upper part of the face.

General recommendations

If you know how to define the shape of the face, the man will be much easier to pick up your image and always stylish and look good.

Men with broad cheeks need to cut their hair short at the temples and keep the length of the top of the head. Pointed chin visually soften when to grow a bang and make a neat beard.

Finding your own style do not forget that you must take into account not only what form has a face, but also to pay attention to growth, facial features and complexion.