How to cook milk products to

We tell how to make cottage cheese, sour cream and fermented baked milk at home.

How to cook milk products to

The most delicious dairy products - home. They are also the most reliable. After all, in their manufacture, you definitely will not use palm oil, harmful preservatives, diluted with milk or cream. Unfortunately, we do these products rarely. It seems that it is so long and laborious. In fact, the preparation of homemade yogurt takes about 20 minutes + one exposure night. In the morning you have a quality delicious yogurt. The same can be said of sour cream or cottage cheese.

It is only necessary to conduct a thoughtful preparation for the process, but only once. Buy leaven and a thermometer, if necessary, to find a place with quality milk.


Cheese is best suited raw milk. It gives a much higher yield of the product. In the resulting cheese - a completely different taste. In addition to the markets and shops selling raw milk is prohibited, all the milk must be pasteurized - is safer. But in the rural markets, rural grandmothers-thrush, the farmers finally in farm online stores, raw milk can be bought freely. But insecure, since cows are biting ticks that carry nasty diseases, for example. So if we buy raw milk, take it from reliable people who take good care of their animals and accurately process them from parasites.

How to cook milk products to

If you buy milk at the store, you need to take pasteurized. A good test: buy and wait until the expiry date. If the milk is easy to turn sour, but it turned out it will sour sweet taste - the milk is suitable for cooking at home dairy products.


To get the majority of dairy products in the milk must be added a starter. Usually it is - has already received the initial product. That is, if a yoghurt - to be added to the milk of yogurt. And in some cases, the older the yeast and bacteria living in it, the better to get a fermented milk product. Therefore it is best to take a starter from neighbors or friends. Although you can buy: some shops and businesses that make kislomolochku sell ferment for yoghurt, kefir and the other fermented milk products, as leaven sold in pharmacies.

The cheese needs rennet, which is so simple in stores you will not find. The surest way to - online shopping. Specialized for cheesemaking. There are many different starters and inexpensive. The only negative - will have to pay for shipping.


It is indispensable, if you decide to do home cheese makers, but even if you just want to make a cream. Because "by eye" - the liquid temperature is not determined. For example, 29-30 degrees - this is for hands - cool water. It seems colder room temperature. Theoretically, it is possible to determine the temperature only 40 degrees, tasting liquid mouth if does not burn nor cold - so about what you need. But in cheese production is often necessary to raise and lower the temperature of 5-10 degrees. And then, without a thermometer nowhere.

We will approach the normal-thermometer probe. He, incidentally, is a universal. And for liquids, and steak, and can measure the temperature inside the baking.


Typically, it is obtained by samozakvasa. That is simply sour milk and the day is transformed into yogurt. If you want to speed up the process, you can add a spoonful of milk in the old yogurt, a crust of bread.


Same yogurt, but because of warm milk. Melted - called milk is very long languished at a temperature of 95 degrees. Previously, this product was prepared in Russian furnaces. In urban kitchens we can use multivarku.


How to cook milk products to

It is recommended to take as often leaven stores of natural yogurt, but it is not safe, as there may be unaccounted for components, such as thickeners, stabilizers. It is best to take a starter from a friend who makes homemade yogurt, or buy a dry sourdough - it is sold in some pharmacies.

We need:

Pasteurized milk with a small shelf life

Leaven: Bulgarian bacillus and thermophilic streptococci

Tools: thermos or yogurt

Step 1. Dilute the starter a glass of warm milk.

Step 2. Pour into a thermos, stand 6-8 hours in a warm place.

Tip: yeast can be stored in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Once it is used up, you can use to ferment their own yoghurt

Step 3. Milk boil and cool. Pour into a thermos.

Step 4. Place the starter. For 1 liter milk -1 tablespoon. Soaking 6 hours.


How to cook milk products to

Once the cream prepared very simply - it was formed on curdled yellow thick layer of sour cream. This method is suitable if you have friend cow and reliable yeast - from the village fat milk cream will effortlessly.

But usually, even good thrush sell us skim milk. This milk, which removed the top layer of cream. Therefore, milk is a layer of cream, but very thin. And milk pro shop and say nothing. It does not form cream.

Yet the sour cream can be done at home.

You will need:

1 liter of cream

Ferment: 1 g (1 bag) to sour leaven

Tools: multivarka, thermos or yogurt

Step 1. Cream heated to 35 degrees.

Step 2: Enter the cream in ferment (if not dry yeast, it is possible to put a spoonful of sour cream).

Step 3. Cream with yeast strain into yogurt, multivarku or thermos, and maintain a constant temperature of about 35-38 degrees for 8-12 hours.

Step 4. When the cream zagusteyut, put in the refrigerator.


How to cook milk products to

need good milk with a short shelf life for cottage cheese. A simple check: if the milk turns sour and out of it will still be quite sour, so it is suitable for cottage cheese, yogurt and other experiments. Ideally, of course, to buy milk from the farmer, fresh, tasty and greasy. From this milk will also sour, and the final yield will be greater. 3 liters of fresh milk

Leaven: 1 crust of bread

Tools: Gauze

Step 1. In the milk to put a crust of rye bread and leave for 2-3 days turn sour and turn into yogurt.

Step 2: yogurt to shift into a saucepan and put on a small fire.

Tip: if it were formed sour cream, sour cream, they also, it is better to remove it.

Step 3. Heat for 15-20 minutes several times mix gently from bottom to top with a wooden spoon.

Step 4: Leave overnight to cool and separate. After that, put the cheese in cheesecloth and leave to drain for a few hours.

From the serum

By the way, serum, that is, the fluid that is cut off when heated yogurt, do not need to pour. With it, you can cook a lot of tasty and can be used for cosmetic purposes - as a nourishing mask for the face, body and hair. Another of the serum makes white kvass, bake pancakes on it. And cook the ricotta.