Let's talk about mosquitoes

• Talk about mosquitoes

Why they do not get wet in the rain, a group of blood "prefer" to try and why children are more likely to sacrifice?

Let's talk about mosquitoes

Wild bee - that is, according to many researchers, translated the Slavic word "mosquito".

Modern mosquito - real trifle, of no more than 12, 5 mm. He spent five minutes with dry flies between streams and rain can easily walk around the threads of the web. But mosquito ancestors appeared about 100 million years ago, reached up to 5 cm in length.

The mosquito has a lip. Look closely - these are the ones that bite you at night: the proboscis of an insect and has his lips, they just folded up into a tube. Well lips - the bloodsucker have jaws (long needles inside the proboscis) and language! Through a "wild bees" and gives the wound sacrifice their saliva, which contains anticoagulants that prevent blood clotting.

Teeth mosquito too. Tiny, but many - 50 pieces. Here they have an insect and pierces your skin. And the night visitor of your bedroom, as you know, exclusively female - the male mosquito mouthparts underdeveloped, and they feed on nectar.

Blood is needed to females not only for food, but in order to make as many offspring, which are vital proteins and iron. The female does not get a "dose" postpone five to ten eggs, dine blood - all 200. By the way, at a time mosquito special ability to drink twice - or even more - of blood, than it weighs itself. Needless to say, women - evil. And females choose their partners. And unlike the representatives of Homo sapiens, male Culicidae (that is, in fact, mosquitoes) prefer to "give" older.

Squeak of a mosquito - is not nothing like the sound of its wings, which he waved a truly insane speed - 600 claps per second. This squeaking and females attract their cavaliers. Males also squeak, squeak but they, as befits men, a bassist. As well as at the more attractive the older females.

Let's talk about mosquitoes

mosquito larvae

And yes, mosquitoes preference - not a myth. They really do exist - some people insect bite more than others. Popular version - the difference in blood groups. There is evidence that the most "delicious" bloodsuckers think the first group, the second place - the third, but the second mosquitoes do not like.

And the fineness of the skin there seems to be nothing to do. Children insects do bite more often, but not because of their tonkokozhesti, but because they breathe out as much carbon dioxide (and pregnant women). Adore vampires and the lucky owners of the rapid metabolism - their blood is warmer than the rest, and the bloodsuckers prefer "hot to". Another risk of being bitten - an abundance of bacteria in the body (as evidenced by the smell of ammonia and sweat), as well as alcoholic "flavor". Salvation, however, is - climb higher. Mosquitoes, of course, can not only reach the outskirts to the fifth, but even up to the ninth and 14th floors, but the height is still no love. At worst, you will save a hot climate - insects rarely go on "hunting" at temperatures above +28 ° C. Even worse, they feel the cold - below +12 ° C. At the same time the mosquitoes settled virtually all continents. They are even in Antarctica - though there are found only in edges not covered with ice coast. It chironomids, who do not eat as an adult insects - all the food they get in the larval stage. In any case, do not worry - scientists have found: to drink all your blood will need about 1, 2 million mosquitoes.