How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

Swimming - what should master each person. Leaving the sea or other open water in the summer, everyone wants to enjoy your holiday in full, and it is almost impossible if the person does not know how to swim. Doctors say that the voyage - is not just a pleasant experience, but also useful, because in its process of developing the respiratory system, are trained muscles, improves metabolism and blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system. "How quickly learn to swim?" - a question that is relevant to people of all ages. Start is never too late, but the teaching methods will be different. Let us consider in more detail where and how to learn to swim different styles.

Where to learn to swim?

Most people are afraid to do "first steps" in the open water. There is self-doubt, fear, depth, extra eyes, turned to the man. All this has a negative effect on the result, so it is often chosen for such purpose indoor pools. If you have chosen the open water, it is better that it was the sea. Salt water will keep you on the surface, there is no flow, and the learning process will take place more quickly and efficiently. However, it should be prepared for the fact that easy and carefree swimming in the sea is different from swimming in the river, which did not raise up, and also takes you somewhere.

Practicing breathing

How to quickly learn how to swim? It is important to learn the basics. Proper breathing - the cornerstone. It is important to remember that the breath should be done by mouth and mouth to breathe the same air into the water. The deeper the breath, the easier the body rests on the water, but filled to the limit of light can interfere with the swimmer. There are plenty of exercises for breathing exercises. For example, even professional athletes before heats kneaded inhaling mouth as much air as possible, squatting with her head into water and the whole exhaling breath.

Learning to float

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

To learn how to stay on the water, you need to master the so-called "star". To do this, you need to dial into the lungs as much air a person lower in the water, stretch arms and legs and lie there. In this case, you can not breathe the air, because exhaling, you will begin to be submerged. Such an exercise coached breathing, as well as eliminates the fear of water. A person performing it for the first time, recognizes that full light - a kind of lifeline that helps to float even without additional movements.

Learning to work your feet

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

Before you learn to swim on their own, need to realize that the most active part in the process of taking his feet. They are responsible for the speed of movement. Socks swimmers are always stretched. kicks in intensity must remind blow whip. Naturally, the footwork will be different depending on the style of swimming. For training you can hold out for the side of the pool or some object that will keep you on the surface, and work their feet under water only.

Basic swimming terminology

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

Stroke - main motion hands while swimming. Fingers at the same time must be compressed, and the swimmer must continually monitor it. Often beginners forget about it, and why they took so long to get to conquer the water. Stroke is bent at the shoulder about 45 degrees by hand, elbow rests at right angles.

Carrying - the movement that is above the water when the hand sweeps forward after stroke. It does it like this: arm sweeps over his head, being bent at the shoulder at 45 degrees at the elbow - 90. Carrying and stroke are made simultaneously by different hands. As for breathing, you breathe correctly during the implementation of the stroke. The head rises towards hands that makes pronose. That is, if carried by the right hand, with the breath is turning to the right of the head.

sailing Styles

How to quickly learn how to swim different styles? There are four styles, about the features of which will be discussed further.

The first - a crawl, the fastest of all. It is a way of navigation on the chest. Hands make mahi-strokes, feet together or apart. More simply, the hand will be reminded of the mill job, legs - scissor work.

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

The second - breaststroke. This style, on the contrary, the slowest. However, on such a voyage is consumed very little power. Hands do not bring into the air, and it is the hallmark of the breaststroke. Stroke is made at the same time with both hands, which are returned to the original position under the water sweeps.

The third style - backstroke. In fact, it is the same crawl, and the only difference - the direction of movement of the arms.

Butterfly - a fourth style, which is considered the most difficult. Learn to swim is very difficult, but possible. Butterfly is one of the fastest ways to move in the water and at the same time the most beautiful. Stroke is made with both hands simultaneously, followed by Bringing both hands in the air. In this case, the hands should be straight and the palm is necessary to turn back. So it will be easier to make a new stroke. Craftsmen are advised to begin to master this style only when it reached perfection in others. Among the most popular subtypes of the above styles - swimming like a dog, and as a mermaid. Surely they know everything.

As children learn to swim?

They say that the sooner you start teaching a child to swim, so much the better: the easier and faster it will learn to stay on the water, and the more useful it will be for his body. All this is true, but not always to teach a child to swim - an easy task. Many parents do not know where to begin, whether to keep the baby in any navigation section or can be cope on their own.

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

First of all, before going to sea parents acquire around, which keeps with the child on the surface and protects it from any kind of danger. However, very soon the baby is tired pastime. He is trying to get out of the circle, turns and capricious, because she wants to swim on their own as adults. Then you should pay attention to the sleeves and start learning to swim is with them.

The first thing to overcome, - fear of the child before diving into the water. There are many interesting children's exercises. For example, you can offer your child to breathe the air and plunge his head to eye level in the water, as does the Hippo, and breathe under water. Or the child can close your eyes, hold your breath and lowered his face into the water for a few seconds. It is important to do these exercises near the shore, with their parents. Notice also stands on exercises for the development of navigation equipment that will train the muscles and teach properly move his arms and legs.

How to quickly learn how to swim? How to learn to swim on their own?

It is only when the child can not experience to dive into the water with the head, you can remove the sleeves. First you need to learn how to swim a short distance from subject to subject, or from person to person. First you need to push the student will meet and, later, he would go himself, when traffic will become more confident. Then we can think about how to learn to swim under water. Usually, it is given to children only.


Thus, swimming - clear and systematic process that does not place a chaotic and uncontrolled movements of the movement in water. Once all the elements together (breathing, ability to float on water, the right gestures and the right morale) - the key to successful movement in the water. If you learn to swim different styles, you will have to do is not only quick and easy, but also diverse. This process will bring you only positive emotions. Since you now know how to quickly learn how to swim, you can safely proceed to the occupation!