How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

How to lose weight with water and is it even possible? This simple method will allow you to not only get rid of the hated kilograms, but also to improve their health. Moreover, you do not have to put any special effort, because the use of water - this is a natural process of life.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

The easy way to

Currently, the question of how to lose weight in the water, are given not only ordinary citizens, but also people from the world of cinema and show business. In principle, there is nothing unusual in this quest. Each of us wants to be beautiful and slim. But not everyone is given the nature of the ideal figure. Therefore, people with overweight sit on numerous diets and expose themselves to a grueling exercise. Of course, not everyone is willing to give up tasty food and daily torture myself in the gym. As for the diet on the water, it does not involve severe food restrictions and additional loads. Perhaps this is the deciding factor when choosing from the numerous variety of options offered food.

The benefits of diet on the water

Before we dive into the question of how to lose weight with the help of water, it is necessary to understand exactly what benefits you get in the process of compliance with the main points of such a regime.

  • Think about how much water you drink per day? It is said that soft drinks in this volume do not have to enter. The thing is that if you plan to stick to a diet on the water, and then you do have to give up soda; (By the way, no good for the body, such liquid does not bring).
  • This version of the diet is easily tolerated and does not cause particular discomfort. This is due to the fact that the use of water - a natural need of every human being. Moreover, the diet on the water contribute to the fact that your body will return to normal fluid balance.
  • In addition to all the above, the water adhering to the diet, you clean your body, notice that you no longer ride the pressure, as well as the process of digestion in your body will go much faster.
  • And thus, perhaps, a great advantage on the water diet is that you do not have to limit yourself to your favorite foods. To lose weight, you need to drink water. That's all. This means that you will be able to consume the same foods that they ate to the selected mode. Enormous changes will occur only with the amount of fluids you drink you. How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

How much you need to drink water?

Now let's turn to the question of how much to drink water to lose weight? Most likely, before the decision to sit in the aquatic diet, you drink only when you wanted them. And clean water you used in the case, if there did not turn out the juice or some other drink. So, now you have to drink water anytime and anywhere. It should completely replace coffee and soda, and other beverages.

Do not drink after eating

In order to understand how to lose weight with water, you must first know about the simple but important rule. It is this: after you eat, you should not drink the water. Drinking water during or after a meal will weaken the action of saliva on starch in the mouth and stomach, to dilute the digestive juices and quickly take them with you. As a result, the food will be in the stomach until the body can not synthesize and does not allocate new enzymes or slip untreated gastric juices into the lower sections, where subjected to rot and bacterial degradation with subsequent absorption of these products into the bloodstream.

From the foregoing it appears that the main rule on the question of how to drink water to lose weight is its correct reception. We have found that after a meal to drink it is not necessary, and the ideal time interval between eating and drinking is a period of more than 2 hours. This time just enough for you to have time to digest the food, and a person does not have such an unpleasant things like heartburn and heaviness in the stomach.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

need water before eating

How to lose weight with water? In fact, everything is very simple. You need 30 minutes before a meal to drink a certain amount of liquid. How much drinking water to lose weight, it's up to you. First of all, it makes you should not be uncomfortable. Someone might be time to drink two cups of water, and someone quite a small (0, 33 L) bottles. One thing is clear for sure: drunk 30 minutes before eating water to accelerate the digestion of food, and at the same time struggling with excess weight.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

The ideal formula

Now let's try to deal with the question of how water helps to lose weight? In fact, everything is very simple. Drinking water, we fill in the stomach of a certain place. Thus, we do not want to eat so much. Therefore, in order to feel full, you will now need to eat half the meal. Also, as already mentioned, the water contributes to the acceleration of metabolism. Moreover, adhering to this rule, very soon you will no longer feel uncomfortable. And notice that stopped very tired during the day.

Let us return to our question about how to drink water to lose weight? So, now withdrawn the ideal formula for its use, which allows you to feel comfortable and at the same time to achieve the desired result. Per kilogram of body weight on a daily basis should be at least 49 milliliters of liquid. Well, for example, if you weigh 100 kg, then the day you should drink at least 4 liters of water. Naturally, said volume is used during the day, not at once.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

Be careful

So now you know how to lose weight with water. But still, as you know, should be in moderation. This diet is no exception. It is not necessary to get involved in it, and keep on a permanent basis. Give your body time to break. Diet should be followed for thirty days, after which a break must be made. You can be sure that the first results will be seen already in the first week. Every seven days, will leave about 4 kg. And all you can do, not limiting themselves to the food.

If you can not imagine my life without beverages such as coffee and tea, then you have to get used to the fact that for each cup will have to pay one glass of water. So, for example, if you are a morning drink a cup of tea, then at a later date you will have to drink before a meal than a glass of water, but two.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

Pure water

It is also very important to say that ordinary water from the tap is not suitable for the diet. It is best to drink filtered or even boiled.

A separate issue is the time that the stick water diet is not recommended for people who have problems with the heart and kidneys. Do not forget that, sitting in the aquatic diet, you have to reduce salt intake, ie. To. It is it prevents the fluid out of the body.

Of course, the diet on the water does not require giving up any products. But, on the basis of logical reasoning, yet it is not necessary to eat large quantities of fat and flour dishes.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

What role does water for the human body?

As you know, all life on Earth could not exist without water. Thus, for example, our body contains from 55 to 78% liquid. If a person loses at least 10% of these volumes, he can simply die. It is for this reason that every day people drink water and beverages, as well as eating foods high in water. According to the essence of things, a person must (depending on the place of residence and other features) to drink 1, 5 to 3 liters of fluid a day.

How to lose weight with water? As water helps to lose weight

Important rules

So, if you decide that you definitely want to lose weight with water, then you have to adhere to certain mandatory rules:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, do not drink water immediately after a meal. Up to this point it must pass a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Drinking during meals is also contraindicated. The thing is that by drinking the liquid during meals, you dilute the gastric juice, and thus violate the digestion process.
  • Forget sodas. If you really wanted too, then compensate for the weakness of his little additional glass of water.
  • Make sure the quality of fluids you drink. Do not drink the water in big gulps.

Initially, do not set yourself to the fact that the water diet - it's your next attempt to get rid of excess weight. You should be especially comfortable. And then in the first week of its effort you will be able to see the result. Believe that after about 14 days for you to make a habit of proper water consumption. Good luck!