How to increase testosterone

• How to increase testosterone

How to increase testosterone

Testosterone is a key hormone for every man. It helps you burn fat and build muscle, increase libido and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. In addition, testosterone is even able to improve mood - that were surprised at recent studies. So, you feel sad - try to go and take the test at the level of testosterone in the blood.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from a decrease in the amount of this hormone. There are, of course, and medical methods to return everything to its previous level, but to resort to them would like to last. Instead, we recommend you try here are the five tricks that are sure to enhance testosterone production.

How to increase testosterone

Work with heavy weights

That strength training lead to increased testosterone production. Basic exercises aimed at increasing the major muscle groups, a small number of repetitions and the maximum load will help you quickly feel like a real man. But do not give yourself all classes: overtraining easily lead to stress - and in this state, no testosterone is produced will not.

How to increase testosterone

Take a cold shower

James Bond was known for his habit of taking a cold shower - in the movie it looked very brave and, as it turned out, quite courageously looks in real life. Testosterone is best produced when your testicles are cool. Stimulation of the body cold shower stimulates the production of this important hormone throughout the day.

How to increase testosterone


Do not forget about vitamin D

Vitamin D is involved in thousands of processes of our body. As cholesterol is a building block for testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) production. Be sure that you are getting enough of this vitamin during the day.

How to increase testosterone

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates

Numerous studies have repeatedly proven that sugar reduces the amount of testosterone. Portion sugar contained only one bank carbonated beverage can lower testosterone levels by 25% during the next hour. Of course, we should not avoid carbohydrates altogether. White rice - a couple of times a week - quite acceptable. Rest of the time trying to maintain a diet of high-quality animal protein and fat.

A diet with high fat content

Cholesterol, which doctors and nutritionists simply demonized for the past fifty years, are the building blocks of all human sex hormones. Foods high in cholesterol gives your body the raw materials for the synthesis of testosterone.