How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

Every aspiring athlete wants as soon as possible to buy a beautiful relief of the body without harming your health at the same time. An experienced trainer usually advises to combine strength training with rest and diet. In this article we will answer the question of how to eat to gain muscle mass.

Nutrition for intensive recruitment of muscle mass

For muscle growth proper nutrition is important not less than athletic training. Diet for muscle should be designed perfectly, otherwise in the end you can get a completely opposite result. Everyone has heard that it is necessary for each person individually to count the number of daily calories consumed. Features such as age, sex, height affect this figure. However, not everyone knows when and what to eat. How to eat to gain muscle mass? Let this moment in more detail.


How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

This is a group we need amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. When you exercise for the quantity you need to carefully monitor. An adult should receive a daily rate - 70 grams. For those who are regularly engaged in the gym - two grams per kilogram of body weight. I would like to mention that the 70 grams of protein - this is not the 70 gram patties. 100 grams of the meat contains about 30 grams of protein and the amount absorbed in one hour. Thus, you should not gorge on fish or meat in the hope to get more of this wonderful product, better to eat often and in small portions.

About pasta with sausages also have to forget, for that matter, and other combinations of fats and carbohydrates. In any product containing protein, present a certain amount of fat. Therefore it is better to eat animal foods with fresh or stewed vegetables. Eating this way we solve two problems: not gaining fat mass and help your body digest food due to the large amount of fiber.


Good source of energy. Those who want to eat to gain muscle mass, the menu should contain sufficient carbohydrates. However, we must remember that the benefit will be extremely complex carbohydrates - whole grains, pasta from durum wheat, fruits, bran. These foods are digested slowly, providing us with energy throughout the day. Different as sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks instantly raise insulin levels, stimulating the appetite even more. Of course, fast carbs - it's not the food for a set of muscle mass, which can be recommended. Their number will have to limit or even exclude them from the diet.

Eat complex carbohydrates can be quite easy in the first half of the day. In the morning they can eat more, and a day less. After 18 hours on the products with a high content of carbohydrates is to forget at all, because they are not metabolized by the body without sunlight, and excess food will go straight to fat.


It is also necessary for the body to provide it with energy. Myths about the fact that their use is necessary to minimize or eliminate them from the menu for a long time in the past. Lack of fat affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair, without the metabolism, and the food is poorly absorbed. Especially dangerous is the lack of fat women, because of them depends menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. Life at least a day for an adult is 30 grams of fat, and getting it a must.

However, be aware of the danger that excess fat in the diet. By incorrectly compiled menu is not only overweight appears, but the protein is not completely absorbed. A diet for muscle growth will be effective only if sufficient amounts of protein.


How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

Need for the assimilation of the same protein and normalizing digestion. it is also an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, which are so necessary for us to exercise period. Vegetables (except potatoes), salads and greens can be eaten in any quantity at any time of the day, as they help to restrain the appetite.


For a person to constantly loses moisture - it goes with the breath, sweat, urine. During intense exercise the body loses water faster, and you must constantly monitor its balance sheet. Water - is also nutrition for muscle mass, since the fibers 85% of water. Maintaining enough moisture, we get healthy and beautiful muscles.

How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

Every day should begin with a glass of clean boiled water, because the body is dehydrated, per night. Replace the water with tea, juice or coffee will not work, because its composition is unparalleled. You need to drink constantly, and not necessarily large portions, enough to make a few sips.


Sports nutrition for muscle mass is known to all athletes. Usually people do not get enough vitamins and minerals from the usual food. A dietary restriction during training leads to the fact that the body takes the necessary material to him of resources for their own muscles. Do not be afraid of sports nutrition and believe the legends about the harmful consequences of his admission. As a rule, it is made from the best products with the help of high-end equipment. Consider what types are needed and how to use them properly to eat to gain muscle mass.


After exercise the body is enhanced protein breakdown, so every athlete should it something to compensate. If you leave everything as it is, something about the growth of muscle mass can not walk and talk. To stop the disintegration of protein before and after a workout is recommended to consume protein foods. However, solid foods are digested for a long time and do not solve the problem completely. A much more efficient use of protein mixtures or cocktails. The dosage should be checked with the manufacturer, usually set out detailed instructions on the package.

How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

protein isolate

Ideal for women prone to be overweight, because the product does not contain carbohydrates. It is perfectly digestible, contains no lactose, and typically has an enhanced amino acid composition. It is also recommended to use after exercise to restore muscle protein synthesis.


It contains three essential amino acids that the human body can not synthesize their own. It is their presence allows the muscles to grow rapidly and do not lose weight. Acceptance of these drugs causes the metabolism to change direction when actively burns fat and reduces the breakdown of protein.


How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

A natural substance found in animal cells and human organism. Needs to gain muscle mass. Dining with it is enriched, is the structure of tissues, activates the metabolism, increase endurance and increases physical strength.

How to gain muscle mass teenager?

Many teenagers dream of having a beautiful body and muscle definition. They go to the gym, but soon disappointed in the classroom, because they do not see the result of their work. What is their fault and how to gain muscle mass teenager?

Quite often, young people prefer fast carbohydrates, foods high in fat, protein and fiber remain forgotten. As a rule, their problem is that they do not think about how to eat to gain muscle mass. Keep in mind that lean adolescents is particularly important regular meals, not less than six times a day in small portions. Without such a diet after the start strength training possible setbacks - even greater depletion of the body. Children under 14 years are not recommended to engage in power load without the guidance of an experienced coach. Keep in mind that the body is still growing and the incorrectly executed exercise can injure your joints and spine. Particular attention should be paid to sports nutrition and vitamins. This approach will allow the body to not waste recuperation resources needed for growth.

How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass

A few tips on how to eat to gain muscle mass

  • In order to muscle instead of fat layer has not grown, it should limit the intake of simple carbohydrates.
  • Drinking water should be evenly throughout the day. Remember that without enough water muscle growth is impossible.
  • Increase the number of meals to eight times a day, and reduce the size of the serving.
  • Calculate the daily servings of protein and develop a menu for each day. Give preference to animal sources of protein because they contain amino acids and vitamins that are not present in plants.
  • Chicken breasts are the best source of protein for athletes, but you can not only eat them. The diet should contain all kinds of meat and oily fish.
  • sausages contain hidden fat, the exact number is impossible to know. How to eat to gain muscle mass? Power for the recruitment of muscle mass
  • In the period of intense exercise does not give up on sports nutrition - largely thanks to him that muscle mass growth is faster.
  • If you listen to the coach, to rest and eat properly, a man may gain muscle mass per month - 1% of total body weight.
  • Egg whites are considered the "gold" standard protein. They are great for the athlete nutrition and in some cases can even replace a sports protein.
  • Soy protein is more suitable for women than for men. For diehard vegetarians it is an indispensable product.
  • Milk protein experts recommend eating before bedtime, as it can prevent muscle breakdown and keep their weight.
  • Whey protein is perfectly absorbed by the body. It provides us with the necessary amino acids to rebuild the muscle fibers. It is usually drunk after a workout.